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Inspiration: A story I read a long time ago by either Daltow or Windling, I can't remember.

The Legend of Hades

She walked tentatively toward the fawn by the river, so as not to scare him away. Dressed in a pair of denim shorts and a white tunic, she looked like a paradox: one that represented old fashion and new. She smiled as she drew nearer to the young fawn, amazed that he had not run away yet.

As she reached out to touch the animal, the earth shook violently. Her emerald eyes stared in disbelief as the ground ripped apart at her feet and she fell into the dark abyss of the Underground.

He bid her welcome, his dual eyes shining darkly. He smiled in deep sadness as she wept and begged to be sent back. He pledged that he loved her, but she kept on weeping. Cursed was her fate to invoke the love of one so darkly tainted, he told her, as he left.

His absence immediately drew a blanket of coldness over her. His return brought her some reassurance of feeling safe. She berated herself for feeling reassured by her abductor.

Thirteen hours passed until he returned. He held a silver bowl full luscious red pomegranate seeds. Placing the bowl in her hands, he proposed her to eat them.

Hesitantly picking up one seed, she slowly placed it in her mouth.

He ran his hands through her hair and she shuddered at his touch.

She picked up the second seed.

His hands untied her tunic and displaced it from her body. She felt his lips graze her shoulders and his fingers draw a line between her naked breasts.

She picked up her third seed, eyeing the hungry expression on his face. To his surprise, she placed the seed in his mouth.

He smiled again, but with no sadness. He felt her hands remove his armour and her lips caress his chest.

She picked up her fourth seed and he removed the rest of her clothing.

Later, when he lay asleep, she kissed him softly on the forehead. She embraced him, smiling to herself. How had he known of her love for pomegranates?