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Tai and Davis were standing in a weaponry shop, examining various daggers and swords. (Yolie was out buying some food and a necklace she'd been saving for.)

Tai lifted up a sword, examining it closely. Its hilt was made of steel, a serpent winding around it with emerald eyes. The blade was long and well made, but Tai put it down. The snake on the hilt was a little weird to him.

Davis, on the other side of the shop, had found a simple knife. It was made of steel, like many knives and daggers, but the blade had writing in it. However, the piece of weaponry was older, probably twenty or thirty years. The metal was caked with dirt and – it scared Davis slightly – blood. "Hey, Tai, come here for a second."

The older teen put down the weapon in his hand and went to look at the knife Davis had. "What? It's just an old knife."

"Can you read this?" Davis asked, pointing at the writing.

Tai took the knife, grabbed a corner of his shirt, and rubbed at the grime for what seemed like forever. "I think it says 'Courage is just standing up to Fear.'"

"Oh, I thought it might have said something cooler, like, 'Daisuke is the biggest, baddest, best fighter in the whole world'!"

"Sure, Pansy. Very funny. You couldn't be an amazing fighter even if you tried!"

"I resent that!"

"No, you resemble that!"

"Shut up, Tai, you buffoon! I would have thought you would have been nicer to Davis!"

The two quarreling boys looked to the doorway of the shop where Kari stood, a hand on her hip and a smirk on her face.

"Kari!" they both exclaimed.

She grinned and ran to hug her brother tightly. "Tai, I missed you so much! I was so worried; it took you so long to get here!"

"Hey, what am I, chopped liver?" Davis asked grouchily from next to the siblings.

"Yes," Kari replied simply, then laughed at the astounded look on his face and hugged him. "I'm just playing with you, I kinda missed you too."

Davis snorted. "Yeah, kinda."

There was laughter from the doorway and the two boys noticed a small group of people. They recognized Willis as the stable boy from their manor, and the others were still familiar.

"Hello, Taichi, remember us?" the blonde male said, overconfidently making his way into the room.

"Yes, but I don't believe I told you my name, nor you told me yours," Tai replied, cocking an eyebrow.

"Oh, you told us your name. Remember? That other guy hollered your name."

"Oh. Yeah. Well, would you care to introduce yourselves?"

"Sure. My name's Yamato Ishida, but everyone calls me Matt. My little brother is…" Matt looked through the group clustered outside. "TK! Get over here!"

A miniature version of Matt emerged through the door, bowing to the noble boy, and saying, "My name is Takeru Ishida. Please call me TK, if you'd like."

Kari giggled and Davis turned a bright red color.

TK smiled warmly and approached Kari. He kissed her hand and said, "It's lovely to meet a girl as beautiful as you."

She smiled back and blushed. Tai and Davis were, understandably, slightly annoyed.

One by one, the others were introduced.

"My name is Mimi," Mimi gushed, smiling flirtatiously at Tai.

"Hello, Mimi," he replied, unsure of what to say.

Izzy stepped out, bowed low, and said quietly, "Hello. My name is Koushiro Izumi, but you're welcome to call me Izzy."

"Nice to meet you, Izzy," Tai replied, bowing as well.

"And I'm Sora," Sora said, curtsying. She swept her gown out in front of her in a circular motion.

Tai looked at her with a coy smile. She was simple but beautiful.

Kari's eyes furrowed slightly. "Didn't Father say something about a woman in red when-?"

Davis clamped his head over Kari's mouth. She was going to give them all away, and they just couldn't have that! "Ix-nay on the ing-thay," he hissed.

She bit his hand, causing him to let go.

"Ow…" he said, rubbing his hand.

"I'm going to buy this one," Tai said to the store clerk, holding up the knife with the writing.

"Aye, sir. That'll be five pounds."

The brunette handed over the money and slid the knife into his boot. "Off we go, Daisuke, Hikari. It was a pleasure meeting all of you," he said, suddenly directing his attention towards the group.

"I hope we can meet again," Sora said politely with a huge smile on her face.

"Me, too," he replied and took his leave.

"That girl's so cute," TK said quietly, partially astonished. He always knew of beautiful women, like Sora and Mimi and the princess, but none ever appealed to him. And all of a sudden, this girl comes waltzing in and he's like a lovesick puppy dog!

Matt smiled a small half-smile and gazed down at his thirteen year old brother. He was growing up. Too fast, for his big brother's liking. "I guess there's nothing I can do," the seventeen year old thought sadly.

"I'm hungry," Mimi whined. "Let's eat before I faint."

"Fine," the group muttered and slowly headed down the street.

"We have enough money to rent rooms for about a month," Izzy said, "but we can't spend much on food. Sorry, Mimi, I guess that means that your stuck with-"

"Peasant food," she grumbled.

Mimi's situation wasn't that different from Izzy's, except for the fact that her father had been a governor across the ocean. He'd made plenty of money… until a ship he was captaining took over and tossed him over the side of the vessel, never to be seen again. When Mimi lost her money she packed what she could and left home, coming upon Sora, TK, and Matt not long after. She loved finery… after all, that's what she had, growing up.

"You'll live, Mimi," Sora said. "Now come on, I want some bread."

After they'd bought a cheap lunch of bread and some sort of paste to go with it from an old Italian peddler, they went back to the inn.

Mimi and Sora were up in their room talking.

"So that Lord guy is your father?" Mimi asked.

"Yeah, but my mom said that he'd gone far away. I'd assumed she'd meant that he'd died and gone to heaven, but she really meant that'd he'd gone far away." Sora laughed bitterly.

"So… why'd he leave your mother and you if he just wanted to see you again?" Mimi asked curiously.

"He wouldn't tell me. I guess that maybe I'm illegitimate or something," she said, shrugging as she pushed her bangs out of her eyes.

Mimi gasped. "Illegitimate? Do you really think so?"

"I don't know, Mimi, I just said that!"

She nodded and smiled. "Hey, I get it now!"

Sora rolled her eyes at her friend's pineapple moments.

"So are you going to ask him when you go to see him tomorrow?"

"I was planning on it."

"And you really got us all jobs?"

"Yeah, I'm going to ask if I can have you as my personal maid."

Mimi squealed with delight. "Yay!"

"And I can probably get Izzy a job as a book keeper or something."

"He'd love that," Mimi gushed. "Sora, you're just so nice to us!"

"A Thief is only nice to other Thieves."

"Oh, that's right! Are you going to keep being Thief Lord?"

Sora sighed. "Well, we don't need to be thieves anymore."

Mimi nodded, and then looked confused. "Why not?"

"We stole to live, we lived to steal. Not anymore, since we have a free ride off Lord- I mean, Father." The word still sounded funny in her mouth.

"Oh… but you know what they say, old habits die hard."

"We'll make it, Meems," Sora said, smiling encouragingly.

She grinned too. "Yeah, we will!"

At least… they thought.


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