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Night Guide:The Star's Chp.1"My Life"

Your 4 year old daughter appears to be sick. Her temp. is incrediablly high. She would die within three to two days. Hataru squeezed her husbands hand. He whispered"I need to talk to my wife alone" The doctor nodded. He left. Hataru smiled"Isn't this what we've wanted?We can live freely now...and...maybe have a miracle that doesn't give us a bad title like Kagome" Kagome listened to this. Her thoughts all foggy by the fever. Daichi smirked,and kissed Hataru"In two days...we'll move far away from Japan..." Hataru walked over to Kagome. She got a needle,and put it in her arm. The vaccine went into her. Kagome began to have a seizure. Hataru screamed"AHHH!KAGOME!" Daichi called in fake concern"Doctor Akira!Doctor Akira!" Akira ran in"Nurse!Nurse!" Hataru cried fake tears. About 5 nurses ran in. Akira,and Daichi were escorted to the hall. Akira yelled"Give her the vaccine" The nurse stuck it in her arm. Kagome stopped shaking. Her heart monitor made a loud beeping noise. The doctor got the metal plates"Clear!" Kagome didn't revive. The doctor sighed"We lost her" Nurse Rubi bowed"I'll go give the news" She walked out,and gave the noise. Hataru sobbed in her shoulder.Half laughing. Daichi suppressed his smile"Oh dear god...she was our only child!" Rubi knew they were faking. They didn't give a rats ass what happened to Kagome. Rui sent them off. Rubi took a blue liquid out her sleeve,and ran back into the room,and put it in a needle. Doctor akira yelled"Rubi!What are you doing s-

Rubi spat"Relax!" She stuck it into Kagome's arm. Beep...beep...beep

Doctor Akira gasped"Put her on life support quick!" The nurses hucked Kagome back up. Nurse Eiko asked"Would you like for me to go get her parents?" Rubi spat"Don't bother!" Akira sighed"they overdosed her...they wanted this child dead...without a trace" Rubi whispered"When she recovers...we have to take her to the orpahnage...she has no real parents now" Kagome coughed. Akira whispered"Kagome...can you hear me?" Kagome had tears falling down her cheek"They never loved me...I...I

Rubi whispered"It's alright now...you'll never see them again,Kagome..." Kagome whispered"The point is...I'm alone...I have no family" Akira whispered"We're taking you to the orphnage...when you recover" Kagome turned her head,and didn't say another word. The rest of that day...she cried and cried. Til she could cry no more.

A Month Later

Kagome put on a red skirt,and a plain red t-shirt. A police stood at the door"Come on,Kagome" Kagome slipped her black reebok on and walked up to the police. Her shoulder length raven hair was tyed in a ponitail with a grey ribbion. To match her sad and gloomy silver eyes. The police asked"How have you been,Kagome...feel better?" Kagome only nodded,but didn't speak. The policemen smiled"I'm Ken Rukimo...I'll be escorting you to the Childrens Home" Kagome whispered"I know,sir...sorry to waste your time" Ken though she'd been mute,but Kagome could never keep her mouth shut" Dah...I mean okay" Kagome looked straight ahead. Ken had long raven hair,and misty gray eyes. They sorta looked alike. But WAS NOT related. Kagome squeezed Ken's hand"I'm scared...I don't want to go to that place" Ken stopped,and knelt down in front of Kagome"I'll make you a promise" Kagome whispered"Promises are meant to be broken" Ken whispered"And some were meant to stay together" Kagome whispered"What's your promise" Ken smiled"I've been with you ince your parents left,and I've been thinking...i make you my daughter" Kagome squealed and hugged Ken"Thank you" Ken whispered"I need one day.Tommorow...I'll come back to yu,and we'll move to Tokyo...I've gotten myself attached to you" Kagome began to cry"Thank you...Father" Ken hugged Kagome closer"Okay...let's go" Kagome asked"It's just the two of us right?" Ken nodded"No one else...I'm only 18...women are to much drama" Kagome giggled.

The Orahnage

Kagome hugged Ken"I'll see you tommorow then?" Ken nodded"Get a good night sleep...I'll be here before you even awake" Kagome nodded,and went with the young lady. Ken walked up to Lady Kaede"I want to adopt,Kagome" Kaede smiled"The child didn't even have a chance to look around" Ken whispered"She's been threw a lot" Kaede smiled"This way young man" She gave him paper's to sign. He signed them after like 3 mintues. Kaede smiled"She's yours...I see ye've given her a middle name...her old parents must've haven't gave a time of day" Ken smirked"Silver...like a star" Kaede smiled"I see...ye have a very creative mind" Ken bowed"I'll be back at the crack of dawn to get...my daughter. Kaede are a Father.I hope you know you have a huge responsiblity" Ken nodded"My parents worked me until I bleed" Kaede laughed"A sense of humor...Kagome will love you.I beileve she already does" Ken smiled,and left"I'll be on my way" Kaede smiled,and went to go find Kagome's room.

Kagome's room

Kaede walked into the room"Hey there child" Kagome jumped"Uh...excuse me...you scared me" Kaede smiled"It is quite alright child...let me see ye hand" Kagome gave the elder her hand hesitantly. Kaede smiled"You aren't a regular human,Kagome" Kagome asked"How is that so?" Kaede smiled"You're miko" Kagome smiled"Ken told me that when he came to vist me" Kaede smiled"Get some rest,child,for ye have a long day tommorow" Kagome nodded,and went to her bed.

Next Day

Kagome felt someone shaking her out of her sleep. Kagome groaned"5 more minutes" Kagome opened her eyes to see Ken. He smiled"Ready to go?" Kagome sat up"Yes,Father" He smiled as she put her own shoes on. Ken picked her up,and walked out the room. Soon to be in his black hummer which was full of bags. Kagome asked"You alr-

Ken cut her off"Ready to go...we're gonna stop by the store,and get some breakfast" Kagome asked"Like...ramen?Hanburger?"

Ken shook his head"No...a strawberry smoothie,and a waffle" Kagome licked her lips"sounds delicous...fruit smoothie?"

Ken nodded"No junk food for breakfast" Kagome smiled"Okay"

After they ate they were on the road. Kagome asked"I have nothing to wear,Dad" Ken smiled"Already bought you a ton of things...that's what took up most the room" Kagome asked"Do we have a home waiting?" Ken nodded"Yes...get as much rest you want" Kagome relaxed"I love you" Ken smiled softly"I love you too...now get some sleep" Kagome smiled,and let sleep take over.


Kagome ran into the house,and up the stairs. Ken called"Pick any room!" Kagome squealed"It's so big!"

Kagome walked int the blood red room. That had black furniture. Kagome opened the curtains able to see the neck door neighbors room. A boy with silver hair,and amber eyes stared at her. He looked about 5. Kagome looked away,and walked out the room,and downstairs. Ken asked"Found your room?" Kagome nodded"Yep!" Kagome never felt so loved before,and was going to cherish it.No matter what.

11 Years Later

15 year old Kagome walked into her home,and called'Dad!I'm home!" There was no response. Kagome ran to the kitchen,and saw a note on the wall. It read:Won't be home til late,Dad

Kagome smiled,and jogged up her stairs. Her cell began to ring. Kagome took it out her pocket,and answered"Hello?

"Hey...you home?"

Kagome smiled"Hey,Sango...yeah I'm home" Sango asked"I see you,and Inuyasha still aren't getting along" Kagome sighed"Yeah...he starts everything" Sango smiled"Kikyo starts with you,as does Inuyasha.They go out,and over power you" Kagome laughed"Yeah right!You're my cousin...I know you got my back" Sango laughed"Darn straight. I gotta go. Mom,and Dad argueing again" Kagome giggled"Okay,bye" Kagome hung up. Kagome walked over to her computer,and logged into her chatroom.

ShadowAngel1 as logged in.

WindSorceress has invited ShadowAngel to chatroom.

ShadowAngel1:Hey Kagura

WindSorceress:Hey Silver...i haven't talk to you in ages

ShadowAngel1:All because you've been out sick

WindSorceress:My older brother just moved in.Causing lots of drama


WindSorceress:Naraku.My step mother isn't happy he moved in.My Father is.My Mother's threatening to divorce my father.

ShadowAngel1:Do you like your Step-Mother?

WindSorceress:I love her!My birth mother left me not caring.If they divorce...it'll be heaven.No more beatens

ShadowAngel1:He hits you!?

WindSorceress:You can't tell anyone,Silver!

(Kagura is Kagome's close friend in this story.She calls her by her middle name)

ShadowAngel1:Promise.On my star in the sky

WindSorceress:I know I can trust you.My mother's taking custody of me

ShadowAngel1:Well...happy ending?



ViolentChick has joined chat.

ShadowAngel1:Hey Say!


ShadowAngel1:Say?Are you okay?


ViolentChick:My parents...are divorcing

ShadowAngel1:OMG!What happened!?

ViolentChick:My Father hit me

ShadowAngel1:S...I can't believe this

ViolentChick:My Mother...said she was living,and taking me,and Souta with her.My Dad said he wants Kohaku to stay

WindSorceress:What she say!

ViolentChick:Kohaku wants to go with us,but my Dad took him,and left.Mom called the police.As kidnap

ShadowAngel:I...Sango...you,and your mother should come over here

ViolentChick:Wait here...I'll go ask

ShadowKing has joined chat

ShadowKing:What up,Kagome,Sango,Kagura


WindSorceress:Kagome...are you okay?

ShadowKing:What's going on?

ViolentChick:She said well be over there tonight.Tell your Dad,Kay

ShadowAngel1:I'll call him now...hang on Kagura

ShadowKing:Am I even here?

WindSorceress:Hang on Inuyasha.Kagome,and Sango are having a family crisses

ShadowKing:Be back Kagura

Inuyasha jumped onto Kagome's balcomy,and knocked on her window. It opened,and he jumped in. Kagome was on the phone"Um...is there?" The lady,Reian,answered"No...I'm sorry he's already off" Kagome was confused"B...but he said he wouldn't be b-

Reian cut her off"He's on lunch with Ms.Kiyoko. Kagome sighed"Ho...how long have they been going to lunch?" Reian smiled"It's passed a year already" Kagome whispered"Thanks" Kagome looked up at Inuyasha"What do you want?" Inuyasha asked"what's going on?" the phone began to ring. Kagome stood"Wait Inuyasha...hello?" It was Ken"Reian just texted me.Is there something wrong?" Kagome asked"Where are you?" Ken sighed"Lunch...with a friend" Kagome asked"Man?Woman?" Ken sighed again"Woman...what's the real reason you called" Kagome blinked back tears"Uncle Ryuu...kidnapped Kohaku.Aunt Ai,and Uncle Ryuu were argueing,and-

Ken sounded worried"Kagome,dear,slow down...I don't understand" Kagome began to cry"Sango said he hit her. Ai started threanting to take her,and Kohaku away.He took Kohaku and left.Ai called the police telling them he kidnapped Kohaku" Ken was beyound shocked. Kagome sobbed"I told them to come over...is that okay?" Ken nodded"I'm going over to Ai's place.I'll be home soon as I can" Kagome hung up,and felt someone hug her. Kagome hugged back when she realized it was Inuyasha. Inuyasha whispered"Kohaku will be fine,Kagome" Kagome sobbed"what is Ryuu goes all crazy,and comes back and kills Ai or Sango" Inuyasha whispered"Ken won't let that happen" Her computer dinged. Kagome pulled away,and wiped her tears. Kagome walked over to it.

WindSorceress:Silver,is everything okay?

ShadowAngel1:My Dad's taking care of it

ViolentChick logged off

ShadowAngel1:gotta go Kagura...talk to you later

Shadowangel1 has logged off

Kagome stood,and wiped her tears"I'll be fine,Inuyasha" Inuyasha asked"Maybe...I should stay til your Dad gets back"

Kagome shook her head"I'll be fine...aren't you suppose to be with Kikyo or something" Inuyasha yelled"Who said I was her lap dog!?" Kagome yelled"I didn't!Get out!" Inuyasha snorted,and left. the door slammed downstairs. She heard Ken call"Kagome!I need your help!" Kagome ran down the stairss to see Sango in hysteric crying,and sobbing. Kagome hugged her. Ai wiped her tears away"Thank you older brother" Another lady was there. She had shoulder length red hair,and jade eyes. She was fairly beautiful. She looked very concerned as well. Kagome gasped"you're bleeding Sango" Sango had a gash on her arm,and a black and blue burise on her face. Sango sniffed"I'll be fine" Ken asked"Sasada...please help Sango please" She took Sango's hand"Come with me dear. Kagome followed. they went outside to a red honda. She opened her trunk,and go some things only a hospital had. She began to bandage Sango. Kagome whispered"Thank you for helping,Ms.Kiyoko...is it?" Sasada nodded"Yeah,and I hope you don't mind me,and your Father dating" Kagome smiled"It's time for him to start dating anyway.Can't be alone forever" Including he was 29. She looked about 26. Kagome smiled. Sasada smiled"All done dear" Sango smiled"Thank you Ms.Kiyoko" Kagome asked"You know her Say?" Sango smiled"She's our new school nurse" Kagome smiled"I hadn't been to the nurse so i wouldn't of known" Sango said matter of fact"But I DID'NT know that they were dating" Kagome giggled"I'm okay Say...I just want to know why he didn't tell me" Sasada smiled"He...wanted to make sure he loved me before he told his one and only favorite girl in the world" Kagome laughed"He said that!" Sasada smiled"I'm jealous!" they all laughed. Ken was watching,and smiled. Sasada's phone rung"Hello"

"Where are you!It's getting creepy here!Plus it's getting dark!"

Sasada giggled"I'll be home soon sweety" Sango looked at Kagome confused. Kagome didn't jump to conclusions"Who was that?" Sasada smiled"My daughter,Ayame" Kagome smiled"I'm one of her friends,Kagome...call me Silver" Sango rolled her eyes,but laughed when Kagome was glaring at her. Sasada smiled"I'll call you Silver.Your Father said that you loved being called by your middle name" Kagome smiled"Yeah" Inuyasha ran out his house to Sango"You alright?"

Sango nodded"Any of you heard from Miroku" At that Ken called from the house"Hey!Kagome!Miroku's on the phone" Kagome asked"Why he calling me?" Kagome ran and got the wireless,and walked back out"Hello?Miroku why are you calling me?And why are you panting"

Miroku tried to catch his breath"Kagome...I need your help with something?are you alone?" Kagome walked away from everyone else,and asked"What is it?" Miroku sighed"These girls were attacking me" Kagome busted out laughing. Sango,and Miroku ran over. Sasada went back inside. Inuyasha asked"What's up" Kagome leaned against Sango"God...what for?" Miroku sighed"I feel so insulted.I don't know...I sorta groped Kikyo in front of them after asking them to bare my ch-

Kagome fell over laughing"My gut!Oh my god" Sango took the phone"what's going on.Only thing she heard was the dial tone. Inuyasha helped Kagome up,as she laughed. Sango asked"What's funny!?" Kagome laughed"M..Miro...Miro...god!HAHAHA!"

Inuyasha sighed"Spill it,wretch!" Kagome calmed down"O...okay.He called,and told me these girls were attacking him.I was thinking like no wonder becuase he was a huge pervert" Sango giggled. Kagome went on"Then he said he groped Kikyo!After he asked them all the bear his children" Sango,and Kagome errupted in laughter. Inuyasha was not amused. sango gasped"that's his girlfriend" Kagome giggled"S...sorry" Kagome held her stomach as she giggled. Inuyasha growled"Muiroku's dead" Kagome followed Inuyasha into his house"Don't hurt him,inuyasha,he-

Inuyasha spat with venom and it made Kagome jump"I DON'T CARE!" Kagome jumped with a squeak"I...i'm sorry" Kagome walked out. Inuyasha sighed"Kagome!Wait!" Kagome ignored him,and walked into her home. Sango followed. Inuyasha slammed his door. Sesshomaru called"Why you slamming the door!" Inuyasha called back"Shut up!"

Next Day

Kagome and Sango walked to school. Sango asked"He yelled out you?that doesn't seem unusal" Kagome yelled"I mean with venom like this...SANGO!I'M TIRED OF YOU BEING SO CLUELESS!" Sango squeaked"That's scary" Kagome smiled"and I meant it too,but I wouldn't yell at you like that" Kagome saw Miroku walking up to the two. Kagome hit him on the head"You are sick!Groping that slut!" Sango didn't speak. She crossed her arms,and left"Hmpth!Pervert" Kagome glared at him. Miroku sighed"I couldn't resist...she has a huge-

Kagome stepped on his foot"GOD MIROKU!YOU'RE DISGUSTING!THAT'S THE WROST THING YOU'VE EVERY SAID!" Miroku held his foot,and squeaked at her fused face. Miroku gulped"I...didn't mean to say that.I meant I just couldn't resist...and she liked it" Kagome stepped on his other foot,and stomped off. Miroku fell t the ground"I offically have broken toes" Inuyasha grabbed Miroku by the shirt,and made him get up. Miroku squeaked"H...Heya Inuyasha!" Inuyasha yelled"You flirt,and grope my girlfriend,and made me scare the crap out of her!" Miroku gulped"You have self control,Inuyasha,and...I'm sorry...she was all on me...I couldn't resist" Inuyasha asked"On you?That slut!I'll fix her!" Miroku asked"May I help...to pay my debt" Inuyasha smirked"Here's the plan...

Period 1:Chemistry

Kagome sat by Sango,and Inuyasha sat beside Kagome,and Miroku sat beside Sango. Miroku whispered"The plan is now in action...go ahead" Inuyasha tapped on Kagome's shoulder. Kagome turned to him"W...what is it?" Sango waited. Inuyasha sighed"I wanted to tell you I'm sorry for yelling at you" Kagome looked at Sango then at Inuyasha"Are yo feeling okay?" Miroku smirked for no apparent reason. Sango was getting suspicious. Inuyasha sighed as she felt his head"I'm fine...

Kagome smiled"I'm glad you apoligized,Inuyasha" Inuyasha smirked"Don't tell anyone though" Kagome yelled feeling anger take over her once sober mind"Why not!You're afraid your reputation will be ruined because you said sorry to some loser!?" Sango smacked her forehead. Inuyasha smirked,and shrugged"Maybe" Kagome turned red"You...you...je-

Miroku's watch began to beep,and Inuyasha captured Kagome's lips. Kagome gasped into the kiss but soon gave in. Kikyo walked in with Naraku,and gasped. She walked up to Kagome,and grabbed her arm,and yanked her up. Kagome pulled back,and stood up. Kagome ducked Kikyo's swing,and tripped her. Kikyo spat"You slut!" Kagome yelled"How can I be a slut?He kissed me!" Inuyasha made no eye contact. He whispered"Good so far" Miroku nodded. Sango knew what was going on. Kikyo slapped Kagome. Everyone gasped in shock. Sango screamed"How dare y-

Ayame held Sango back. Kagome's eyes flashed,and she punched Kikyo slap dab in the nose. It began to bleed. She fell back. Kagome got on top of Kikyo,and began to punch the heck out of her. Sango got loose,and began to kick Kikyo in her side. Kouga,and his crew walked in. Kagura,and her friends walked in. Kagura grabbed Kagome,an Kaguya grabbed Sango. Kikyo was wincing,and coughing on the floor. Kagome struggled"Think twice before you touch me,slutty hoe!" Sango spat on Kikyo. Mr.Yuki walked in"Kagome,and Sango Rukimo!To the principals office!Kikyo after you go to the nurse...join them!" Naraku helped Kikyo"Babe...are you alright?" Inuyasha roared"Babe!?" Sango stepped on Inuyasha's foot. He hopped up,and down. Sango spat"You jerk!You stole Kagome's first kiss for Kikyo!Oh!I swear you'll pay for that" Kagome stomped out. Sango called"Kay!Wait for me!" Inuyasha rubbed his foot. Miroku sighed"Backfired" Inuyasha winced"Ya think!?"

Office:1 Hour Later

Principal Osimu spat with venom"How dare you start a fight in my school!Who swung first" Kagome,and Kikyo pointed at Kikyo,and Kikyo pointed at Kagome,and Sango. Osimu spat"Ms.Masu!This is your 10th time coming up here for starting a fight!Sango it is your 23rd time,and Kagome...it is your 1st.I am very shock that someone as kind,pure,and...so full of spirit would do such a thing" Kagome felt so low.Lower than dirt. Kagome's voice treambled"I...I'm sorry" Osimu sighed"No excuses,and no exceptions.I'm afraid...you all are suspended for this last week of school...you will take your test home,and return them at sunset" Kagome sat mutely. Sango,and Kikyo yelled"SUSPENDED!FOR THE LAST WEEK!?" Kagome stood,and bowed"I'm sorry again,Osimu...I'll return to my class o get my test" Osimu sighed"Dismissed...all of you" Kagome walked out. Sango walked beside her"Ka...Kagome?" Kagome whispered disappointed in herself"When I turned 6...I promised...to my Father...that I'd never screw up.That I'd think before I did...I've failed" Sango whispered as she wrapped her arm around her arm"It'll be alright,Kagome" Kagome whispered"No it won't" Kagome had a wet cheek. Bangs covered her eyes. Sango sighed as they walked into the class. Kagome took her arm back. Everyone looked at Kagome with pity. She always did good. Til an hour ago. Inuyasha whispered"S...she looks so-

Miroku finished"hurt,Hopeless,Disappointed" Inuyasha spat"I get it!" Kikyo stomped in"Whose miss goody two shoes now?" Kagome bowed before Mr.Yuki"Please forgive my behavior.I don't know what came over me.May I have my test" Mr.Yuki gasped"W...why!?Where are you going,Kagome?" Kagome looked away. Sango sighed"We've been suspended for this week" Mr.yuki gasped"The last week of school!?" Everyone gasped. Kagua yelled"Not Kagome!She didn't mean to do what she did!The old fart!I'll show him isolated!" Kagome whispered"No excuses,and no exceptions" Mr.Yuki sighed,and gave Kagome,Sango,and Kikyo they're test"Hope to see you soon,and Kagome cheer up.It isn't that bad" Kagome whispered"For my Father it'll be"

Mr.Yuki sighed"Have a nice summer" Sango snorted"Yeah...whatever!Do you know how strict my uncle,and mother are!If they were evil!They'd beat us til we were dead!" agome disappeared. Sango jumped"Ka...Kagome!Wait for me would'cha!Come on!" Kagura spat"Kikyo!You slut!why couldn't you be quiet for once in your life!" Kikyo spat"She's an animal!Basicly killed me!She isn' even a normal miko!Dark miko to be exact!Cursed I tell you!" Kouga yelled"You're the cursed one!" Kikyo spat"At least my parents wanted me!" there was a loud crash. Kagome stood in the doorway struggling. Sango yelled"Kagome!She doesn-

Kagome yelled"My parents tried to kill me!I bet yours would've wanted to do that any day!" Everyone gasped at the 'kill' part. Sango yelled"Kagome...please!" Kagome yelled"They didn't want anyone to have a cursed child!they wanted a miracle!Not some dumb DarkMiko who was worthless!" Kikyo laughed"they tried to kill you?Yeah right!" Kagome got free and stomped up to Kikyo,and rolled her sleeve up to show a needle brusie"Do you see that!They tried to overdose me!Kill me!Poison!Murder!Any word in the book!" Kikyolaughed"Whoea...you must've been one brat" Sango stopped Kagome from doing anything further"Kagome!I'm not kidding anymore!Your birth parents may haven't wanted you,but you have someone who does!" Kikyo laughed"Who would want you sango?Your Father?Bet he already killed your younger brother" Sango went pale as snow. One sigle tear fell before Kikyo hit the floor. Kagome had punched her so hard she flew back,hit the wall,an then the floor. Sango ran out sobbing. Miroku jumped out"Sango!" Kagome spat"Kikyo...you'll pay for that one...sango wait!" Kagome ran out. Kikyo was out cold. Miroku,and Inuyasha felt guilty beyond guilty.


Kagome hugged sango"It'll be alright" Ai asked"What happened!?" Sango ran into her other's arm. Ken asked"What's going on" Kagome felt sick all the sudden at seeing her Father"W...we were suspended...Kikyo...s...she said some crap,and I beated her up...I...I'm soory,Father" Ken smiled"Kagome...I do expect more than beated her up.I expected knocking her out cold!" Sango,and Kagome yelled"W...W..WHAT!" Ai hit he brothers arm"What he means to say is what were you thinkin-

Ken smirked"Remeber Eiko?" Ai sighed"To admit...I've had my fights...you're off the hook" after getting comforted,and talked to they went off to bed. To get all test done,and over with.


Inuyasha,and Miroku tried and tried to talk to them but it never worked. They were ignored. Kikyo wasn't heard from.

Kagome sighed"What are we gonna do this summer?" Sango shrugged"I don't know...you tell me?" Kagome asked"Wanna take a Yacht?We can invite some friends...just girls" Sango squealed"That's been the best idea ever!" Kagome grabbed her phone"I'll call Dad,and ask" She dialed him up,and he soon answered"Hello?" Kagome smiled"Hey,Dad,me,and Sango were wondering if we could maybe take a Yacht out,and enjoy like 3 days put in the ocean?Only girls" Ken smiled"Only girl,Kagome...no boys" Kagome squealed"He said yes!Thank you,love you bye!" Kagome hung up"Well!Let's spread the news" Kagome tossed Sango the house phone,and she had her cell. They called:Rin,Ayame,Kagura,Kaguya,Yura,and Kanna"

That Night

Everyone they called were going. Sango,and Kagome packed already,and decided to leave that night. They already called someone to have the Yacht ready. The doorbell rung. Kagome called from her room"I got it,Say!" Kagome jogged down the stairs,and opened the door to see only Inuyasha,and Miroku. Kagome sighed"I don't have time to hear you two excuses" Kagome tried to close the door,but Inuyasha stopped it,and they walked in. sango jogged down the stairs,but stopped half way"What are you two doing here?" Kagome heard the back door bell ring. Kagome walked into the kitchen,and opened the door to see the girls she,and Sango invited. Inuyasha asked"Are you guys having a sleep over or something?" Kagura looked at Kagome. Kanna blurted"No!We're going somewhere" Inuyasha crossed his arms"That'd be?" Sango snorted"I'm not scared to tell you,because you aren't going" Kagome came down stairs with her,and Sango's bag. Kagome sighed"We'll be on a Yacht for 3 whole days...only us girls,no boys" Inuyasha gasped"Awesome!Please can we go!" Kagura smirked"Sorry,but Ken made it clear no boys.you probably got Kagome in anough trouble as it is" Inuyasha took Kagome's hand,and went upstairs,and Miroku to sango outside to talk.


Kagome tried to yank her hand back,but Inuyasha did something that made her red. He pulled her to his chest. They're faces only inches away. Kagome whispered"What are you doing" Inuyasha whispered"Kagome...I'm really sorry...just let me explain what me,and Miroku were doing" Kagome sighed,and looked away"Fine" Inuyasha smirked"You see...Miroku told me Kikyo was already cheating on me with that Naraku dude,AND that she was all over him...so I wanted to get her back.Make her swallow her words.She said your first kiss would be by a nobody,and that she wouldn't be wrong,and if she was she'd lose a big chunk of her reoutatuion...so I kissed you...you were kissed by a popular person" Kagome began to laugh"Is that is?I bet that's why we haven't seen her...she's in hiding" Inuyasha laughed"I know...I broke up with her yesturday,but Kagome...I'm really really sorry,and about your parents" Kagome smiled"It's okay...all forgiven,Inuyasha" Inuyasha let go of her hand"I guess you can g-

Kagome placed her soft lips on his,and kissed him sweetly. Inuyasha took over immediatly. Kagome felt her back hit the edge of her bedside. Kagome didn't care...she just wanted to get that nagging voice out her head. Telling her to kiss him,and she did. Inuyasha fell on top of Kagome. On her bed. The kiss didn't break up. Kagome loved how he heated the kiss but then slowed it into a passionate kiss. The last kiss felt nothing like the one she was feeling now. Kagome felt his hand on top of her's. they heard Sango call"KAGOME!COME ON!WPULD'CHA!" Inuyasha pulled back"You should go,Kagome" Kagome,and Inuyasha got up. Inuyasha whispered"I'll miss you a lot,Kagome...and I'm stil-

Kagome put her finger on his lips"Shhhhh...

Kagome captured his lips. Inuyasha kissed her sweetly. Kagome pulled back and whispered"It's only 2 days" Inuyasha smirked"When you come back...can I take you out?And...may I ask you...will you be my girlfriend?" Kagome smirked"Yes...to both questions" Kagome bit her lower lip. Inuyasha got the message and catured her lips. They soon pulled back. Kagome kissed his cheek"See you when I get back,Inuyasha!" theyboth went down stairs. The girls left. Inuyasha sighed"What happened between you,and Say?" Miroku smirked"I kissed her!Boo-Yah!" Inuyasha laughed"You ain't the only one who got kissed" Miroku gasped"Kagome kissed YOU FIRST!Man...guess she couldn't resist" Inuyasha smirked"We hooked up" Miroku smirked"As did I and Say" Inuyasha asked"what do we do now?" Miroku sighed"Let's go back to my place,and prank call Sesshomaru,and Kouga...since his girlfriend,Rin,is gone...he'll be Mr.Lonely" Inuyasha laughed"I say we do Kouga first" Miroku smirked"Race you back!" Inuyasha smirked"You're so on!" Miroku yelled"On 3" Inuyasha ran"3!" Miroku ran after him"Cheater!"

The Ocean

They got onto the Yacht. Kagome smirked as it began to take off"Man...it's really beautiful out here at night" Kagura took Kagome's arm"Let's go!We're gonna play a few games!" So everyone got in they're pj's.

Kagome in her black tank top,and black boxers. Sango in the same except it was pink. Kagura's was blue,Rin's was brown,Yura's was sky blue,and Kaguya's was white. They all sat on the floor. Kagome asked"What first?" yura smirked"Choices are Truth or Dare,Cards,20 questions,Snuggle Bug,etc..."

Sango tapped her chin"How about Snuggle Bug"

Everyone smirked"THEN IT'S SET!" They all said at once.