Summary: AU. Some people will do anything to realize their dreams...even if it means disguising your female cousin as a boy to solidify a spot in one of the country's most prestigious all-boy academy. If you don't believe it, just imagine how Ichigo Eniwa feels – her cousin Haruhi Fujioka's the one who cooked up this crazy scheme!

Disclaimer: I claim no creative rights or ownership of the anime/manga OURAN HIGH HOST CLUB, as it the sole property of Bisco Hatori. The only small fraction will and do claim ownership to are the fictional characters and AU storyline introduced in the bit of fiction. Their theft will and shall be punishable by severe voodoo inflicted pain via wicked juju in the form of me strapping you down in a chair and forcing you to watch the filler arcs of Naruto...dubbed with their American voices, hehe.

Author's Note: This is an AU fanfiction. Yes, the dreaded OC introduced into a preexisting series to interact with preexisting characters. And like before, I cannot bring myself to even really care. This is my "for fun" story, my new chapter of playtime in the Ouran Host Club world. And before anyone starts asking or pointing it out, YES, Ichigo Eniwa is based off a good handful of my own favorite shonen characters that many are going to recognize. Whether or not this concept for a storyline is being used, I don't care. It struck my fancy while I was working on my other Ouran fanfic. No guarantees on regular updates. But I can say that this story will not be abandoned halfway through.

Rating: T

Warning: Will contain decent amounts of foul language, crude humor (because after all we're dealing with a bunch of boys), fight scenes, and some rather flipped and or exaggerated takes on the original cast of characters. Further warnings if found necessary, will be applied before the start of a chapter on a chapter-to-chapter basis when I them fit to be announced.

Romeo Must Die!

Chapter One

Responsibility to Family! The Deconstruction of Eniwa Ichigo!

Milly: Hey, Mister Priest! What a peasant surprise!

Wolfwood: Ha! Pleasant.

Trigun: Episode 11 – Escape from Pain

"Ouran Private Academy for Boys is defined by one, prestigious families, and two, wealth. It is a school that encompasses all grades from kindergarten to high school. The way this school works, makes it hard for 'commoners' to get in. They say it's pretty hard to be accepted as a special student unless you are a studious bookworm. Oh, and of course you have to be of the male gender, seeing as how it is a private boy's academy after all.

The scholarship is offered to only one student per level. This makes keeping that scholarship spot very difficult if one is unable to maintain high grade scores, as well as being there on the first day to lock in your spot amongst the student body. However, thanks in part to a rather weird loophole, there is a way to maintain your scholarship if an unforeseen event occurs that hinders attendance for the first day extending through the semester.

And it's thanks to this loop hole that scholarship student Fujioka Haruhi will be able to keep his scholarship without being at Ouran for the first semester."

That loophole you ask? Yeah, well that's where I come in. My name is Eniwa Ichigo. I'm sixteen years-old, and I'm the loophole that will make sure my cousin, Fujioka Haruhi, keeps his scholarship to Ouran Private Academy for Boys. Oh, yes, and by the way; I am a girl.

One Week Ago...

The sitting room was quiet. Unbearably quiet. The only thing moving in that room were the pale yellow curtains that had been pushed off to the side to expose the open four-square paned window, and now danced in a slow motion under the breath of mild spring breeze. At the center of the sitting room, seated on opposite sides of the kotatsu (the blanket still present since early spring weather held the last bit of winter's chill to its breath), were two teenagers around fifteen or sixteen years old. One was a boy with short brown hair, the other was a girl with long shoulder length orange hair (and despite what anyone would say at first glance, it was in fact her natural color). They held different eye colors; the boy sporting a matching brown to his hair, and the girl a deep amber. Though hair and eye colors differed, there was a certain likeness in their overall physical appearance, especially in the face and their stature.

They were cousins through the boy's mother's side of the family. Fujioka Haruhi and Eniwa Ichigo.

However, the girl Ichigo, sat with an even look on her face and arms crossed rather roughly over her chest as she eyed her cousin with what looked like disdain or even annoyance at this point. Haruhi, sat in silence, eyes only half-glancing at his cousin while wringing his hands beneath the table, his own face pulled in by a sense of doubt and possible depression.

"So," Ichigo spoke up, breaking the silence that had been rolling between them for the past twenty minutes now. "Let me get this straight. Oyaji was in Kyoto visiting Obachan, when he slipped on wet stairs coming out of the house, and broke his leg. And now, since Obachan is still working, she can't be there to take care of him at the house since he can't travel back yet, and now you need to go to Kyoto to take care of him until he gets his cast removed."

Haruhi nodded.

"But you've been accepted into Ouran Private Academy for Boys through a scholarship, and you need to attend the first semester in order to keep your spot valid. And since you need to go take care of Oyaji, you can't attend the first semester. But through a loophole you found out about, you can keep your scholarship so long as someone else occupies your place and transfers out at the end of the semester when you come back."

Again, Haruhi nodded.

"And so, to pull off this little feat, you want me to be the one who takes your place in Ouran and transfer out at the end of the semester when I graduate to the next grade. Neh?" Ichigo pulled an arched brow up in furtherance of her little run over of what she had already been told.

Haruhi nodded once more. "Uh, yeah. That's pretty much it." He replied while wincing slightly at the look on his cousin's face.

Another round of silence would ensue for about fifteen seconds before Ichigo's face screwed up into a rather agitated look as she flipped the kotatsu. "And just how in the hell am I supposed to pull that off?!" She snapped. The kotatsu landed off to the side beneath the open window with a thud. Jabbing her cousin in the chest with an index finger, Ichigo's scowl remained ever apparent. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but this a private boy's academy, and I don't if you've noticed or not, but I'm a girl!" She now pointed at herself to further emphasize her rather valid point.

Haruhi stammered out a rather sheepish chuckle while scratching the back of his head. "Yeah, I know. But you're my only hope at this point, since your grade and test scores are just as high as mine. If I don't get someone to hold my place for this scholarship, it's going to be twice as hard for me to get in during my second year. Ichigo-chan!" Haruhi scooted forward across the floor and snatched up his cousin's hands while bowing his head at the same time. "Please, I don't know what else to do. I want to go make sure dad's okay, but I don't want to miss my chance of getting into such a prestigious place like Ouran! Ichigo-chan, please, I'm begging you to help me!"

Stunned silent by the words of her cousin, Ichigo felt as though her doubts about this idea and even agreeing to it were incredibly selfish of her to have. Even though it would mean missing out on her own first year of high school elsewhere, at least she would have that small bit of credit under her belt of having studied at Ouran. Ah crap! I wouldn't be able to put that down anyways if I have to possibly lie about my gender and cross-dress! Oh my god, I'm becoming like Oyaji!! Groaning, Ichigo slumped in her seated position on the floor so that her chin rested against the top of her chest. But, if I don't do this, Haruhi misses out on something he's worked so hard for in the first place...crap... Looking up as she took in a deep breath, Ichigo closed her eyes off to the world as it was important that she maintained a rather stern look on her person. "You are so gonna owe me big time for this." She muttered beneath her breath.

However quiet she had meant for it to be, Haruhi had heard it and his head snapped up quickly with eyes wide in complete surprise and utter joy to what she had just said. "Ichigo-chan...are, are you serious?! You'll help me?!" A massive grin was slowly spreading out across his face. The defeated glance down at him was enough for Haruhi to spring forward off his knees and tackle his cousin to floor with one heck of a hug. "ARIGATO ICHIGO-NEECHAN!" He cried out, the corners of his eyes holding happy tears as a wave of relief washed over him.

"Okay, okay! Your undying gratitude is noted, now get off me!" Ichigo shouted while squirming beneath his embrace. "Seriously, Haruhi, get off!" Somehow she managed to pry her grateful cousin off and set him back in his own little space across from her. "Have you at least gotten your new uniform? We need to at least see if it'll even fit."

"Uh, yeah! It came yesterday actually." Haruhi motioned for Ichigo to stand and follow him as he got up and pattered his way across the sitting room and off down the hall to his room. Once inside the small bedroom, Haruhi pulled a long white rectangular shaped cardboard box out from underneath his bed. Sitting down on the ground, Haruhi removed the flimsy lid that covered the box and moved aside the sheets of tissue paper to reveal the powder blue uniform jacket bearing a shield shaped patch on the left breast. The capital letters of O and R were set at an angle from one another in gold thread on a black background. Holding the jacket up for Ichigo to see, Haruhi peeked out from behind the long sleeves and gave her a hopeful look.

Sighing, Ichigo took the jacket and looked it over. "Well, it looks like it could fit." She mused while whipping it about and setting it against her own body frame. "What do you think?" Her amber gaze flickered over to her cousin with a bemused look pulling across her features.

"I think it might just end up looking better on you than me." Haruhi stated with a rather impressed look on his face. "Try it on."

Shrugging, Ichigo agreed and tossed the jacket on the bed and removed the long sleeved sweater she was wearing over a pale silver t-shirt. Yanking the uniform jacket on, Ichigo smirked to herself as she buttoned up the only two buttons on the piece. Flicking her long hair out from beneath the collar of the jacket, Ichigo faced Haruhi and held her arms out. "Well?"

"You're right about one thing." Haruhi's mouth twitched into a crooked grin. "I totally owe you for this, beyond big time."

Oyaji: It is an informal word meaning "dad". It is a juvenile linguistic corruption of oyachichi, which means "father". The word, used to describe one's father, is very rough and not polite, and its use is usually confined to men. It is also used in Japan to refer to middle-aged men.

Obachan: Means elderly woman, grandmother.

Kotatsu: A low wooden table frame covered by a futon, or heavy blanket, upon which a table top sits. Underneath is a heat source, often built into the table itself.