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I guess I could start this story out talking about the abuse I suffered or the pain and heartache I have felt or something like that. Well I wont. Instead I will tell you about myself and my unique situation. There have only been a few people in all history who are like me. When I say like me I dont mean the vessel of a tailed beast or the son of a kage or even the plague of the village.

No, when I say people like me I am talking about something the world has forgotten about. A being who has the ability to change. Now you may say everyone can change. Well, that would be true if the change is just something simple like a weight, where you live, who you hang with, who you love or hate. That is not the change I am talking about. Perhaps it would be best if I started with what know and then explain what you dont know.

You all know how I was tricked into stealing the forbidden scroll and put on team 7. you all know I went to wave and saved the country. You all know about the Chunnin exams and the fight at the valley of the end.

But that is what you trully dont know.

That event changed my life forever. Ironic, Sasuke said he wanted to cut all bonds. If he knew the bond he truly cut that day he would kill himself. After he stabbed me in the chest wiith a chidori he caused my body to die originally.

As I was laying thier Kyuubi did something noone would ever think a demon could do. He cried. In that moment the evil that had consumed him for 10000 years was broken. In that moment when the Shinigami came to take our souls he made a deal with death. Let me tell you about it.

Flash Kyuubi cage

Naruto was leaning agianst a wall. Feeling his spirit leaving his body. He was tired. Tired of the pain and tired of the loneliness. Tired of the hate and Tired of being tired. A white light appeared and a spirit in a black robe deecended from the cealing and said "Its time mortals."

A sob sound was heard and both the figure and Naruto looked over at the cage and Kyuubi said "I want to ask you something Shinigami. Do you have the power to bestow the heavenly powers."

The Shinigami said "Yes Kitsune. Why."

Kyuubi said "I offer you a trade. You know the seal wont take me and I will be freed within 20 years."

The Shinigami said "Yes I know, not enough time has passed for it to take you fully. What do you care."

Kyuubi said "I will give my self for a trade. You know you wont have to take another soul for 100 years with mine and can take a vacation and let the others take your place durring that time. In exchange I ask for a few things."

The Shinigami said in a nuetral tone "That would be."

Kyuubi looked at Naruto and said "The kit here. You know what his life has been like because of me. I want to repay him for giving me something I have not had in 10000 years. Hope. To repay him I want him to keep my power but I also want him to have the heavenly power of Pheonix."

The Shinigami looked at him and said "Why do you want this mortal to have that power."

Kyuubi said "No matter what the kit will have humans trying to kill him because of me even with me gone. So that is why I want him to have my power. The Pheonix power is so he can correct the mistakes of humans. I think he is worthy because he has a pure spirit."

The Shinigami looked at Naruto and said "I can give it to him but he will not be able to go back to birth. I will sat it up so he cant go back before the age of 5. To keep this power and be able to use it agian he must save one life for every time he goes back. If he goes back he will have to start from the same day every time. He must try and make the best life he can because he will be judged off of that life when he gives up the power"

Kyuubi said "Very well. I agree to those terms."

Naruto looked at what was going and tried to speak but did not even have the energy to speak."

The Shinigami said "You will train him also Kitsune to properly use your powers. So I wont be taking you soul yet. You will have to explain a few things to him including his family. Do you agree."

Kyuubi said "Yes."

The Shinigami said "Good." and drew his sword and walked to Naruto and stabbed him in the seal on his stomach and then pulled it out and said "You will rise from the ashes of death to correct the wrongs you deem worthy to correct. You are now until the time you decide to release this power the Pheonix." and placed the sword on Narutos forehead causing him to scream out in pain as a emblem of a pheonix appeared.

The next thing Naruto saw was red flames and he woke up in his apartment in his bed and was 5 years old. This day would be his focus point until he deamed his life worthy

I began my training under the Kyuubi and I learned some lesson but I had yet to make it past the valley of the end the 3 times I have gone back today started my 4th time.