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The Conquests of Kimberly Greene

Spencer Academy

2004 through 2008

Some girls would say I've been lucky. Some would say I've been slutty. There's probably even a few who would call me their hero.

Personally, I think I'm just determined.

But you should decide for yourself. First, let me tell you a little bit about who I am. Then you can find out why some people think I'm so special.

My name is Kimberly Greene. I am currently a junior at Spencer Academy in Ipswich, Massachusetts. I grew up in Little Neck, a small coastal town on the Cape. My affluent parents got bored with raising a child and sent me to my first boarding school when I was thirteen.

That same year I discovered things about myself that I wasn't expecting. The first was my special endowment from the Hooter Fairy. While I've watched my mother stuff her push-up water bra with multiple tissues each time she goes out I can easily fill a D cup.

Secondly, my chestnut brown, wavy hair does not tangle easily. Each lock can also adopt that 'windswept' look instantly. I've never had a bad hair day and I've never needed a stylist to tell me how to wear it.

Thirdly, no matter how much I eat I never gain wait. Seriously. I've seen girls shove fingers, pencils, Ipecac, and toothbrushes down their throats and smile gleefully as their entire stomach empties before them. But I have never needed bulimia to remain thin. That's not to say I exercise because I don't do that either. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want and still maintain a size 4 waist.

I also learned that my leg hair doesn't grow back for a week after I shave it, but this isn't very important. Also, my skin is crystal clear. I can pig out on chocolate, roll in grease, and wear all the sun block I want. No zits here.

Finally, I learned that all of these physical attributes can combine to attract hordes of one, sought after thing: boys. I have never had problems attracting members of the opposite sex. Most of the time I have trouble getting away from them.

Ricky Kinny was my first kiss in the seventh grade. I hope Ricky has improved his methods since then because his Doritos breath and crooked teeth made for a very uninteresting evening.

But I quickly dispatched with Ricky and moved on to Kyle.

Then Sam.

Then Steve.

Then Tom, and Dave, and Julian (at the same time).

Then came Carlos. Yes, Carlos. Carlos and I shared something very special on orientation night, the day before I started school at Spencer as a freshman. Let's just say that the picnic table under the large oak tree next to the athletic complex is no longer suitable to eat off of.

I've heard that some girls always admire their first time, no matter how bad it was. That fateful evening, and the few weeks following it I was very admirable towards Carlos and Carlos Jr. I even thought I reached a climax during our second run-through.

But I didn't know what climax was until I met Jake.

Then Zach.

Then Peter.

Then Chris, and Ken, and Frank.

Yes, there was a Frank, and I will always think of him as Frank the Frankfurter who almost rocked the grill but farted at the end. Literally.

After several disappointing nights when Frank simply did not live up to his reputation I began to get bored. I remained bored until my roommate – who clearly has never been wetted or bedded – dragged me to a school swim meet.

Apparently the swim team is quite a popular organization at Spencer. I was never very interested in organized sports. But I developed quite an appreciation for them after the little time I spent as a spectator.

It was in that humid, chlorine infested gym that I first discovered the Sons of Ipswich.

Maybe it was the fact that the bulge in Reid's Speedo didn't leave much to the imagination. Or maybe it was Pogue's sheer Adonis form. It could have been Caleb's perfect six – no make that twelve – pack. Or it might have been Tyler's tight, wet, glistening butt.

Either way, something inside me went ZAAAAAM! all the way down to my skivvies. I decided right then and there that I would have them.

All four of them.

And I did.

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