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Night Guide:The Stars Chp.5"Storms Percentage"

Kagome opened her eyes slowly. Kagome sat up a little her back felt like it was on fire. Ahe felt strong hands push her back down. Kagome opened her eyes. She noticed she was in her room"What's going on?" She turned to see Inuyasha. Inuyasha asked"You don't remeber?" The memories of her Father craxhed into her head like a volleyball during practice. Kagome asked"Where is my Father?" Inuyasha sighed"He left...we don't know where but it's barely dawn now" Kagome asked tiredly"You've been up that long?" Inuyasha nodded"I was worried" Kagome smiled"How's Sango,and Sasada" Inuyasha smiled"They're find...a few bruises,and Sasada's baby is fine" Kagome gave a sigh of relief"Thank Kami" Inuyasha smiled"How do you feel?" Kagome smiled"Better...that you're beside me...your eyes...they were red" Inuyasha grabbed her hand"you're my mate now,and if anyone touches you in a harmful way...that's what happens" Kagome smiled"I'm okay...I want you to get some shut eye Inuyasha...come sleep with me" Inuyasha slid under the covers with Kagome,and out his arn around her"You need the sleep more than me" Kagome nodded. Inuyasha planted a quick kiss on her lips,and let sleep take over him. Kagome soon fell asleep. After thinking about Ken,her Father.


Kagome shot up from her nightmare. She wiped sweat from her forhead. Kagome looked around. Inuyasha was no longer there. Kagome changed into a black tank top,and black shorts. Brusies were still evident on her back. Kagome opened her door,and walked out. Kagome walked down the stairs. It was quiet. Kagome slipped on her flip flops that were by the door,and went into the kitchen,and out the back door. She heard silent talking. Kagome peeked to the front yard to see Kikyo,and Inuyasha talking. Kagome yanked her head back. Kagome ran to the huge tree in her back yard. Kagome took off her flip flops,and began to climb the tree. When she stopped at the roof she got onto the roof. Kagome crawled to the edge,and carefully climbed on top of the enterance roof. Kagome leaned over,and listened carefully. Kikyo asked"So...you're her mate?" Inuyasha nodded"Yeah" Kikyo whispered"I want you back,Inuyasha" Inuyasha whispered"Well...you can't have me back" Kikyo grimaced"Do you actually want to live a life with drama?" Inuyasha whispered"If I'm with Kagome...I can take the drama" Kagome smiled to herself. Inuyasha would never brake her heart. Kikyo grabbed Inuyasha's hand"I'll do anything...just be mine again,Inuyasha!" Inuyasha yanked his hand back and spa"I told you no!I'm in love with Kagome,and the love I had for you is gone...and it'll never rise again...goodbye,Kikyo" Inuyasha walked into the house,and slammed the door in her face. Kikyo hissed"Damn it all" Kikyo walked onto the street. Kagome jumped off the roof,and landed preciely on her feet,and walked beside Kikyo who muttered"So you heard all of that?" Kagome smirked"Not easy being a whore is it?" Kikyo turned into a alley,but stopped and turned to her"Get out of me face!" She began to walk again,and Kagome followed. Kagome smirked"Maybe if you two were mates...this wouldn't of happened...or if you never cheated on him with Naraku...I mean...EW!" Kikyo spat"You'll pay for this,Kagome!" Kikyo jogged up some stairs to get to her apartment. Kagome turned around,and went back home. The night breeze not phasing her a bit. Kagome walked to her back yard,and grabbed her shoes. Kagome tip toed threw the back door. Kagome put her shoes were they were suppose to be then went upstairs,and into her room. Inuyasha was watching something on her laptop. He asked"Where you go?" Kagome smiled"I needed a snack" Kagome sat beside him,and smiled. Inuyasha looked at her"What's the deal?Why all the smiles?" Kagome placed her soft lips apon Inuyasha's. Inuyasha took over. It soon heated,but then slowed down. They pulled back. Inuyasha asked"What was that for?" Kagome laid her head on his shoulder"I love you is all" Inuyasha smirked,and went back to watching a cartoon on her laptop. Kagome watched it with him.

A Month Later

Kagome and Sango walked threw the mall. Kagome asked"Can you believe tommorow is the first day of school...well...for it to start back" Sango nodded"What a drag...11th grade is going to be a drag" Kagome smiled"Think about it though!One more year of school" Sango smirked"That is true...where'd the boys go?" Kagome sighed"They said they already went shopping,and hey!there's Rin,Yura,Kagura,Kaguya,and Kanna!" Sango and Kagome ran up to them. Yura squealed"See I told you that'd be shopping a week before school started" Kaguya rolled her eyes"We heard about your dad,Kagome" Kagome smiled"It's okay...I'm not sure if he'll be back" Kagura smiled softly"Don't be so negative" Kagome sighed"Yeah" They all walked into a clothing store. Kagome found serval cute outfits. As did the others.

Inuyasha played air hockey with Miroku. Sesshomaru watched on the sidelines. Miroku asked"Do you think Ken's gonna come back?" Sesshomaru commented"I doubt it" Inuyasha sighed as Miroku scored"Yeah...I doubt he's coming left...because his sister died,and that he'd change" Miroku said it more clearly to understand"You mean he changed because Ai died?" Sesshomaru nodded"Kohaku still doens't want to come out his room.He's going to have too...schools about to be in again" Sesshomaru asked"Didn't Sasada get custody of Kagome,Sango,and Kohaku?since Ken left?" Miroku nodded"She doesn't want Ken to come back...ever...he tried to kill Kagome...including Sasada is pregnant and he almost threw a vase at her" Inuyasha whispered"Ayame won't come out her room either.Do you think this sorta happened with Ayame,and her Father?" They all agreed to that.

Kohaku laid back on his bed,and whispered"I can't hide in my cave forever" There was a knock on his door. Kohaku called"Come in!" Ayame walked in,and sat by the door"What's the matter with you?" Kohaku said disgustedly"My mother died...what do you think wrong with me?" Ayame sighed"I had to go threw this exact thing...Father abandoned me,and my mother.Except my mother wasn't pregnant.That's what got me pissed.He left...like a coward!" Kohaku yelled"He lost it!Did you want him to stay so he'd change more!I don't appreicate you insulting my Uncle!My mother was the only close adult person he has.His brother lives in the U.S...he probably doesn't want to come" Ayame stood,and sighed"Will this family pull together?" Kohkau turned toward the wall. His back to her.

A Week Later

Kagome put on a black Alexia Hoodie,with Basic Belle Pants,and Distressed Canvas Shoes.

Kagome grabbed her black EastSport bag,and walked out her room,and downstairs,then into the kitchen. Sasada drunk some orange juice in silence. Kagome sat down in front of a plate full of food"Thanks for breakfast" Kagome started eating her food. Sasada whispered"Your Father's brother,Kudo,is going to come down here" Kagome asked"For what?" Sasada shrugged"I don't know" Kagome drunk some of her orange juice. Sango,Kohaku,and Ayame made an entrance and began to eat breakfast. Sasada repeated what she said. Sango muttered"Him coming down here can only mean bad news...I think I'll stay a little late before coming home" Sasada stood"You all are to come straight home after school" Sango sighed"Fine" Kagome stood"Let's head out" They all followed Kagome out the back door. Sasada called"Have a good day" They called"Alright!"

Sasada closed the door,and began to clean up.


Kagome met up with Inuyasha at the school's huge tree called the Haruki. Inuyasha gave her a quick kiss on the lips,and put his arm around her waist. They walked to the school. Kagome sighed"My Uncle Kudo is coming today...my Father's brother" Inuyasha asked"What for?" Kagome shrugged"I don't know,but I now it ain't good" Inuyasha kissed Kagome's mates mark,and whispered"Don't worry about it now.Worry bout it later.Enjoy the day back to school" Kagome smiled"Alright...I wonder what drama comes this year" Inuyasha nodded"I know it's centered around us,and enemies...like Kikyo for instance" Kagome smiled"Who knows"

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