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March 28, 2016
4:00 PM PST

Marty McFly Jr and Harmony Brown were in the living room of the McFly's home, as they were playing Super Mario Brothers and listening to rock music on the radio. It has been a week, since they had taken their last trip to 1985.

"So, Harmony," Marty Jr asked, as he smiled at his friend, "how are you coping with having two sets of memories? The whole thing can be so confusing. I still can't believe that you, Melody, and Marlene actually took out Miff Tannen. He is so much nicer in this timeline."

"Yeah, and he's still married to Renee," Harmony replied, smiling. "They even have a daughter now, named Jill. She's really a sweet little girl. Let's hope neither Jill nor Bill end up having a Tannen who turns out to be like Griff. That wouldn't be so good."

"It almost does seem like the Tannens have a bad gene, doesn't it?" Marty Jr asked, shaking his head. "Anyway, in this new timeline, Bill is Jamie's boyfriend. How would you like to have Bill Tannen as your brother-in-law? Does it feel a little strange to think that you mightl have a Tannen in your family?"

"Bill has always been a good Tannen," Harmony pointed out. "He might look a little like Griff, but he's a very nice person. I wonder if Griff may ever have kids."

"There is just so much to ponder over, isn't there?" Marty Jr asked, smiling. "It would be nice if Grff's future children were all nice, though. Wouldn't that be great?"

"Hey, Marty," Harmony suggested, "with all the speculation over the future that we're doing, why don't we take another trip through time? I think it's so awesome that Grandpa invented a time machine. Jamie's life is changed now, for the better."

"Well, don't you remember that lecture that Dad gave to us?" Marty Jr asked, with a bit of doubt. "Anyway, it is only a week after we came back - and Jamie is probably still trying to adjust to her new life. She wasn't even dating Bill in the old timeline."

"Why don't we go ask if the others might like to join us," suggested Harmony. "I was thinking that we could take a trip to 2046, and see what becomes of us. I'm sure that travelling to the future is much safer than going into the past."

"Say, are you two talking about time travel?" asked Melody McFly, as she and Jamie Brown entered the room. "I would love to see what happens to us in the future!"

"Yeah, I wonder if Bill and I might get married," Jamie added. "I'm wondering if we could tell him about the time machine. It is very confusing to be juggling around two sets of memories. I just can't believe that I used to be so ugly."

"Now, Jamie," Melody said, gently, "you were never ugly. Not in any timeline. It was a shame that people couldn't recognize how beautiful you really were."

"Actually, we were just about to ask the two of you to come along," Harmony said, with a smile. "I don't think we should tell anyone else about the time machine, though. Why don't the two of you go get Marlene, and ask if she'd like to join us?"

"Sure, we will," Jamie replied. "You know, I'm so happy that Grandpa invented that time machine. I really enjoyed spending the week in the 1980s, even though I had amnesia during most of that week. That was just so frightening for me."

"Say, did I hear somebody call my name?" Marlene asked, as she stepped into the room. "I see you guys are really up to something. All right, just spill the beans!"

"Oh, Marlene," Harmony explained, "we were just thinking about taking a trip through time. Would you like to join us? I figured we could see what 2046 is like for us."

"I would love to, Harmony," Marlene said, hesitently, "but Dad did give us a lecture about using the time machine without Dr. Brown's permission."

"Everything will be okay, Marlene," commented Harmony. "I'm sure there's no risk of creating a time paradox, if we head into the future. Wouldn't you want to know what your future may look like? I mean, it could be very interesting."

"I would be interested in knowing if Griff and his gang are still in jail," Marlene said, with a devious smile. "All right, I'm in. So how long will we stay in the future?"

"We can't really stay any longer than 24 hours," Harmony replied. "Otherwise, our future selves could just disappear - as would any of our offspring. Anyway, I think our grandparents won't be home until a little later in the evening."

"I wonder how expensive things will be in the future," Marty Jr commented. "I know the inflation has been so bad within the last thirty years."

"We could borrow from our future selves," Melody suggested, mischievously. "After all, our thumb prints never change. With that, I think we should be pretty safe."

"But what if we..." Marlene started to ask, but then she stopped short. "Never mind! I guess we'll be all right. Now is certainly a good time as any to make our move. We don't want anyone else to know that we've used the time machine."

"Well, we should get out of here!" suggested Harmony, as she began to turn off the Nintendo system. She then led the way, as everyone else followed.


Marty Jr was very apprehensive, as the crowd was walking up to Doc's lab. He could hardly believe that they were going to take another trip through time. He was quite worried that his future might not be as good as he hoped it would be.

"I still can't believe we're doing this," Marlene said, sighing. "I wonder if I get married in the future, and we have any kids. I would love to see my wedding dress. I have dreams of being able have a big wedding someday."

"I would just be happy to have Marty," Harmony commented, "even if we did end up getting married at the Chaple O' Love. I really hope that it doesn't happen, though."

"I'll see to it that it never happens," Marty Jr said, smiling. "I wonder if we'll have a son who looks just like me. It's so uncanny just how much I look like my father. I wonder if I'll ever end up being a big rock star myself."

"If we do have a son who looks like you," Harmony commented, "it would be neat if he became a famous rock musician, too. Of course, he might do what Goldie Wilson III did - and decide to take on a different profession. We should just support whatever career he chooses to take. Let's all step in the car, now."

Marty Jr and Harmony sat in the front, and everyone else sat behind them. Harmony turned on the time circuits, and she set the Destination Time for Mar 28, 2046.

"All right, everyone," announced Harmony. "We're going to drive over to Hill Valley Park, and then we'll head to the year 2046. I hope Hill Valley Park will still be there by that year. We could hide this car and then head downtown."

"That sounds wonderful, Harmony," Jamie replied. "I wonder if Bill and I might get married. He's so sweet to me, and he is so unlike his jerk for a cousin."

Marty Jr took in a deep breath, as Harmony headed towards Hill Valley Park. He was a bit anxious to see what the year 2046 would bring. He was also anxious to see what his future children would be like. He hoped to be married to Harmony.

"All right, everybody," Harmony called out, as she entered Hill Valley Park. "Brace yourselves for temporal displacement. I'm high enough above the trees."

Marty Jr was feeling a little nervous, as Harmony accelerated the speed to 88 miles per hour. After that, the station wagon broke the time barrier.