Hey guys I'm back with another new story based on a different ship altogether. As you may have noticed already I'm trying to write fics to do with other ships other than my favourite, jate, and this one I couldn't just pass up, in fact the person who inspired me to do a conmama fic in the first place is Sassy Lostie, so thanks so much for the encouragement and I hope you guys will like the direction i'm taking this in ;)

Summary : Sawyer and Claire have gradually gotten to know each other as goods friends following a particular event, but what will happen to Charlie as a result? Will he be replaced or will he stand up to the man everyone has chosen to hate and misunderstand as a result? Conmama fic.

P.S. I do not own lost or any of the characters, well at least not yet mwahaha!!


When he first crashed on this island, he never thought much about why he had just so happened to have crashed here in the first place, because he was still searching. Not only for the missing parts of his life, but for an actual purpose in life, to exist for someone and to love someone, just like any other human being would. He thought he had finally gotten his chance with Cassidy, but sadly it was doomed as a result, just like everything else in his life.

However sitting here, now, in front of his tent, nearly a month later, he found something that he thought he would never have or even engaged himself with in the first place, friendship. Friendship that came in the form of a petite, blue eyed, blonde girl who was full of life and optimism to boot, he noted on many occasions.

When he had first laid eyes on the "weird pregnant chick" as so many of the other survivors had nick named her, he hadn't really thought so much about her or what her life was like before the crash, but that all changed. It all changed drastically two weeks ago to this day, he thought smiling slightly at the little infant who was now sleeping at his side in his little crib Locke had made, lulled to sleep by the only and effective way he knew how, reading the latest edition of some car magazine he had managed to salvage from the wreckage.

(Two weeks ago)

Today was a day like any other for him, doing the same old thing of helping to fix the raft Michael was planning to get everyone rescued with, and after an hour long shift, him and Michael had decided to take a little break and with that the two men walked off to lounge around not too far while getting some food into them in the process.

Ten minutes later and they were welcomed with a very surprising sight.

"Hey guys. So um… when's the raft gonna be done" Claire asked while sneaking a quick glance at the half built structure.

"Soon" Michael simply replied and in response to that they were both surprisingly startled to see Claire nearly collapse and fall into them while clutching her 9 month pregnant stomach and as a natural reflex, sawyer was off the floor in seconds, grasping hold of her to make sure she was okay.

"You okay mamacita!" sawyer asked with a little smile to block out the surprising and genuine concern he felt over her in that very moment. In response to his question she just nodded weakly and confirmed their suspicions right away with a smile and with that she wordlessly left not before giving both men a brief goodbye.

Once she left, both men sat down in their previous positions once again, slightly comforted but still a little wary of what just happened.

"You really think she's okay man?" Michael asked with a worried expression still spreading over his features. In response to the man's question, sawyer just hung his head briefly to think of what he could say. Surprisingly enough he couldn't stop the concern that was now spreading through him. His mind was already swimming with questions he had no way of answering, but he managed to push them away almost immediately in the end and then answered the man by saying…

"I think she likes me" sawyer confessed with a small teasing smile that made the other man look ridiculously upon him.

"What the hell are you talkin about man?" Michael asked.

"Common she rehearsed that fall just so she could fall into my arms" he went on expanding on the joke and to his bad luck, Michael didn't seem to find it funny in the slightest, and with what he got up and walked off towards the direction of the half built raft while muttering an idiot under his breath.

He couldn't will himself to say it or even admit that he was the tiniest bit concerned about what had happened not two minutes ago. Being the kind of guy he was, he rarely showed concern and consideration for someone else, not because he didn't want to, but because never really had anyone special, apart from Cassidy who he could trust enough to show that side to. "Man I gotta pee" he said to himself to not only satisfy the call of nature, but to hopefully wipe these ridiculous thoughts from his head once and for all.

He had been walking for about five minutes now, and almost immediately he just unzipped his pants and relieved the ache which was starting to form. A few minutes later he was done and zipping his trousers back up with a clearer mind now, and with that he attempted to make the journey back to the beach to resume with his work, but as he took one step towards that direction, he was suddenly stopped by a faint call of distress not far off from where he was standing, judging by the strength of it's sound. Although when it ceased to repeat itself again, he just dismissed it right away and then labelled it down to just one more thing to add to the craziness of this place.

Although as he made two more steps towards his destination, he was alerted to the same sound again, only this time it was not only considerably louder, but more pained and urgent and with that he battled with himself for a few seconds and then when the sound got louder, he was off, now heading towards the direction of the sound, not preparing himself in the slightest for what he was about to witness.

Ten minutes later he was suddenly stopped not by only the voice coming now from only feet away, but also the woman who was now doubled over, and clutching her stomach, as if someone had just punched her right there.

"Woah" sawyer could only manage to get out upon witnessing this scene.

"Sawyer what are you doing here?" Claire manage to get out right before she was hit with another contraction, and this time it was considerably worse than the previous one.

"Could ask you the same thing darlin" sawyer shot back while warily inching himself closer to the distressed woman, having literally no idea of what was to be done at this point.

Hey guys there it is so far. I kind of stopped it here mainly because I wanted to give you just a taster of the direction I'm gonna be taking this fic in, and don't worry guys cause there will be more character interaction in coming chapters, that's hopefully if you guys like it. So what do you think worth continuing??