Nine Months

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Chapter Nine

Nine months is a false alarm before the real thing.

Nine months is rushing to the hospital as his wife yelps in the passenger seat.

It's remembering her bag half way to the hospital.

It's turning back to go get it.

Nine months is getting to the hospital and being rushed into the delivery room.

It's delivering the beautiful baby after threatening to kill Dean twice.

It's nine pounds, six ounces – a huge one for her first child – of pure innocence and love and fun.

It's Dean holding the infant first and immediately the crying stops.

It's naming their first child together.

Nine months is Dean loving every second he cuddles his little one.

Its Dean thanking his wife, over and over again: I couldn't have a better present. Thank you. This is what I want for my life. You don't need to give me any more children. Thank you. You know I love you, right? Both of you. I love both of you.

It's his wife telling him firmly: shut up, Dean. I'm sure we're having more children. Just not for another two years, okay?

It's Dean simply nodding, contently.

Nine months is his wife deciding never to believe him again.

Nine months is being picked on by the whole family for one mistake.

Nine months is realizing nothing that you bought can be returned – because you took off all the labels.

Nine months is whispering to his baby: I'm sorry I thought you were a girl. I promise to make all your pink stuff blue. I promise. It'll all be blue when you get home, okay? I'm sorry. I won't make anymore mistakes.

Nine months is deciding that next time – they'll find out the baby's sex.

Nine Months: the Second Child. That's the title of the sequel. It's up on my account already!

Also, I didn't mention in the story, but Dean's wife's name is Mackenzie. His son's name is River. Don't ask me why. I had my sister pick them. Lol. Mistake, huh? Jk!

Go read the sequel! Enjoy! Thanks!