10 Things I Hate About You

1. I Hate How Your So Nice All The Time. (Please Let Me Kill Koga!!)

2. I Hate How You Always Take Care Of Yourself Last. (Put Yourself First For Once)

3. I Hate How Your Always Sitting Me. (I Don't Deserve It...Most Of The Time)

4.I Hate How You Never Talk About Yourself. (I Want To Know More About You...)

5.I Hate How You Disguise Your Sadness. (It's Okay To Be Human)

6. I Hate How You Always Want To Help. (You Don't Have To...)

7. I Hate How Your So Forgiving. (Some People Don't Deserve To Be Forgiven)

8. I Hate How Your So Symathetic. (Sympathy Get's You NOWHERE!!)

9. I Hate How You Never Say What Your Really Thinking. (I Can Tell When Something's Wrong)

10. I Hate How Much I Love You...