Title: Preparing for impending danger (Danger part I)
Author: Ree
Theme: Chibi-Usa (seashore)
Genre: General
Version: Anime/Manga Crystal Toyko
Rating: G

This lovely child and her friends were the creations of Takeuchi Naoko. I am just playing with some really nice dolls. ( And hiding them from my daughter and niece.-)

Preparing for impending danger

AN: Usagi ChibiUsa, Arlene Sailor Ceres, Kamaria Sailor Vesta, Aethel Sailor Pallas, Chloe Sailor Juno

The sea surged as the tide came in. Chloe eyed it nervously. This was her first time on a beach. Her gaze shifted nervously over her partners and her princess. Aethel was watching the water with her eyes alight with anticipation. Arlene appeared calm and she was looking right at Sailor Mercury. 'She is probably soaking in everything she has to say. ' Kamaria looked as nervous as she felt, and Usagi looked wistfully at the sand. Dragging her attention back to Sailor Mercury, she tried to hide her fear.

Ami knew how inattentive her students were being. She couldn't blame them. They didn't want to train, they wanted to play. Even Usagi wanted to play, and she knew how important training was. Ami agreed, playing sounded like a lot more fun, but Rei's premonitions were not to be discounted, so.. "Ladies.. I need your attention. We must practice you swimming in the sea, and you must also practice rescue techniques." Five pairs of eyes snapped to her, and for a brief moment she had their undivided attention.

Usagi focused her attention back on Mercury and noticed the worry that was lodged behind her eyes. Pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place. Mars pulling Mercury out of class. Mercury putting Luna in charge for the rest of the class period. 'She only does that if an emergency meeting is called.' And then this unscheduled training session at the beach. 'And she put a special emphasis on rescue techniques. I wonder if Mars saw something. If so, I really need to pay close attention.'

Usagi spent the next hour helping Mercury keep her court's attention. They did basic swimming techniques, and learned the basics of boogie-boarding. It was when Mercury introduced their other teacher that Usagi knew that something bad was going to happen.

Mercury smiled the best she could at the reluctant girls. "Okay, you've done good so far, and now it is time to move forward. To help teach you how to swim past the surf zone and how to identify dangerous creatures that live there, I have invited a specialist to help me. This is Michiru."

Usagi's eyes widened as Michiru walked out of the shadow. Fear slowly began to climb up her spine. 'They called Sailor Neptune back to help. What did Mars foresee?!' Michiru caught her eye, and the look that she gave Usagi told her all was far from well.

Michiru stopped when she stood next to Mercury. "Sailor Mercury was kind enough to allow me to help in your training." Her eyes rested on Usagi. "Your ability to rescue and protect our princess should be of top priority, so let's get started."

As they headed off to the boat, Usagi knew that whatever was going to happen, it was probably not going to be good for her.