The Key To A Heart

Chapter Five

The bright sunlight peaking through the small cracks in the wood was what finally caused Riku to stir from the heavy sleep he had found himself in. After the two lovers had made their way back to the shack just before dawn, their libidos took over once more and they ended up making love twice more before finally falling asleep from exhaustion. By then, the sun was already basking the cooled earth in her warm embraces.

Letting out a groan, Riku rolled over to take his brunet lover into his arms in an attempt to get back to sleep. But the older teen was surprised to find that his arm only came in contact with the wool blanket they shared last night, his lover oddly absent. And by the temperature of the fabric, he had been gone for quiet some time.

"Sora?" Riku grumbled, sitting up and raising a hand to block out the offending rays of sunshine. If the sun was blaring down on the small shack, which meant that it was already late afternoon. He guessed it was understandable seeing as they hadn't gotten to bed until well into the morning. The warn grey planks of the walls offered no assistance in the search for his lover, however, the large yellow shoes as well as most of the larger pile of clothes still sat over in the corner, meaning that the brunet had probably not gone far. And beside that pile sat the lump of Riku's clothes. Sora must have brought them in earlier, because the silver haired teen had no recollection of bringing them inside after the swim last night.

Arching his back and earning a relieving 'pop' of his spine, the silver haired teen rubbed his eyes with the palm of his hand in an attempt to get rid of the remaining sleep. Tossing the blanket off of his naked body, he couldn't help but wince when he felt the crustiness on his stomach, proof of what had gone on last night after they had returned to the small shack. But as disgusting as the feel of it was, the thought of how it got there was enough to bring a smile and a blush to Riku's face. Shaking his head to rid himself of the erotic images for now at least, Riku reluctantly pushed himself off of the ground. As his long body unfolded itself, he realized that there was a slightly pink hue behind the bright sunlight, meaning that it was a lot later than he had originally thought. The teen began to walk over to the door to the shack, yawning as he did so, before noticing that he was still stark naked. And then the rest of yesterday came flooding back to him. The fight with Kairi, the letter and the tension that had risen between the former princess of heart and the two keyblade wielders. And knowing Kairi was pissed off at them, the sanctuary of this island would no longer be theirs alone. She had probably gone straight back to the main island and told everyone exactly why they hadn't been allowed to go to the play island for the past couple of days.

Riku shuddered at the thought of dealing with their old friends and parents again. It wasn't that he didn't want to see them, but the awkwardness, questions and accusations were something that neither he, nor Sora felt up to dealing with anytime in the near future. So with a grumble, he made his way over to the smaller pile of clothing and fished his dark jeans before slipping them on. Not bothering with shoes or a shirt, Riku resumed the task of searching for his missing lover. The wooden door was thrown open easily, and it revealed a sight that was more than pleasing to Riku.

The spiky haired brunet stood, hunched over slightly, leaning heavily on two keyblades, Sleeping Lion and Oblivion, panting. His bare chest heaved with exhaustion, sweat glistening over the taught muscles of his shoulders and arms. The spikes looked like they hadn't been styled today, but were just left to be wild, yet they still moulded into the form Sora favoured them in. Scars dappled against the tanned skin, remnants of times that a cure spell wasn't enough, magic hadn't been replenished, or rationing of potions made it that they could only be used in a life or death situation. All in all, Sora looked as if he had just finished a marathon session of wild sex, and that look was incredibly hot in Riku's eyes.

"Give it up, Sora. This match is mine." A voice filled with laughter drifted to Riku's ears, and he reluctantly tore his vision away from his boyfriend to the other figure. Across from Sora stood Roxas, swinging around his keyblades, Bond of Flame and Oathkeeper, in a lazy manner almost reminiscence of another Nobody. A smile was on the blond's face and he looked none the worse for wear. He was dressed in the black robes of the Organization, yet he didn't seem to be warm in the blazing sunlight. But on further inspection, Riku realized that he could make out the horizon through the blond.

"Come on, Roxas! Make yourself a little more solid so that I can actually land a blow!" Sora exclaimed, his voice laced with laughter. The sound caused Riku to look back over at his younger lover just in time to watch Sora charge his Nobody, a look of fierce determination on his otherwise joyful features. A crashing sound signalled the meeting of four keyblades in a sight that Riku watched with extreme interest. It wasn't every day that you got to watch your boyfriend take battle against his Nobody.

The keyblades all struck together at a blinding speed, both wielders brandishing their weapons with a vigour that Riku often forgot that the brunet even possessed. But just seeing the two battle it out, it reminded the silver haired teen of the past two years, and everything that they had been through, both together and separately. But it was over now, and in less then 24 hours, they would be on their way to Radiant Garden to start a new life. Just the two of them. And that thought caused Riku to grin like a school girl.

A resonating sound rang out, and it caused Riku to break out of his daydream, his attention pulled back towards the two sparring boys. Roxas was beating relentlessly against Sora's block, much like how Sora had described what happened during their last encounter. Sora's bare feet were pushed back inch by inch each time the four weapons collided, the sand not being an ideal place to brace against. As soon as Riku saw his boyfriend's knee fall to the grainy sand, his own keyblade was drawn, and before he could even register what was going on, the silver haired teen was staring down into the familiar ice blue of Roxas' eyes, Way to the Dawn holding both Bond of Flame and Oathkeeper still, as Riku blocked the strike aimed for his lover.

"It's been a while, Roxas." Riku smirked, guarding the brunet, even though he knew that Sora wasn't actually in any real danger.

The blond's only response was a growl before he image of him began to slowly fade away.

"Roxas, you don't have to leave. Besides, you're going to have to get used to Riku being around if you want to come out more often." Sora piped up, shoving Riku slightly to the side to look at his Nobody.

Riku felt the pressure lift from his keyblade as Roxas' own both dissolved from this world, along with his black robe. This left the blond standing there in his usual checkered attire.

"I wasn't actually going to hurt him, Riku. We were just sparring." Roxas sighed, sitting down on the sand, right next to his other, leaving the older teen as the only one standing. And then an almost evil smirk appeared on the blond's face. "By the way, nice mess on your stomach."

And finally it was Riku's turn to blush as Roxas pointed out the dried fluid still clinging to the pale skin. Sora didn't help matters much as he looked over at Riku with an adorably confused look, and asking what exactly Roxas was talking about. But as soon as said liquid was spotted, the brunet joined in his boyfriend's embarrassment. It only took a few moments, but Riku ran quickly down to the shore, splashing water on him to rid himself of the evidence of their lovemaking, leaving the two halves of Sora sitting in the sand, one laughing and one blushing profusely.

By the time Riku returned to the two, Roxas had stopped laughing, and the two seemed to be carrying on a normal conversation.

"I'm not sure how often I will be able to do this. I already feel weaker than last time." Roxas sighed, leaning back at looking at the cherry coloured sky.

"I feel more tired, too. I wonder if it because you have to use my energy?" Sora shrugged, smiling when he saw Riku approaching the pair again. The older teen said nothing as he sat down next to the brunet, pulling the sweaty teen under his arm despite the sticky perspiration and placed a soft kiss into Sora's hair. "Maybe we can talk to Leon about it and he can help us figure something out. I'm sure that he can help us find a way to let you have your own body and not have to use my energy. I mean, his is really smart and everything." Sora added.

"No." Roxas and Riku said at the same time, startling the both of them, as well as the brunet between them.

"Why not? Wouldn't it be cool if Roxas would be able to take on his own body again and we could all be friends! When we start over in Radiant Garden, it would be nice to have someone else our own age there." As Sora rambled on, he felt Riku squeeze him tighter, and Roxas looked away, almost as if he was ashamed. "What? Why doesn't anyone else want Roxas to have a chance at a normal life?"

"Because, Sora." Riku whispered, knowing that Roxas would be able to hear him as well "If Roxas gets a body of his own again, you wouldn't be able to survive. Remember Sora, he is half of who you are. If you were to separate again, you would fall back into that coma, or become a heartless again. And this time, there is no guarantee that we'd be able to turn you back." Riku said as gently as possible, burying his face into Sora's soft spikes in an attempt to hide his sorrow from both halves of his boyfriend. "I can't lose you again."

Sora was quiet for a minute, before turning to his Nobody once more. "Roxas? Is this true?"

The blond refused to meet the brunet's gaze, and just nodded. "These are just projections of me from your heart, Sora. That is where I reside now. If you take me from there, you can't be whole. And I would end up taking vital things and you wouldn't be able to live without me. I'm not saying that you would die, but Riku is right. You'd most likely go back to sleep. It's not worth it. Especially if it means leaving someone you love." The blond slowly lifted his hand and placed it over his artificial heart. A heavy sigh escaped the blond's lips and both Sora and Riku knew that he was thinking about a certain redhead fire wielder.

"I'm sorry, Roxas." Sora apologized, not one hundred percent sure of what he was apologizing for.

"It's alright, but please; don't put Riku through this pain." Roxas finally looked over at the couple, two sets of sapphire eyes meeting in a sad gaze.

"I promise. But I also promise that I will try and find a way for you to live your own life in your own body again without hurting me." Sora proclaimed, a few tears building in the corners of those blue eyes.

"Thanks, Sora." Roxas smiled a slight smile before he began to fade away.

"I'll see you soon, Roxas." Riku said, still holding his boyfriend tight. He was sad that there wasn't anything he could do for the blond, and he silently added his vow to his boyfriends, determined to bring happiness to the blond someday to make up for their unpleasant history.

After Roxas disappeared completely, the couple sat quietly on the beach, basking in the fading sun and each others company. The brunet was so silent under his arm; Riku thought that the younger teen had fallen asleep.

"Riku…" the softness of Sora's voice startled Riku out of his reverie.

"Mmm." He mumbled his acknowledgement, too content with Sora in his arms to say anything more.

"Will you be happy living in Radiant Garden? So close to where Maleficent…you know…" Sora trailed off, not finishing his sentence knowing that it was still a touchy situation for the elder teen. Riku instinctively pulled the sweaty boy to his damp chest.

"I've got my light now. The darkness has no control left over me. And as long as I keep you with me, I will be alright." Riku whispered into Sora's cinnamon hair.

The brunet laughed softly. "You're so corny." He smiled a content smile before turning to face his lover. Giving the older boy a nice smile, the younger teen quickly pressed his lips up onto his boyfriends. And although the kiss itself was only simple, the feelings that it sent coursing through the bodies of both teenagers were anything but. But as Riku reached his hand up to place on the back of Sora's head to deepen the kiss, the brunet quickly pulled away. Their bodies were no longer in contact, and it left the silver haired teen feeling a little bit cold.

"Sora? What's up? Where are you going?" Riku questioned, curious as to what had come over his boyfriend who was pushing himself up off the sand.

"I'll be right back. Just stay there, Riku." The younger teen had a look on his face that could only be described as deviously coy, and before Riku had a chance to respond, Sora was running off behind him, leaving the silver haired teen alone to watch the setting sun and think over the past 24 hours.

A princess of heart exuding darkness; said princess damning the two of them to hell, several times; finding out that the he and Sora would officially be residents of Radiant Garden tomorrow; not to mention the night of incredible night of passion that they had shared. But despite losing one of his best friends, he was never happier. Sora was finally his, and nothing could ever change that now. They might have only been teenagers, but with a connection this deep, one spanning across both light and darkness, there was nothing that could ever break it or tear them apart.

Letting out a content sigh, Riku felt a smile form on his face, as he leaned back in the sand, the white grains warm against his still damp skin. Sure he felt slightly guilty about not going to visit his parents or his childhood friends, but he had his reasons. No one forgot him over the past two years like they had Sora, and he didn't really have a good reason for leaving. No, he couldn't deal with their harsh gazes, so this was for the better. Besides, now that he had Sora, nothing else mattered.

"Are you still awake?" Sora's voice came from behind him, and Riku merely nodded, too lazy to reply verbally. The laughter that laced Sora's voice was like music to his ears, and propping himself up on his elbows, the silver haired teen looked back at the brunet. Sora was walking back towards him, still clad in nothing more than his black shorts, minus the belts and straps, and his silver pendent. Strangely his arms were held behind his back in a un-Sora like fashion.

"What are you hiding, love?" Riku asked, causing the brunet to blush at the term. Ignoring the question, Sora sat down in the sand facing the older teen, whatever it was hidden in his hand still remaining a secret.

A light breeze came off the ocean, playing at the brunet spikes and tossing silver strands into the salty air. Silence fell between the two teenagers as Sora sat there, a look of nervousness on his face for whatever reason, but Riku didn't understand what had caused his lover to become shy around him once again. However, Riku was going to let his boyfriend deal with this nervousness on his own, as it seemed to involve Riku somehow, no matter how long it might take. Something inside was telling him that that was what was necessary this time.

"I love you." Sora finally blurted out, crimson staining the sun kissed cheeks once again, the uneasiness still obviously there.

"I love you too, Sora." Riku smiled a gentle smile, trying not to scare his lover off. The answer caused the brunet to blush even more, and then he returned the smile. And as if knowing that his feelings were still reciprocated, it gave him a new confidence. Riku noticed this new aura around his boyfriend instantly. Shoulders were no longer slouched forward, and Sora's overall posture returned to its normal near perfect state. But the biggest change was in the brunet's eyes. No longer did the sapphire pools reflect the insecurities of a fifteen year old boy, they now showed the self-assurance of a worlds travelling keyblade master, ready to take on anything.

"Remember the first night you were back in your own body?" Sora questioned, looking straight into the aqua of Riku's eyes, and finding himself on the brink of getting lost in there for all eternity.

"Of course. I had never been so happy to take a shower. And that was the first night that I kissed you." Riku smirked, enjoying the blush that seemed to refuse to let Sora out of its grasp.

"Besides that. You told me that you tricked me into sharing a paopu fruit with you." It was now Riku's turn to blush. He hadn't meant to tell Sora about that. At least not until they were actually together, but at the time, it just seemed to be the right moment. Come on, they were on their way to fight the most powerful Nobody ever. Everyone is allowed to confess things that they had done in the past.

"Yeah, I remember." Answered the older teen, hiding his embarrassment much easier than his lovers. Sora probably never even noticed that the silver haired teen had stayed embarrassed for more than a few seconds.

The brunet paused the, fidgeting slightly in his spot, looking a little uncomfortable, seeing as his hands remained firmly behind his back. Their eyes one more time and as soon as Sora saw all his love, feelings and emotions reflected in his lovers eyes, he found the courage to continue on.

"Do you think that it would mean more if we both consent to sharing it?" and with that, Sora revealed the item behind his back: a ripe, star shaped yellow paopu fruit.

Riku looked at him, slightly shocked at the item, but insanely happy at the same time. When he had given Sora the paopu smoothie, it had been because he never wanted to lose the brunet to someone like Kairi. But now the brunet was offering to openly share one of the legendary fruit with him. Riku offered a small, yet loving smile.

"Of course, Sora." The brunet grinned hearing Riku's answer, before lifting the star between them.

"I love you." Sora repeated, leaning into the fruit, cerulean eyes watching every move his lover made.

"I love you too, Sora. May our destinies always entwine and involve each other." The whispered promise caused Sora's breath to hitch. He recognized the vow as that of what couples said to each other in a traditional island wedding before sharing a paopu. For Riku to say those words to him caused Sora's heart to head harshly with excitement. Those words meant that Riku had promised to be his for the rest of their lives.

"May our lives, souls and hearts forever be as one, never to be parted, even in death." Sora choked out, continuing the vow, and trying to hold back tears of happiness that stung at the corners of his eyes. Never had he ever been so utterly content.

"For life." Riku whispered, placing his hand over the brunet's that held the fruit, before sinking his teeth in to one point of the star.

"For eternity." Sora answered, taking the sweet fruit into his mouth and taking a bite, feeling Riku do the same. The yellow flesh of the fruit was sweet, but before he had a chance to swallow, Sora felt Riku's mouth upon his own, sealing their vows with a kiss. It was a chaste kiss, yet extremely passionate, Sora whimpered in need as Riku pulled away without deepening the kiss, but allowing both to swallow the fruit in the their mouths.

"I meant every word of that vow. I'm sorry I don't have any rings." Riku apologized; running a hand over Sora's flushed cheek gently.

"Don't apologize! I meant everything too. And I am glad it was with you." Sora smiled in contentment. Deep in his heart he knew that there was nothing in all the worlds that would be able to tear them apart anymore. A feeling that ran so deep, it was literally part of their souls. It was what had connected them over the past two years, no matter which side of the light their allegiances had lay. But now that they were finally together in a time of peace, that bond was stronger, almost to the point of being tangible.

Both teens just sat there in the sand, leaning against one another, watching as the sky began to turn into a fiery orange. Their last sunset together on Destiny Islands.

"Sora." Riku spoke softly, his arm wrapped around the smaller teens shoulders, while Sora had an arm placed around the older teen's stomach, effectively pulling them close enough that their bare chests touched, one damp from sparring, one damp with ocean water.

"Yeah?" he answered, in a voice that was far too innocent. Riku couldn't believe that the same voice had been saying such naughty things only a few hours ago.

"Do you think that you'll be happy?" he threw Sora's question back at him. It was something that he needed to know. Riku needed to make sure that he wasn't pushing his younger lover into anything.

"As long as I am with you, I know that I will be." The brunet grinned, using his free arm to lift Riku's scarred wrist, bringing the marked flesh to his lips before placing dozens of feather light kisses over the sensitive skin. "I've wanted to do that all day." He mumbled, with a smile, flicking his tongue over the scare then the slightly raised tattoo.

"Now who's sounding corny?" Riku chuckled, trying to suppress the moan that was dancing behind his lips since the brunet began.

"Aww, you love me anyway." Sora giggled, dropping the arm before pulling himself closer to the paler teen.

"Yeah, I do." Riku smiled, squeezing the brunet tightly. "And you love me."

"Sure do." Sora returned the smile, very content in the feeling of being held.

And the two of them just sat there, watching the sun set on this part of their lives, knowing that many more doors were being opened for them, with some being closed at the same time, but they were both confident in one thing. They had each other. And neither would even trade that feeling for anything else in all the worlds of light or darkness.

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