So I finally finished it. I'm sure that nearly all of the readers for this story have long since lost interest. But I felt the need to offer a closing chapter, just let you all know how this conquest of Kimberly Greene truly ended. If you've been reading since the beginning, thank you. It's been nearly two years since I've started this story. I hope you can agree that Kimberly goes out in style.

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The Conquests of Kimberly Greene

Part V: Five Way Flood

My reflection rippled below me, obscured by the chlorinated water and geometric pattern of the tiles on the pool floor. In a school this expensive only the best cleaning equipment was used and those tiles were shining, even under ten feet of water.

Spenser had two pools. One was for regular gym class, recreation, and swim team practice. This one was used only for swim meets. That's why it was larger, cleaner, and currently empty.

Except for me.

I pulled the elastic out of my hair, letting the soft ringlets fall onto my bare back. Then I arched my body and dove into the deep end of the pool. I didn't need a platform to get significant height out of my dive. My legs were muscular enough to accomplish a perfect low swan dive.

The instant I hit the water I felt every pore of my body exfoliate. Swimming was actually a pastime of mine. Before moving to Spencer I used to spend hours in the pool at my parent's house. Unfortunately, chlorinated water didn't do much for one's complexion, and it was horrible on hair follicles.

But I have since discovered Paul Mitchell's Swimmer's Dream shampoo. As a result, random skinny dips into the pool after hours were a common habit of mine. No one bothered me, I got some alone time, and there was a sweet satisfaction in knowing that committing an R-rated offense in one of Spenser's most prized recreational areas.

Just before hitting the bottom of the pool I curved my body and drifted back up to the surface, reveling in the taste of air. When I had gulped down enough oxygen, I treaded water in the center of the deep end, reflecting on my weightlessness. It barely took any effort to stay afloat, to simply sit peacefully, surrounded by the still water.

My long hair was stuck to the back of my neck, but flayed out lightly where it hit the water. That was a funny quality about water; how, when underwater, hair always floats as if it's being blown by the wind. When you look at someone while they're underwater their hair looks completely dry. Weird.

The silence of the pool was almost overwhelming; every ripple my limbs made was ten times louder than it would have been, had someone else been here. I wasn't complaining though. I liked the quiet. My floor in the dorms was notorious for the loud music blasting at horrible hours in the morning. My roommate was a fan of Hillary Duff – kill me now.

After a few minutes I laid back and floated aimlessly, eventually drifting towards the far corner, by the ladder. I smiled at nothing, closing my eyes and just enjoying being me. I had a lot to be proud of. I had successfully completed my quest with the 'Sons'. Now I was four times more experienced and four times more game. I'm pretty sure no other girl in the school could boast the record I had.

I was silently basking in my own glory when I was rudely pulled out of my stupor by a loud yell and a splash coming from the other end of the pool. I spluttered and flailed my legs ungracefully, attempting to right myself as much as possible while floating in ten feet of water.

After gripping the concrete edge of the pool wall I turned and was shocked to see three gorgeous bodies of pure masculinity standing on the edge of the opposite side of the pool, glaring in disappointment at a figure now submerged in the deep end. Someone had cannonballed.

But when a head of disheveled blond hair rose above the water I was overjoyed to calculate that he was Reid Garwin and the three boys standing over him were Caleb, Pogue, and Tyler.

In spedos!!!!

I almost drowned myself due to the shock. My legs got numb and I stopped moving for a few seconds. Reid had his back to me; he was making rude hand gestures at the other boys lined up on the edge of the shallow end. I don't think I fully appreciated his extensive back muscles during the intimate time we spent together. But here, sweetly glistening with water droplets, I admired the curves of his shoulder blades, the tightness of the skin as his muscles ran up his spine.

I had to take a deep breath to regain full consciousness. Reid dove beneath the water and swam back towards the other end. Pogue took the less reckless route and did a running dive into the water, arching expertly before hitting the shallow bottom.

I smiled like an idiot when he rose above the surface: that chest was a work of God. Seeing the tiny drops of water race down the creases in his abdomen and run into the tucked away lower portions of his body made me wish I could be a rain drop. Then Caleb sat down on the edge of the pool, with his legs spread as leaned back to stretch, and I gasped. David Beckham would be impressed by that bulge. I remembered, fondly my time exploring its true dimensions.

Luck was my best friend in deed. I wondered how long it would take them to notice that I was here, but the view while I waited was more than welcome. Then something happened that I wasn't expecting.

"We really should run some laps, at least practice the relay a few times before the meet," Caleb insisted. Reid groaned and I'm pretty sure I saw Pogue grimace at his best friend's nerdy suggestion.

"Fuck that!" Reid shouted, climbing out of the shallow end of the pool. The way his ass tightened as he lifted his leg made me lose my grip on the edge. But what Reid did next caused me to nearly drown myself. He stood up, pulled his spedo off in a flash chucked the discarded cloth at Caleb, "Coach says you can't compete without the regulation uniform!" and he cannonballed into the water again, with his pride and glory hanging out for the world to see.

I let out a gargled scream when I resurfaced. The sight of Reid stripping down to his birthday suit and then wriggling the goodies mid air sent my body into a pleasurable paralysis, unfortunately that caused me to sink. When I regained my grip on the wall my outburst had caused enough noise to attract their attention.

Three heads shot towards me at once, Reid still beneath the water. When he did resurface he was laughing, "Come on Ty! Get your ass in here!" Reid glanced over at Pogue who was closest to him in the water, "What's the shit?"

Caleb never took his gaze from me, "There's a girl in the pool."

Reid's eyes lit up and turned, scanning the water until he saw me in the far corner, "And she's naked."

We were all silent for a moment until Tyler spoke, walking towards me, "Kim right? What are you doing here so late?" His eyes never got higher than my chin; he was clearly gazing down at me from his perfect position outside of the pool.

"I like to swim," I answered like a moronic imbecile. They were all here! All four of them! Girls have wet, fantasy dreams about moments like these and I was about to experience a private show.

"How did you get in here?" Pogue asked, and I noticed he was slowly swimming towards me, "It was locked."

I licked my lips, making sure I had complete control of my voice before I spoke, "The swim captain from last year…he came up short so I stole his key," I was proud of myself, that came out much more controlled than I thought it was going to. It was so hard to remain contained. I was in a pool, naked, surrounded by four perfect slates of masculinity who were almost as completely naked as me, except for Reid whom I was beginning to think was a exhibitionist.

Every nerve in my body was on fire. My nipples were clearly erect beneath the surface of the water and there was a slight tingling churning below my stomach. There were so many things to look at. I wanted to rake my fingers through Pogue's wet hair, run my nails against Reid's pecks, squeeze Caleb's biceps, and reach up and grab Tyler's –

"Well," Caleb forced me to focus my eyes before they rolled into the back of my head. He threw his seated body off the side of the pool and swam up quickly, "Damn the water's cold," he stopped in mid stroke, "are you cold?"

Suddenly, much too fast for normal human speed, they were within inches of me. I mean it was like creepy, I must have blinked and there they were, Reid directly in front of me, Pogue and Caleb on either side of him, effectively trapping me into my corner, and Tyler crouched down behind me, his breath hitting the back of my neck.

Four pairs of eyes were on me now, drilling into my bare skin. The smell of chlorine was overpowered by the cologne that they were all wearing during the day. It was a pleasant mixture of Abercrombie and some type of Ralph Lauren. Thankfully inhaling was something I was still able to automatically. I was quickly losing control over most other functions.

Reid ducked beneath the water, not moving from his place, before coming straight up, his blond hair sticking to his forehead, the way it did after our session in the office. "Did you know I can see underwater?" he asked, "We all can." Caleb and Pogue grinned.

Pogue mimicked Reid's movements and when he resurfaced he said, "Well since you're obviously freezing," he gestured to my shaking body – shaking from possibly be the start of the world's first no-contact-necessary orgasm – and my standing nipples "the quickest was to raise your temperature would be body contact."

Reid floated just a little closer to me, as close as possible while still keeping an inch of water between our skins, "The only rule is, you only get to touch me where I touch you."

I hiccupped in the back of my throat, my body jerking forward. In that moment Pogue swam behind me, holding my arms behind my back and wrapping his feet around mine to keep me from moving any limbs. "I'll just make sure you abide by the rules," he whispered gutturally in my ear. I don't know how he was keeping us both afloat, because he wasn't moving either. I also don't know how the pool suddenly became filled with bubbles, as though water jets from a hot tub had been installed.

What I do know is that when Reid's left hand reached out to cup my breast and Caleb's hand darted between my legs to follow the curvature of my upper thighs, all I could think of was how big the number four really is.

It's fucking big.

I sighed and moaned at the same time as I felt Caleb's fingers slip between my lower lips. In the water, everything felt smoother, with less friction between the surfaces of his skin and mine. His digits pressed hard against sensitive areas and I arched myself towards him. I pressed my body hard into Pogue behind me, feeling my back rub against the raised regions of his stomach. All of this happened while Reid was rubbing my nipples between his fingers, twisting and turning and always holding them just above the water the level.

Vaguely, I wondered where Tyler was in this equation. As if on cue the boy reached down from his position outside the pool and pushed my head back, holding my chin in place. Then he hung himself over the pool's edge and met my lips with his. Instantly, I responded, as well as I could with so many other things to distract me. Tyler's full, dominating lips expertly sucked on mine, with his tongue getting plenty of action as well.

This went on for several long, magnificent minutes: my body rubbing against Pogue, Caleb rubbing against me, Reid flicking and sucking the life out of my breast, and Tyler pleasuring my lips as I quietly moaned in happiness. I felt drugged. There were no reactions coming from my body other than automatic responses to pure pleasure.

Some exchange of words must have gone on between Reid, Pogue, and Caleb but I was far too incompetent to understand them. So when the shifting of bodies took place around me, I was surprised. Caleb slid in behind me while Pogue floated off to my side. Reid was still positioned in front and I could see, slightly distorted through the water, his happy erection taking a swim.

Reid swam closer, gripped my hips and positioned himself for what I realized too late that he was about to do. He slammed into me quickly, causing my body to thrash backwards. I was grateful to find myself smacking into Caleb's hard chest, those glorious biceps tightening around my upper body to hold me in place. His elbows just brushed against my nipples, which were bobbing in and out of the water. If I wasn't the perfectly willing and easily subdued girl that I am, this could be considered gang rape.

Hell, I will volunteer to be gang raped by the Sons of Ipswich any day.

I choked back a groan as Reid set a pace and thrust into me again and again. Caleb let my bucking body slam into his repeatedly and I could feel his hard-on against my backside, still bulging against the fabric of his swimsuit. Tyler reached down again and this time clamped his hand around my lower jaw, forcing me to continue our above-the-surface make-out session while his other hand got tangled fiercely in my wet hair.

Suddenly there were more hands on me, Pogue's hands. Each was dedicated to titillating and torturing each of my breasts. I remembered with pleasure how well skilled his hands had been during our last encounter. He had me moaning against Tyler's lips with an increased volume, as Reid's pushes into my pelvic bone increased the speed of my throaty howls.

I was being manipulated on all of the censor points of my body, pushed to the highest peaks of pleasure by the four hottest and most talented men I have ever encountered. It was almost painful how good it felt. Internally, I felt myself rise past the highest point I had ever been, the pressure and the pleasure just kept building and building.

My eyes were shut as my head was bent backwards allowing Tyler to suck on my neck. The sensory deprivation and the added affects of the water made this time like no other. Everywhere on my body there were hands. Hands on my breasts, hands in my hair, hands on ass, my thigh, digging into my hips, running down spine…

I could feel Reid throbbing inside me, just seconds before release. I knew it was going to be big. I could feel the spasm starting in me. They came from everywhere: my clit, my breasts, my lips, and all the sensitive places on my back and upper thighs that Caleb was now caressing. I was screaming against Tyler's lips as he refused to relinquish control of my mouth.

Reid gave one last push and exploded. His fingers dug into my hips, our bodies shook, splashing water everywhere, Pogue gripped both of my nipples hard, forcing the pressure to fuel my orgasm and Caleb rocked his body into me from behind. I screamed and screamed and yelled each of their names as I rode wave after wave of incredible chlorinated bliss. The only thought that managed to process inside my head was this: there's still three more to go.

"Kim would you fucking wake up!"

I nearly screamed at the loud intrusion. My eyes opened and suddenly I was awake, in a brightly lit dorm room at Spencer. I was breathing heavily, panting actually. I could feel small beads of sweat taping my hair to my scalp. The sheets of my bed were twisted around my legs and upper body, my pillows strewn everywhere.

"God it's like you screw rabbits in your sleep," the voice was Danielle's and she was commenting from her place in front of the mirror, applying lipstick to clash with her school uniform. I was able to hold my tongue because I knew she was just jealous; Dani wasn't getting any, even in her dreams.

She left without another word and I fell back down on my bed. My body was still shaking from the sensations. It had felt so real. On top of that, I don't know why I had never thought about such a miraculous event taking place before. A five-some with the Sons of Ipswich? My dreams were way kinkier than I thought.

Looking at the clock I groaned, there was no way I was going to make it to first period. Second wasn't looking too good either. So instead, I peeled back the sheets and walked slowly over to my desk, sitting down and bringing pen to paper. It was time to send my sentiments to my most recent glorious partners.

When I was finished writing I grabbed a towel and rushed to the shower, a much needed, cold, shower. During lunch period that day I took a walk along the boy's floor and slid four envelopes, complete with red lipstick marks, underneath two separate doors. My only regret is that I couldn't be there when they all read the message.

Now you've heard my story. Yes, the bathroom stalls are tombs of truth. I've been lucky. I've been slutty. But personally, I'm just determined. I wanted to have them.

All four of them.

And I did.

Dear Reid, Pogue, Tyler, and Caleb,

"And so, dear boys, it's come to an end

I can no longer by your secret friend

Please know that each of you lit my torch

On desk

In truck

In closet

On porch

Such beautiful fornications, that you were

We shared something special

Me and you four

And I will kindly give reward

So that neither boy has his feelings hurt

Reid, my dear, you size is enormous

Pogue, my sweet, your hands gave quite a performance

Tyler, so tasty, your lips they are edible

Caleb, quite funny, but you were incredible

I'm glad we've shared this time together

I hope you can all say "let's just forget her"

Because I am not the type to screw 'em and stay

Oh no, not me, I don't run that way

So this is the last you will hear from me

This short, revealing, and erotic story

I've had you all

I've fucked each one

I won't lie, it was orgasmic fun

I'm sure your feelings are quite the same

But now, my darlings, we must end this game

Please don't lament, I'm not trying to be mean

Just know that you have been a successful conquest

Of Kimberly Greene"

Score: 4 for 4 (Thanks boys)

That is the end. Thank you for reading, thank you for reviewing. Have a great summer. Pleasant dreams...