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Eight Months Later.

"Ah, sweet, sweet sleep." Naruto moaned as he fell face-first onto his new bed. "How I love thee, oh bed. Love of my life."

"Hey, I thought I was the love of your life." Sasuke pretended to glare at Naruto as he dropped his bag and closed their door.

"You are—just not right now." Naruto curled up onto his side, sighing deeply. "Dude, when we signed up for this whole university thing, someone should've warned us it would suck!"

"It doesn't suck, dobe, you're just being stupid." Sasuke fell backwards onto his own bed, staring up at the ceiling.

The two of them had applied to the same university, and unsurprisingly, they'd both gotten in. Tsunade has pulled a few strings and managed to get the two boys a room together in the dorms. They technically could've lived at home, since the university was only about half an hour away, but it was easier to meet people when living in the dorms, so they'd decided on that.

Besides, it was easier to have sex without the risk of anyone walking in. There had been at least five times with Itachi, and they swore he did it on purpose! And then Naruto's mother, and Sasuke's father, and—well, Ino, but they knew she probably installed a camera or something.

They'd moved in two days ago, and had just had their first day of the year, even though their room was barely unpacked. The only things they'd gotten out when they arrived was their bedding, and some random clothes. Oh, and they'd pushed the two beds together, of course.

"Can we go home?"

"We are home."

Naruto whined, snuggling more into his blankets and wishing he could sleep, but his stomach was strongly against that. Fuck was he hungry. But, the Uchiha wasn't, so he had to wait. He sighed, rolling over to face Sasuke. The raven turned his head to look at him, cocking an eyebrow.

"We should unpack." Naruto said, trying to take his mind off his stomach.

"Or, we could have some fun." Sasuke grinned.

"You know, for someone who kept denying they were gay, you always want to have sex with me." Naruto glared.

"That's getting old. You say that line almost every time I want to have sex."

"Well, it's true." Naruto sniffed, sitting up and getting off the bed. "Come on, I'll help you unpack first, then we can eat, and then we can unpack my stuff. Deal?"

"Fine." Sasuke sighed, getting off the bed and opening a random box.

Naruto laughed slightly, shaking his head as he opened another box, pulling out a bunch of Sasuke's clothes and putting them away in one of the drawers. As he emptied the box, he noticed the bottom was full of papers. He would have to sort those. When had Sasuke gotten so damn messy?

With a sigh, he bent down and started organizing the papers, seeing some old school notes and a few random papers. His eyes noticed his name on one of the sheets and he paused so he could read it. His eyes widened slightly as he noticed the question that was asked, and an answer written by Sasuke. He glanced behind him to see if the raven was paying attention. He wasn't. Naruto turned back to the paper, reading it.

- Naruto invites you to a movie about a kid who fell into a coma and died. How do you feel about that? – Uncomfortable, because Naruto will be seeing reactions that all his loved ones had towards him while he was gone, which will upset him, and I don't want him to be upset. I also don't know how the movie will affect me, and I'm worried that I'll break down or something when the kid dies, because that could've been Naruto.

- You're shopping with Sai when you suddenly spot Naruto. As you're about to call out to him, you see him wave to someone else and a girl runs up to him and they kiss. How do you feel? – Betrayed, because if he had the nerve to go out and find himself another fucking Sakura, the least he could've done was fucking tell me! I'm always there for him, I have the right to know when he's going to be replacing me with some other stupid bitch that's going to hog all of his time! He should just stay single!

- Naruto comes over and is really upset because he and his parents had a fight. He's crying, and can't get to sleep after you've told him he can spend the night. What do you do? – I'd probably try and console him. I'd hug him and rub his back, or ask him if he just wants to talk about it. If he just wants to sleep and can't, I'd just hold him until he manages to, telling him everything will be okay, because he's Naruto and everything always works out for him—even if I have to kill someone for that to happen.

- You're alone with Naruto after you've both had a few drinks and he suddenly leans over and kisses you. You know he's drunk, so he's not in control. What do you do? – I'd probably let him, and then deny the entire thing in the morning if he remembered the incident.

- Naruto dies. How do you feel? – Like I'm dead, too.

The blond smiled slightly as he read the last sentence. Sasuke was adorable. He supposed this was what Itachi had told him about. The sheet that decided it for him. Sasuke was so dense if it took a survey to make him figure out that he was gay.

Naruto laughed loudly at that, causing Sasuke to turn around. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing." Naruto threw the paper back into the box.

Sasuke glared and stood up, coming towards him. Naruto jumped to his feet, pushing him back.


"Nothing!" Naruto insisted with a laugh.

"You're lying, I can tell." Sasuke tried to push past Naruto, but the blond shoved him hard and the two of them landed on the bed, Naruto lying on top of Sasuke.

"Doesn't this seem so much better than why I was laughing?" Naruto grinned.

"Mm. I think I can learn to forgive you." Sasuke leaned up and kissed him. "I love you, dobe."

"Love you, teme."

It was going to be a long night. Naruto's stomach wasn't going to like him.


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