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Chapter 1 : at the beginning with you

"Baa-chaaan I lovee yoouu!!"

Naruto hugged Tsunade with wide grin on his face. Other team 7 just shook their head.

"I can't breath! Let go off me, brat!!"

Naruto grinned sheepishly. "I'm sorry baa-chan. But I'm really happy."

"Maa, Naruto. You don't need to be like that."

Naruto looked at Kakashi with wide eyes. "But Kakashi sensei, this is my first A rank mission." He grinned widely.

"That's true, sensei. This is team 7 first A mission. We've waited this since genin."

Sakura said. She smiled cheerfully.

"Aren't we supposed to listen about the mission?"

Sai asked and smiled with his usual smile.

"Thank you, Sai." Tsunade nodded, "Have you ever heard about Otogakure?"

Sakura nodded. "Yes, hokage-sama. It's a small hidden village. The leader is Orochimaru, one of former Konoha sannin."

"Right, Sakura. However," Tsunade's face became serious, "There's something strange about this village. Besides the fact the leader is S rank missing nin. It seems they have plan to attack Konoha."

"So we're going tospy this village." Kakashi stated.

"Spying? No, fun" Naruto whined. He pouted and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

Tsunade narrowed her eyes dangerously. "This is a very difficult mission. But if you don't want to do it. Neji and the others will do it."

"Nooo!! I'll do it baa-chaaan!"

"Good." Tsunade smirked. "Well, the problems here Orochimaru has strong guard named Kabuto. Which former of Konoha's best medical ninjas."

"So he's a traitor too." Sai stated.

"True," Tsunade nodded, "Be careful with him. Then, you already knew that Orochimaru is very strong."

All of team 7 nodded. There's no doubt Orochimaru was insanely strong. He was as strong as Tsunade.

"But the worse problem is," Tsunade sighed, "his heir."

"He has heir?!" Sakura asked with wide eyes.

"I don't know the detail, but it looked like he adopted his heir." The woman sighed deeply. Orochimaru bastard.

"So what's the deal?" Naruto frowned. Really, just because Orochimaru had heir it wasn't a big problem.

Sai odded, agreed with Naruto, "That's true, Hokage-sama."

"It's not a big deal if it's a normal heir. But the heir 3 times stronger than Orochimaru."

Sakura clasped her hand to her opened mouth. Kakashi's eyes wider. Sai had no emotion in his face. Naruto stared with confused looking, "So he's very strong?"

"Naruto," Tsunade sighed. Geez, this kid really stupid sometimes. "If there's people who 3 times stronger than me, what do you think of them?"

"I'll think they too dangerous. God, if they are really exist, they can destroy the world in no time. They..." Realization came to Naruto. He widened his eyes, "Hell no!!"

"Now he understands." Sakura rolled his eyes.

"Well, then. You've known what you need. I want you go tomorrow. Another detail will be mailed to your house. If you finished this mission, you'll promoted to jounin. Dismissed."

The others nodded and went out.


Heaven in the Darkness


Team seven arrived in Otogakure in three days. They splited into two groups. Kakashi and Sai, Naruto and Sakura. They wore yukata like the villagers.

It had been two days since they arrived and they hadn't got anything useful. Naruto was getting bored so he went to market. If he lucky maybe he'll get some information.

He was walking alone because Sakura said she was tired. He looked around and grinned. "Yosh, my lucky day!! I haven't eat ramen for days!!"

He ran to ramen stand and quickly ordered. "Miso ramen, please!"

Naruto couldn't help to grin. He so missed ramen. He sang inwardly. God, he really loved ramen. When the ramen came without furder ado he dug in.

Suddenly he felt stare came from the man besides him. Naruto frowned and turned his face. His eyes became wide in awe. 'Sai..? No. He's more.. My god.. It's my lucky day indeed.'

The man lifted his brown. His pale alabaster skin glowed in sun shone. Black hair framed his face nicely and his charcoal eyes showed amusement. He wore blue midnightyukata which framed his body perfectly. Naruto had never seen such a beautiful creature like him.

"Why you stopped?"

Naruto snapped from his mind. He blushed, "Nothing."

He ate his ramen again. He still blushing. He felt the man still staring at him. Naruto mentaly swore. He ate quickly. When he stood to pay, the man stopped him. Naruto frowned, "What are you doing?"

"Let me pay for you." he smirked sexily. Naruto was ready to die now. Dead after seeing something beautiful like this was really good. He stared the man in shocked while the man paid for the ramen. Naruto walked out the stand.

"What's wrong?" Naruto heard the man's voice again. He looked at the man who stood right in front of him and blushed again. 'God, god, god! Too close!!'

"It's nothing." Naruto said with squeaky voice. He looked to his feet.

The raven lifted Naruto's face. And Naruto realized how small the blond was or it just this man too big? Naruto pouted at this. He was about 5 cm beyond the raven's shoulder. And he thought he hgh enough when he had same height with Sakura.

"Don't pout like that. I might not be able to stop my self from kissing you."

Naruto blushed again. 'Whaat?! Kiss??! He wanted to..??! What?'

The blond looked at the man and he drowned when he met the black eyes. Time passed so slowly. He can stare at the black eyes forever.

He snapped from his mind when he felt something around his waist. He quickly looked at his waist and found arm wrapped him. He blushed again.

"You've beautiful eyes."

The man said softly. Naruto looked at his feet and felt his face went red. He muttered shyly, "Thanks."

"Where's your home? Do you mind if I walked you home?"

Naruto smiled shyly. "I don't mind. I live in the Inn not to far from here."

The man smirked and pulled Naruto closer to him. The blond flinched a little but then he relaxed. They walked in comfortable silent until they reached the inn.

"What's your name, foxy?"

Naruto blushed at the name, and then he said quietly, "Naruto."

"You're really cute. Well, then. See you later my Naruto."

The raven smirked and before the blond could say anything, he gave Naruto peck on his lips and went, leaved Naruto with opened mouth.


Sakura smirked evilly to Naruto. "Naruto..."

The blond looked at Sakura, surprised. "What?"

"Tell me what happened this afternoon?"

Naruto blushed madly. "No... Nothing happened, Sakura-chan."

"Ooh, reaaally??" Sakura asked with sing-a-song voice.

"It's true!" Naruto yelled, trying to hide his blush.

"Then why you have this dreamy look, and why you touched your lips over and over again? Tell me." The pink haired demanded.

Naruto blushes even more. "I... I..."

Sakura sat beside Naruto and looked at him with dangerous glint. "Tell me. Now."

The blond fluttered. "Imetthisguyhepaidmyramenandhewalkedmehereandkissedme."

"Oh, my God!! You must tell me everything Naruto! Quick!" Sakura yelled happily.

"Well, I was eating my ramen and I felt someone stared at me. And I saw him. He stared at me. When I wanted to pay, he stopped me and paid my ramen. Then he wrapped his arm around my waist and asked me to walked me home. After we arrived he asked my name. Then, after that, he kissed me and leaved."

Sakura squealed on delight. "God!! He kissed you? On your mouth?"

Naruto nodded shyly. Sakura hugged him happily. "So how is he? Is he handsome? What his name?"

"I don't know his name. He leaved before I can ask him." Naruto grinned, "He's handsome, Sakura. Even more than that. He's really gorgeous."

Sakura grinned and hugged the blond tightly. "I'm so happy for you!! I hope you'll meet him again soon."

Naruto smiled and hugged Sakura back. "I hope so."


Next day Naruto and Sakura spied some peoples who happened to be some elite ninjas in small cafe. The two sat on the table next to the ninjas. They talked like other guests, acted like they enjoying their date, but they were hearing the ninjas talked.

One of the ninjas said something about Orochimaru called. The others nodded then went out. Sakura looked at Naruto and nodded. They paid and walked out.

They followed the ninjas quietly. The ninjas separated into three groups. Naruto looked at Sakura who nodded. He summoned shadow clone. He, Sakura, and the shadow lone separated and followed the groups.

Sakura followed the ninjas carefuly. They reached the gate. Sakura cursed inwardly when they went out the village. 'I hope Naruto get the information.'

She went to the inn.

Naruto still followed the ninjas. They walked to the center of the town. He felt excited. 'Go, go, ninjas!! Lead me to Orochimaru hide out!'

He watched as one ninja appeared. He talked something to the others. Naruto frowned, 'What the hell? Lead me quickly, bastard!'

Suddenly he felt something sharp on his neck. "Don't move."

Naruto gasped. Damn, they caught him.

The man took him to the rest of the ninjas. He scolded at them. "You called your self ninja, and you didn't sense him! I'll make sure Orochimaru-sama gives you punishment. Until then, I'll give this spy to Orochimaru-sama."

Naruto's mentally cursed over and over again. Great, he was caught. They will give him to Orochimaru. Life couldn't be worse.

The man took him through secret passage. Naruto stared at awe when he was inside the hide out. It was beautiful. At least until they entered Orochimaru's chamber. There, sat on the throne, in white yukata, Orochimaru smirked.

"Well, Kabuto. Who's this boy?"

Kabuto bowed. "He's spy, my lord."

Orochimaru's smirk went wider. "Is that so. You can leave, Kabuto. My heir will take all information from him."

Kabuto leaved. Naruko looked at Orochimaru and spited. "You think I'll give you information? Never."

Orochimaru lifted his eyebrows. "We'll see."

Naruto narrowed his eyes and hissed, "You wish."

Orochimaru laughed. "I like you! You have to meet my heir! You two so much alike."

"I don't have any similarities with anyone who related with you."

Orochimaru smirked wider.

"It's great to talk to you. But my first priority is to get the information from you. My heir is the best in get information. He can threat someone cruelly until them beg to die. He's crueler than me."

Naruto snorted. Orochimaru smirked. He rang the bell beside his throne.

"You're really beautiful. But if you won't tell me nicely, maybe some bruises will work."

"You call me, father?" a familiar voice came from the door near the throne.

"Yes, my beautiful heir." Orochimaru smirked, "I want to get some information from cutie over there."

Naruto looked at the heir. His eyes were widening in disbelief. That man? My first kiss was...

"Allow me to introduce my heir, Uchiha Sasuke."

To be continued

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