Now there is a point in every mans life that he realises that he opened his mouth and inserted his foot. Durring the meeting in the Hokages office Naruto did just that.

How does he know that and why is he so sure. Simple. the moment he sat down in his chair in the library he was instantly wrapped in snakes binding him to his chair, his feet frozen to the ground, had a genjutsu hit him making the room dark except for a spot light shinning on his head from above and a giant metal fan hitting him on the head. Nothing really to tip him off right.

Now he knew he could get out of this no problem except for the look on the 4 ladies that were looking at him promising intense pain if he moved.

Now Naruto thought back and tried to figure out what happen when Haku pulled out a senbon needle and held it at his groin and said "So you would die leaving everyone that loves you just like that."

Naruto blinked and saw the look in her eyes and thought "oh hell, she loves me agian. Im fucked." and said "Well, I was trying to motivate the others since the men we will face are tough."

Wrong answer. Smash, his chair was flipped backwards and his head hit the floor and Kurenai put her foot on chest. Problem was, she was wearing high heels. Why you may ask, simple, when she got the message to come to the meeting she was trying on wedding shoes and decided to get heels.

Kurenai glared at him and said "I dont know what the hell was going through that head of yours but you are not making me a widow before a bride."

Anko had a snake crawl up his pant leg and up to his groin and said "Do you want to find out what will happen if you ever say something like that agian."

Temari stepped forward raising her closed fan up above her head and slammed it down beside Naruto face and said "I will be damned if you think your going to do a suicide deal like your dad did."

Arashi walked in and said "Hey, that was...owwowowow." Rin walked up behind him and grabbed him by the ear and said "He got that from your genes, you dumb blond jackass. Come with me while we discuss things." dragging him away.

After the door closed Naruto said "Look, Im sorry for what I said but I have no intentions of dying. In fact I dont want you to come so I dont have to worry about you all."

As soon as the words left his mouth his eyes got wide as he realised what he said and then he thought as he saw the looks on thier faces "I have faced every tailed demon, s-class crimenals, every kage, angry villagers, perverts, gay snake worshipers, and death itself and I have never been more scared then I am right now. Kyuubi, help me."

In the afterlife Kyuubi sneezes and looks at the 2 men and the teen in front of him and said "So, do we have a deal."

Both men looked at each other and said "Lets do it brother."

A teenage boy looked at them and said "Grandpa, why do you and your brother have to be such idiots."

Back with Naruto he was praying for a miracle. Luckily that miracle came in speaking without looking in the room in the voice of a super pervert "so Naruto, did you know that ice chick wants to choke your chicken also. I think you could have her added to your harem if you want, maybe give me some research while your at it." and then opened his eyes as he felt strong killing intent comming at him from 4 different people.

Naruto thinking quickly and asked innocently "Haku, what did he mean."

Haku blushed red for a moment and Kurenai said "Just get another best man and dont worry about it. In fact get 2 because this ones about to die." and she started doing handseals while the other woman took off after the pervert.

Naruto sighed and a chuckle could be heard from the corner of the room and Naruto asked "How much of a head start do I have erosannin."

Jaraiya said "2 minutes and then they will have my clone destroyed."

Naruto touched the handle of his sword and was freed in a flash as well as breaking the genjutsu. He grabbed a scroll that said "emergency escape" and disappeared in a flash as the 4 woman came back into the room and notice Naruto was gone and the pervert was in the corner writing in his book. Poor pervert.

Naruto crawled into a cot in the tower at the center of the forest of death and open the scroll which contained cloths, food, and sleeping suplies. Enough for a week and thought "always be prepared."

The next day when Naruto arrived at the training ground he was suprised by the site of a waterfall with trees leading up the side of it and every ninja that was at the office was thier including the hokage.

Naruto looked at the tree and yelled "Yamato."

An ABNU appeared and said "Yes Narutosama."

Naruto asked "Did you do this because I know only you and me could and I did not."

Yamato said "No, I thought you ..." he was stopped by a booming voice that laughed "hahahahahahahahha."

Everyone looked around on the defensive and Naruto said "I know that voice, what the hell are you doing here furball, I know the damn well shinigami took your ass."

A man appeared on top of the waterfall wearing shinigami cloths and he said "Kit, since you completed the deal and got your father revived the shinigami took a vacation and had me take over for him and since I been keeping an eye on you I brought you some help. Say hello to the Shodiame and Nidaime Hokage of Konoha along with one of thier grandson Nawaki. as three figures stepped up on the waterfall making everyone gasp at the sight of the people who were standing there.

Naruto yelled "How are they alive Kyuubi." making everyone flinch realising who it is standing with the Hokages finally.

Kyuubi said "Simple. As the acting god of death I have the right to bring anyone back to life I want and since I know what you got planned I want to be present to take those assholes out for all the trouble they caused me and this village though I will still be the god of death when some of these assholes in this village die so I get to pass judgement on them. Anyways, thats not important. What is important is that with 4 hokages, 2 sannins, a demon vessel and the you who are as powerful as a 10 tailed demon, this is going to be one hell of a party to watch."

The sandiame finally got over his shock and asked "What do you plan to do know Kyuubi and what about the people you brought with you."

Tsunade had tears in her eyes seeing her brother and her grandfather and granduncle alive agian and the Shodiame said "Well for starters, Kyuubis not getting involved besides making sure those atasuki guys goto hell since he cant take someones life until its over. As for me and my brother, were going to help in the fight and then live with our clan here until we die agian in 1 or 100 years, Unfortinately we may take our clan out of Konoha after this battle is over or kick everyone else out for treating our family like shit." making everyone flinch realising something

3 hokages, 2 sannins. a demon vessel and possible the strongest person on the planet is still pissed at them. Yeap, thier screwed.

Kyuubi getting a shot in said "now now Hokages, you know they will have to suffer from all thier loved ones when they get to the other side. I know everyone who died in my attack are pretty much ready to come back and kill everyone in this village for treating thier hero the way they did." making all those who did pale.

The Nidame created 20 waterdragons and said "Since your all here to train, first training lesson, speed. Out run my dragons or be ate." and the dragons charged into the group of ninja making some of the less seasoned fighter flee.

The Shodiame said "Not without my help brother." and created 20 earth dragons doing the same thing.

Nawaki said "Dont forget me." and created 2 fire dragons sending them after the some as well.

Naruto blinked and said "Well, I know whats going to happen at the valley of the end now."

Kyuubi asked "Now whats that kit."

Naruto touched the hilt of his sword and 100 dragons appeares. 10 earth, 10 water, 10 fire, 10 electric, 10 ice, 10 wind, 10 sand, 10 wood, 10 shadow, and 10 mixed dragons containing every element.

The third blinked in amazement as the dragons went out throughout the village chasing every ninja that was at the meeting.

Naruto said "A lot of shit is going to be blown up." making all those related to him laugh.

After the dragons rounded everyone back up and brought them back Naruto created clones that henged into Atasuki memmbers and started showing everyone what to expect and how to get by them and thats how the rest of the time for the month went. The Hokages and Naruto training everyone through tortu..I mean tough training.

As the day arrived for the battle to begin the ninja arrived at the valley of the end and Atasuki were on the other side with an army of about 100 and the leaf had around 100 also and everyone blinked as the valley floor had been turned into a giant arena and Kyuubi walked into the middle with a microphone and said "Ladies and Gentleman, on behalf of the millions and millions of souls in the afterlife. Llllllllllllleeetttsss get ready to..."

He was stopped as both sides sent all kinds of jutsu at him as he disappeared and appeared on top of the waterfall in a flash of flames watching over both sides with a huge tub of popcorn and 6 pack of beer and said "Mortal Kombat." and he pulled out Naruto N-pod and started playing the Mortal Kombat theme making everyone sweatdrop.

Naruto taking advantage of the distraction touches his sword and disappear faster then anyone can see and then a person on the other side of the valley was suddenly sent airborn and a gaint bell sound hit and both sides charged. The fight for the future of the world had just begun,

Naruto and the person he had kicked both landed on the head of the two stone statues and Naruto said "So Madara, It seems you finally ready to die."

A man with a sharingan in both eyes looked at Naruto and said "I will capture you boy and take the Kyuubi from you and then find where you have hidden the others and take them as well."

Naruto said "You really are stupid. Thats kyuubi." pointing to the guy who just threw some popcorn at Madaras head as he flipped a bird also.

Madara looked at Kyuubi and said "I see, Well then I dont have to take you alive." and put his hands in a ram seal and said "Kai." and suddenly all fighting stopped as a powerful force of power blanketed the entire area.

Naruto looked at him and put his hands in a ram seal also and said "Kai" and then an even larger force covered the area and then both figures disappeared and only the sound of impacts could be heard.

Haku saw a tidal wave heading toward a group of leaf ninja and used her bloodline to freeze it and surfed to the top and down the otherside decapitating 4 atasuki weaklings and Kyuubi shouts out "Flawless victory, way to go subzero."

Haku thought "I dont care if he is a demon, when this is over his balls are frozen."

A giant clay bird flew up above the arena and Diedra said "Let me show you art is a bang."

Gaara looked at him and made himself into a gaint version of himself and the music in the area started playing "mister sandman, yes, bring me a..." A scratching noise was heard as Gaara made his sand arm turn into a giant golf club and smacked the bird diedra was on and said "Four."

The music started to play "Free bird"

Gaara looked at Kyuubi and thought "hes already dead, hes already dead."

Shukaku inside him said "Kill him agian"

A gaint clay snake appeared on the hill and then a Giant snake appeared on the other side with Anko on top of it. Anko said "Manda, go show that snake who the fuck is king."

Manda smirked and said "With pleasure" and both snakes charged each other

Kisame looked at the 4 people who surrounded him. Zabuza, Hyatte, Genma, and the Nidaime Hokage. He thought "how the hell did I get in this mess" as he dodged 3 swords and a water dragon.

The shodaime Hokage looked at the man in front of him and asked "how the hell are you still alive."

The man said "I took your heart and several others."

The Shodiame said "really, funny you should say that. Did you know that you can use replacement with organs as well."

Kakuzu looked at him crazy and asked "What are you talking about, you cant do that."

A voice behind him said "really, then why did it work." making him jump but that was exactly what was suppose to happen. the person behind him disappeard in a puff of smoke and then a gaint frog appeared ontop of him smashing him into the floor destroying one of his mask before the frog went up in a puff of smoke."

Jaraiya said "Got to love that foodcart summoning."

Kakuzu looked up and saw a foot coming toward him and he rolled out of the way at the last second just as it smashed into the ground and created a huge crater.

Kakuzu was about to attack when he felt something was not right. He looked down and saw a scythe sticking out of one of his mask and a voice behind him said "Damn it, let me go you damn shadows. My gods demand I sacrafrice you."

Shikamaru said "Really. Then lets begin the ritual." and made him pull out the scythe and walk back to the circle he created as his fathers shadow reconnected to hidan and Shikamaru let go to save chakra."

Shikota acted like he was licking blood off of an imaginary scythe while hidan did it for real and then he stapped himself in the heart with the scythe destroying a third mask off of Kakuzu.

Kakuzu would have been getting another heart had he not only suddenly being trapped inside a cage made of wood with a second cage over it but also he had bugs eating his chakra at an alarming rate.

Shino said "My bugs dont like his chakra."

His father said "when this is over we will let those bugs go and free themselfs of this evil."

Shino just nodded.

Kakashi looked at the man before him with a face mask on and had one sharingan eye and said "So obito, this is what has happened to you."

Tobi said "Obito dead, only Tobi here and Tobi a good boy. Watch." and started doing handsigns Kakashi knew. The chidori and he started doing them also only for a yellow flash to appear behind Tobi and a shout of "Rasengan" was heard as it slammed into his back and then Kakashi ran at Obito and shoved the Chidori into his heart.

Rin who walked over said "Im sorry Kakashi."

Kakashi smiled a small smile and said "Remember what Naruto told us durring our training."


Naruto had created a earthclone and had it henge into Tobi and he was having Kakashi, Rin and Arashi try out stratagies agianst it and Kakashi said "I cant do it. He is a friend."

The clone said "tobi a good boy." and attacked Kakashi only to stop and Naruto said "Kakashi, listen. I know you dont want to do this but look at what he has become. Do you want him to suffer for the rest of his life or do you want him to finally have the peace he should have."

End flashback

Kakashi said "Hes finally at peace." making the other two smile a small smile.

Just then a huge explosion rocked the area and Manda said "Whose the king now." before he went up in a puff of smoke.

Sasori looked at the guy in front of him and said "do you really think you can beat my puppets."

The guy in front of him said "Me, no. My art yes." and a drawing off a huge eagle appeared from the sky and grabbed Sasori puppet body and lifted it into the air as suddenly a pair of giant sand hands grabbed it and started to crush it under the pressure.

Gaara looked to his right as Jaraiya had just summoned Gambunta and he nodded and held out Sasori puppett with his sand arm and Jaraiya said "Give me some oil." and gambunta covered the puppet with oil and Jaraiya set it on fire. burning the outside body forcing Sasori out of it showing his real body. As he landed on the ground he was suddenly met with punch in the back of his body from Tsunade who was waiting for an opening.

She shouts "Now sensie."

The third said "Lets go enma. Staff." and enma changed into a staff the extended and went into the hole Tsunade had created piercing Sasori heart.

Kisame had cuts all over him and so did the 4 people he was fighting. He was panting and asked "how can you keep anticapating my attacks."

The Nidaime, Zabuza and Kakashi who had came over all three started doing handseals and a huge wall of water came from three sides around Kisame who was about to go under the waves to get away when the water below him froze and then the walls around him froze as well and a shout of "Iced Sushi Kamatachi no jutsu." was heard from two females and the walls of ice shattered and sliced him deeply all over his body. Only problem was he turned into a puddle of water as he had replaced himself with a waterclone. Everyone looked around and saw him running up the side of the walls retreating.

Kurenai dropped her genjustu and said "You guys got lucky, I only had enough chakra for a few more minutes to throw off his sinces."

They all nodded and looked at the battles. Tobi, and Sasori were dead. Diedra was no where to be seen. Kisame retreated. Kakuzu was still trapped inside the domes of plants but still had 2 hearts and the sound of heavy fighting could be heard from the air above them as Naruto and Madara were fighting while jumping off the canyan walls.

Shikamaru looked at his dad and said "Ive been wondering something since we heard about his mumble jumble crap. What would happen if he sacraficed his own blood."

Just then Hidan licked the blood off of his scythe and when he least expected it he decapitated himself. A fire dragon hit the head that was in the air and destroyed it as the body fell to the ground lifeless.

Shikamaru sighed and said "Im glad you taught me the advanced version of the shadow possession or it would have killed me already."

His dad just nodded and looked at the fighting. With most of Atasuki main forces gone the grunts had started to flee as the ABNU and Hunter nins cut off the retreat when they circled around the battle field. All that was left was Kakuzu, Diedra and Madara.

Just then the clay bird Gaara knocked away flew back and changed into diedra who said "I will not let my art end like this. Self destruct no jutsu." and his body started to change colors as he landed in the middle of the fighting.

Naruto yelled "Kakashi, use the sharingan to send him somewhere else. Now." as he ducked under a roundhouse kick from Madara.

Kakashi revealed his Sharingan and had it change into its final form and then suddenly a black void appeared around diedra and he reappeared next to Kakuzu and everyone who knew earth jutsu created walls of earth around the cage of trees to block the blast. Gaara sent waves of sand to pact the earth and waves of water covered the now solid earth domes and everyone started fleeing from the bottom of the valley.

Naruto put his hand on the hilt of his sword and 4 Kagebunshins appeared around the dome of earth and water and created the barrior jutsu of the sound 4 as a huge explosion caused the earth and water to fly into the barrior but it did its job before disolving by absorbing most of the blast.

When the smoke cleared Kakuzu was floating on top of the water and he said "I hate art."

Zabuza who was panting threw his sword into the air and said "Now Tenten." and Tenten used chakra string to grab the sword and fly toward Kakuzu last mask and destroy it.

Kisame who had jumped away durring the commotion to flee the bottom and was currently running away from the valley as fast as he could was stopped by a figure that walked out onto a tree in front of him. The man had a black cloak but had blood red on the inside and he had a thin zanpakto on his side and had an aroura of power.

Kisame asked "Who are you."

The man said "The names Ichigo and I was asked to make sure none of you escaped." and disappeared even faster then Naruto did and the next thing Kisame knew was his head was falling off his body.

A man appeared next to Ichigo and said "Thank you Shinigami. Have you collected the rest of my kind."

Ichigo said "Yes Kyuubi, We have went to the island and got them as well as the ones that were free. All we like is the Shukaku in Gaara and then our deal will be done. You still will have to be punished for this you do realise."

Kyuubi said "Yes. My choice all those years ago was finally come to pass as I told him it would. I am still watching over the final battle right now."

Ichigo nodded and said "mortals are not suppose to posses the ability to live past thier time. Hidan, Kakuzu, Orochimaru, and Madara are all responsible for breaking those laws and you kitt as you call him was also on the same path but he gave it up freely and willingly with the deal you offered so he wont be harmed for it. After this is over the Shinigami will no longer have to worry about immortals getting involved in mortal affairs. I dont know what punishment you will face since you knew this would all happen." and Kyuubi nodded before going up in a puff of smoke and Ichigo started walking toward the battlefield before changing his looks to appear as the god of death in this world.

As everyone looked around at the death and destruction only about 20 ninja had died from the leaf but the main battle was still going. Everyone could still hear the sounds of impact and destruction from all over the valley of the end.

Hiashe who had his eyes activated said "My god, how strong are they."

Kyuubi walked over to them and said "This is the true strength of a demon. That night I came to collect my payment on your village from the Uchiha clan I only used 1 tails worth of power. So far they have not even went past 2. This is just the warmups." in a serious voice shocking everyone.

Arashi asked "What do you mean the warmups Kyuubi."

Kyuubi said "Watch, patiance has never been Naruto strong point."

Just as the words left his mouth Naruto and Madara both appeared sweating a little with cuts across thier bodies that were quickly healing and Naruto said "You ready to really get started."

Madara said "I thought you would never ask boy." and both put thier hands in the ram seal and suddenly thier chakra burst around both. Madara flew a hundred feet into the air and took on the shape of a dragon and Naruto matched his and flew into the shape of a fox and both surrounded each of them in and Naruto eyes changed from blue to red and then a swirl appeared around both of thier bodies looking something like a hyuuga ultimate defense.

Naruto stuck out his hand and formed a Rasenshurikan and Madara who had coppied Kakashi Chidori made one and both charged and intercepted just as Naruto and Sasuke did the first time in his life but this time the ball of energy was at least 3 times larger.

The walls around the valley started to crumble. The trees around the valley started to fly backwards. Everyone who were watching had to use chakra to hold in place. The gennins that came to help where having to be helped by the adults. Kyuubi did some handseals and a barrior appeared around everyone to protect them and he said "Watch your villages true hero and remember what your crimes were agianst him and try and make amends."

As the ball of energy became clear enough for both to see both fighters looked deadlocked. Madara said "Give up boy, you can never win and I will kill you and those pathetic people you brought with you."

Naruto said "You will never lay a hand on any of my precious people Madara. Lets end this. 1st gate Kia. 2nd Gate Kia. 3 Gate Kia. 4tttthhh Gateeee Kia." and his power suddenly went throught the roof.

Everyone was in awe and Kyuubi said "Nice kitt, even I did not see you do that." making everyone look at him questionably.

Rin asked "What are you talking about."

Kyuubi asked "None of you noticed yet. Hyuuga, dont look at the fighters but tell me what you see in chakra around the valley."

All the Hyuugas in the area did so and several gasped and Hiashe asked "What is that."

Kyuubi said "That my friends is the Ultimate form of the Rasengan. Its a once in a lifetime jutsu and only the Kitt could do."

Arashi asked "Whats going on with my son fox."

Hiashe said "There are clones around the valley and each is sending massive amounts of chakra around the arena and is rotating in several different directions and is starting to add fire and wind elements into it."

Kurenai asked "What does that mean."

Arashi who was in thought a moment gasped as he realised and said "How can he do that. I know he can make an elemental Rasenagan but to add fire and wind elements and then to create one the size where talking about is impossible."

Kyuubi asked "Wheres Naruto sword." making everyone look at him.

Hinata said "In the middle of the floor with a clone of Naruto beside it holding on and the sword is doing something I dont know what."

Kyuubi smiled and said "So he is going to do it. Hes destroying his sword and all the power in it to power the jutsu."

Anko asked "Will someone explain in english what the hell the Gaki is doing."

Jaraiya said "Hes living up to his name. Hes creating a spiraling malestrom. In other words hes creating a Tornado with fire, water, lightning, earth, and wind together in it."

Kyuubi said "Almost exactly but it wont be a tornado, and the reason it is a once in a lifetime jutsu is that it take the power of 6 gates in the middle , and at least 17 tails of chakra plus destroying the 1st gate permanantly."

Gai gasped and said "But if that happens then he will never be able to close the gate ever."

Haku asked "What do you mean."

Lee said "Basically the gates restrict chakra and can be opened but they have to be done in order and closed in reverse order. Now I know why you said its a once in a lifetime deal. After this is over he will never be able to open the gates agian since his body has to learn to cope with having the first gate always open."

Gai said "He will have to seal some of his power away or he will die from chakra overload." making everyone wide eyed at the posibility of that.

Tsunade said "But you only have 9 tails that Naruto absorbed so where are the other 8."

Kyuubi said "Simple, The sword Naruto had made and designed is equal to 10 tails worth of chakra and the kit himself has opened the first 4 gates while he gets ready to finish the jutsu before opening the last 2 he needs. But before he does that he needs to activate the catalist for this jutsu and that is when he will release his other tails of power he has in him. So far they are only about 4 tails worth. Madara must be planning to overpower Naruto after wearing him down a little. Big mistake." smirking as he watched the fight and remembered when he first met Madara.


Kyuubi was in his den when a human with pale eyes walked in and Kyuubi looked at him as he bowed and Kyuubi asked "What is it you human want with me to disturb my den."

The man said while still bowed "Forgive my rudeness Kyuubisama but I am a slave to my family and I wish to be free. I heard that you have the ability to do it and by changing my bloodline so my family will not hurt me any longer."

Kyuubi thought for a moment and said "Let me look into your eyes."

The man looked up and Kyuubi activated a secret that he had in his eyes. He looked into this mans future and saw the events and his being imprisoned as well as the poor boy he would make suffer. He started to kill this man right then and there but decided to see where it ended. As he continued to watch he saw who Madara worked for and also saw a way to permanently imprison the demon forever.

Kyuubi turned off his eyes and said "Yes, I can do that and I will give you this warning before I do it. If you have me do this when the time comes you shall be destroyed by the firebird of legends for an act of crimes you and your decendants will do. For me to ignore this crime I demand the sacrafices of you decendants and will make you a half demon that will live 1000 years so I know you will have the time to pay me my price, Madara."

The man paled wondering how he knew his name but thought of what his master told him about the Kyuubi being a trickster and an idiot so he said "I agree Kyuubisama."

Kyuubi sent his charka into the man and let his eyes changed giving him a few moment of insight into the future to aid him. The man thanked Kyuubi and left.

Kyuubi sighed and said "So it begins Ichigo."

A shadow stepped out of the darkness and said "Are you sure you should trust the fate of the world to this prophecy of yours. What you just did was a great crime to the laws of creation."

Kyuubi thought for a moment and said "Trust the world to my prophecy, No. Trust the world to the boy who shall change the world. Yes."

Ichigo sighed and said "I will see you in time Kyuubi. I hope your right."

Kyuubi shook his head and said "I am Shinigami."

Flashback end.

Kyuubi said "Arise Pheonix and renew the age of man with your fire." making everyone look at him.

Before anyone had a chance to ask what he meant, Naruto smirked and said "They say the Pheonix was born of fire and died of fire before it was reborn. I learned the truth of that saying in my life Madara. I learned that I am the Pheonix and I say the world is ready to be renewed without you and the evils that you created." and suddenly he replaced himself with the clone who was holding the sword and Madara shoved the chidori into the clones heart making it go up in a puff of smoke but not before it kicked him causing all his momentum to stop.

He was so caught up in trying to wear Naruto down that he did not notice until know what was going on around him or the fact that they were currently about 200 yards off the valley wall in the middle of the air and the only thing holding him in place was the energy him and Naruto were using. Without the oposite energy gravity finally started to pull him toward the valley floor.

Naruto shouted "Chakra weights Kai, Gravity weights Kai, Bloodseal Kia." and the sword Naruto was holding shattered and the power flew from it into Naruto body since he was holding the hilt. Naruto then shouted "5th gate Kia. 6th gate Kia." creating a sphere around him.

Naruto looked at Madara and through gritted teeth said "Its time. Arise Pheonix from you immortal ashes." and the clones all around the valley started to do handsigns and a chakra line connected them all together causing all the elemental energy and to combine and ignite. The chakra strings all zoomed onto the hilt of the sword Naruto was holding and the flames that had increased in power from the wind followed and suddenly the shape of a bird appeared with Naruto being in the center. The power of the gates being released was the only thing keeping him from being hurt or killed.

Madara saw it and had a flashback

"Yes, I can do that and I will give you this warning before I do it. If you have me do this when the time comes you shall be destroyed by the firebird of legends for an act of crimes you and your decendants will do."

Madara said "So the legendary firebird has come to kill me for mine and my decendants crimes just like Kyuubi said. We shall see. Restriction seal Kai." and suddenly his full power was released. It was not until he reached his full power till he realised he was not the stronger of the 2 as he believed.

As he was falling toward the huge pheonix shape on the canyon floor Naruto jumped into the air still holding onto the hilt of his sword making the fire around him fly with him as they approached each other. Madara closed his eyes and Naruto looked at him and Madara entered the fire and was being burned as he approached the center where Naruto was and as they got closer Naruto threw the hilt of the sword and it embedded into Madara heart and his own energy allowed him to continue out of the bird of fire that had stopped going up and was now going down with Madara. As Naruto cleared the bird he pulled out a Hiraishin kunia and threw it to a tree near the rest of the ninja and flashed away right as Madara hit the canyon floor and the fire incenerated everything on the canyon turning it into a huge sheet of ice. Even the water in the valley stood no chance as it was vaperised.

Naruto appeared near the tree and was panting and breathing hard as everyone ran over to check on him.

Kyuubi was the first to arrive and said "Its finish Shinigami, Seal it."

The shinigami appeared and walked to Naruto and pulled out a sword and plunged it into Naruto heart and the sword vibrated and glowed as the power from Naruto quickly left and then the shinigami removed the sword and a seal appeared over Naruto heart and he said "It is done. He has only 1 tails worth of chakra and that is all he will ever have." and then faster then anyone could see the Shinigami plunged his sword into Gaara seal and said "Its time to go Shukaku. The world of mortals shall not have immortals mess with them agian." and the seal shattered as energy flew out of Gaara and a new seal appeared.

The shinigami said "He also has 1 tail of power and that is all he will ever have. Now for you 3. You have anywhere from a few minutes to 100 years, use it wisely." and he disappeared.

Naruto gasped and said "Kyuubi, what about..."

Kyuubi stopped him by saying "Relax, enjoy your life kit. me and my kind are no more and the curse you had to live with shall never be passed on agian. Make me proud." and he fadded away.

Naruto smiled and fell asleep as everyone gathered around him and looked at each other and Anko grabbed Naruto as did Kurenai and they started to carry him back followed by everyone else.

12 years later in an accademy classroom a man with a scar across his face said "And that is how the threat of the demons was removed from the world class."

A kid stood up with a sharingan eye and said "Thats a crock of shit. Theres no way someone could do that and I dont like the way my family looks in that story."

A boy with blond hair blue eyessaid "really, would you like to see the valley that my dad turned to glass Uchiha."

A girl with blond hair said "Its a true story. Anyone who thinks its a lie can have thier balls frozen off by me." making an icecycle appear in her hand.

A boy with brown hair and blue eyes said "My family is the strongest in the world. Look at the Hokage mountian if you dont believe me. 5 of the 6 faces up there are my relatives. The last is my fathers."

The kid with the sharingan said "hmph, you just try and make yourself look good for everyone else."

A woman walked in with pink hair and said "Little Sasuke, what did I tell you about insulting the Hokage family. If it was not for them you would not have been born."

Little Sasuke just hmphed and crossed his arms and brooded and the woman sighed and said "How the hell did you get you uncles attitude. I know your father Itachi is not like that."

A boy with blue hair and a dog said "yeah, cause hes a vegitable." making everyone laugh.

Just then a flash of flames appeared in the room and the Rokadiame Hokage appeared and said "Enough. You should all be ashamed of laughing at him like that. Its not his fault so stop. Arashi, Ayame, Iruka. I told you to quit acting all high and mighty or else I will make you all up your weights.'

The three kids paled and said "Yes father."

The hokage looked at the kid with a dog and said "Hiashe, your mother would also be upset with you for picking on someone else because they are different. You above all others should know what thats like because you are the first of your family with blue hair."

Hiashe said "Sorry Hokage."

The teacher walked over and asked "How is everything Naruto."

Naruto said "Fine Irukasensie, just fine. The leaf village has never been better."

In the corner of the room the pink haired woman said "Thank you naruto."

Naruto said "Sure Sakura, Keep Sasuke out of trouble you hear me."

Sakura nodded and Naruto said "And dont paint the Hokage monument agian. Unless you use washable paint Sasuke, easier to clean."

Sasuke smirked and said "Thank you Hokagesama." and Naruto disappeared in a swirl of flames appearing back in his office.

Ibiki looked at Naruto and said "Was that really necessary."

Naruto said "Yes, Our ABNU have been getting lazy and we are hosting the chunnin exams this time around. I dont want them to fall asleep in front of our clients."

Ibiki smiled and said "Only you would make training out of pranking."

Naruto smiled as he put his feet on his desk and said "It did miracles for me." making both men laugh before Ibiki walked out of the office.

Naruto looked at the Hokage mountian and said "I got all my dreams Kyuubi. I have 7 children who are all great, my parents and grandparents, my 4 lovely wifes, being Hokage, and nobody looks at me with hate or fear anymore. My life could not get any better."

Naruto 4 wifes who came from the side office said "Actually it can. We have something to tell you."

Naruto looked at them and said "Really, what."

They looked at each other and each pulled out a pregancy test that showed each were positive and they said together "Where each pregnant."

Naruto paled as he opened a draw beside his desk and pulled out a scroll that said "Emergency escape" on it and he said "I think a wars getting ready to start. I need to go check. Tell Tsunade shes off vacation. Cya." and jumped out the window only for a barrior to stop him as he fell on his butt.

He turned and smiled and said "So, when are they due."

The look he got from them all told him one thing. hes screwed.

the end