A/N/ Disclaimer: WHY THE HECK DO YOU EVEN THINK THAT I WOULD OWN THESE CHARACTERS…STUPID! ducks behind nearest big thing ok so read the A/N at the bottom it'll explain this crazy oneshot.

Big girls don't cry, Don't Cry, Don't cry, don't cry.

I was overwhelmed with emotions. Big girls don't cry Bella. I was holding in all this emotion as I looked about the party. All my loved ones, my family, I was going to miss Charlie and Renee, and my friends, most of all Jake. Don't cry Bella. Please, big girls don't cry. Then I took a step back to look at the situation. Then I thought, to hell with that! This is my party and I can cry if I want to! So I did just that I broke down into sobs. Edward next to me holding me as I cried. My family giving me reassurances in the future. I cried and cried, thinking about how happy I will be, then I cried more, for the heck of it and then I had cheese cake, sugar heals everything!

A/N: uh….yeah I honestly don't know where that came from. Oh yeah I do, I was listening to Big Girls Don't Cry, and thinking about Bella. So I thought about the verse and then I was like. To hell with that, it's my party and I can cry if I wanna! And then I had cheese cake. I fell out of my chair with laughter. I just had my third glass of Dr. Pepper so I'm on a sugar high and it's midnight so MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH