Hey there everyone! It hasn't been long, but I've been so hyper and I got the BESTEST story idea! Get this: Medieval Taiora story! Okay, so it's kind of clichéd, but that's okay! I was looking through my now clean room, and I found my favorite book, Crispin: The Cross of Lead by Avi. That gave me the idea to write this fic. Soooo… I hope you like it!

Life is Full of Surprises

A Taiora fic by the one-and-only BandGeek95

Chapter One: Interesting Findings…


I scowled as I wrung out the dirty grey cloak I'd been watching. It was miserable, the weather had been nasty, my mother had died, and the other field workers treated me like a servant. And I was only thirteen years old!

"Oh, Lord, why me?" I thought as I stood up and wiped my hands on the side of my brown dress.

No reply. I knew there would never be one, but for some reason I'd hoped I'd see a heavenly angels choir and a divine light, or maybe God telling me it was all just a bad dream.

In frustration, I kicked the space under the chest of drawers, expecting to hit thin air. Instead, my toes hit wood, making my feet sting.

Perplexed, I pulled out the item.

It was a trunk with an open lock.

Now, I was always curious. My mother said that "curiosity" was another name for the Devil, but this time, my feet didn't hurt and I was so puzzled I opened the thing, not knowing what I'd find.

To my surprise, I found a fine royalty-like dress of deep scarlet, a breathtaking assortment of jewelry, and – a gold cross? It had engravings in it that must have been words. I could not read, though, so I decided to take it to Father Rockwood after Mass later that day.

When I hung back, Father looked up.

When he saw me, he smiled weakly. "Is there a problem, child?"

I shook my head and explained the discovery of my cross.

He accepted it and read the engravings. His eyes widened and his face paled. The priest looked up at me again. "I shouldn't tell you this now, but…"

I looked at him expectantly.

"Well, uh, your name is Sora. You have family in the city of Litchburg, and you need to find them. I shouldn't tell you any more."

I stared blankly. All my life I'd been known as Sakura's girl. And now I learn that I have a name? It's all so confusing! Sora is such a grand name for a serf like me. "Whoa, Nellie! Me, a serf, with a name like Sora? Were my parents out of their minds?!"

Father Rockwood shrugged. "I honest to goodness don't think so, but then again that's just me. Now I suggest you get ready to go to Litchburg. It's the only place you'll have a real future."

I nodded, thanked the Father, and ran home as fast as I could. That night I was leaving Fusston forever.

I slipped on the beautiful red dress and my mother's old black cloak. I also packed the jewelry, my old brown dress, and all the food I had left in a small sack and shouldered it.

That night I was leaving the village of Fusston and I was never coming back.

I silently ran down the deserted paths to the wooden bridge crossing the stream. Carefully, I slipped off my shoes and padded across so my steps wouldn't make so much noise. When I reached the path on the other side, though, I slipped them back on and ran further down. I didn't stop running until the faint pink of dawn crept over the trees. That's when I sat down on a fallen log and ate a bit of bread and watered ale.

After my small breakfast I continued east. I was going to Litchburg, and had a long trip ahead of me.