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Chapter 1 – Ending & Beginning: 1 Jul 1996, 3:58 AM, Full Moon

In a small house on Four Privet Drive up in his relative small room, sat in darkness a fifteen year old boy. First thing you would notice about this boy would be the lightning bolt scar above his right eyebrow, second his penetrating emerald green eyes, no longer the eyes of an innocent boy but those of a tried man, for by the end of his sixth year of school he had seen his godfather, Sirius Black, fall through the veil subsequently being killed by it. Now he was back in a house he did not wish to be in, nor that he ever had been happy in or even welcomed by his aunt, uncle or cousin. The only true family he had ever known was now dead. He did not cry the remainder of the school year or on the trip back from school, he did not do much of anything but sit and stare blankly into space, barely able to sit through his O.W.L.'s, and tonight was no different. He could feel the pressure build up inside himself, about to explode, edging to come out, and so in the silent night he finally let it surface and take over, he endeavored several times to blink back tears, but in spite of his efforts overwhelming sobs were now flowing freely through his body, even his pet Hedwig, a fairly large white owl, was happy to see him let go after 4 weeks of unnerving silence.

A few moments later light came through the window, making the boy stop his crying. He got up and went to the open window, looking towards the sky, a stern expression settled on his face, wiping the tears off his face with the back of his hand he said:

"Remus must be having a rough night! He's had it the worst out of all the people I know. Having to lose so many friends in a lifetime….And he isn't even the only one…Neville, Cho, Ginny…not even those from Slytherin are spared, so many people have died, muggles not even knowing why. I for one have had enough! Volde…no…Tom Riddle I promise you I'll kill you one day even if I have to die along with you…you bloody bastard, half-blood psychopath!!!" the last words coming out through gritted teeth, half spoken half thought. Hedwig started to become unsettled. "Oh I'm sorry old girl I didn't mean to startle you." He opened her cage and she carefully settled on his left forearm. "Here I'll let out for a bit. Maybe the fresh air will calm you." He made a gesture to send her flying off but she wouldn't move. "What's the matter, girl?" She looked quite frightened, staring in every direction. Before the boy could look at the street, Hedwig flew away, surprising him and making him fall out the window in the bushes below.

The fall dislocated his right shoulder and probably broke a couple of ribs, if not it would surely have bruised his entire right side. He slowly and clumsily lifted himself up, his whole right side was burning from the inside and through all that burning sensation he felt his shoulder ice cold. But he didn't have much time to even think about all the pain, because he saw why Hedwig had been scared into flying off and almost trying to drag him with her when she actually took off, for right there by the front small garden gate stood a dark figure with small red snakelike eyes staring right at him, a big evil toothy grin crossing his entire face, almost looking like a child about to open his presents on Christmas Day.

"Voldemort!!!" his surprise was so big that his body was utterly frozen on the spot, like a dear caught in the headlights of a fast moving car.

"I've finally found you boy!!!" Voldemort's hissing voice cut through the night.

"But how?!?... It's impossible, the magic wards should have stopped you!!!...You…" he was cut off short by an impatient Dark Lord.

"No you stupid fool. Those damned wards, Dumbledore put up, stopped my Death Eaters from reaching you…NOT ME!! That ruddy old fart isn't as great as he used to be, I found that out when he attacked me in the Ministry of Magic, I've surpassed my old teacher, all he can do now is annoy me." Voldemort's little speech gave the young man a chance to center himself.

"Then what kept you from coming here until now?" He hoped to distract the snake-like monster, (the deformed man whose nose resembled that of a snake more than that of a human anymore) and maybe, just maybe, help could arrive in time from the Order. "Don't tell me YOU were scared of me!" That stirred up the anger in this oddity of a man, making him spit before he was going to enlighten the loathsome boy in front of him.

"NO, not because of YOU, you little shit! But because of your damn mud-blood of a mother," saying this he looked like he had a bad taste in his mouth, but he continued. "Her sacrifice, that blood protection she gave you made it impossible for me to know your location, or even come too close to it, as long as you were with some blood relative of yours, if you or your blood relative didn't tell me the location I couldn't even see or hear anything about it…..That is until tonight." His face creased into an ugly grin. "When I received that interesting thought from you….HA!!" he said with sarcasm. "'I'll kill you one day even if I have to die along with you' …that's what you said, isn't it? You bloody fool, you've subconsciously invited me here." The boy winced both from the pain of his fall but also from his realization, but how could he have known, now he was in no shape to confront the Dark Wizard, or run away, not to mention his wand was still in his room. Voldemort didn't have his wand out either, maybe he could distract him somehow, just as that thought crossed his mind Hedwig screeched and the Dark Lord turned towards her, giving him the time to slip away, clumsily jumping over the fence and limping in the opposite direction. A few moments later, breathing heavily, he realized that Voldemort was walking slowly behind him, snickering at the boy's helpless attempt to salvation. He fell and turned to face his assailant, the circling Hedwig perched herself on his left shoulder, seemingly to protect him, with her wings slightly open and screeching at the tall dark figure.

"Now, you see that...That's the reason I like my snake more than any damned human alive…HERE, catch!" he threw a small silver sphere, but before it even got to its target Voldemort took out his wand pointed it at the sphere and said "TRACTUSUM!!!" activating it. A magic green field extended from the object which enclosed both the boy and the bird.

"Isn't this extraordinary?? It was finished just a few hours ago. I figured that since you refused me my power when you were just a baby, and that you won't take your place by my side now or in the future, that I might as well take what is mine, hence the Subiaceo. Besides I was in a hurry to get rid of your meddling ways, this was the best solution I had at hand. Oh, don't worry this will only hurt…like HELL!!!" his face twisted in unspeakable ways, he pointed his wand at the prison and slowly chanted. "Conatum Imperium Coagmentatum…. Conatum Imperium Coagmentatum… CONATUM IMPERIUM COAGMENTATUM!!!! "

A dark orange crooked beam of light shot from the tip of the wand connecting itself to the silver sphere, activating it and making it spin off center faster and faster. The sphere, being roughly at the center of the prison, started emitting surges of green lightning in every direction imaginable hitting its captives, and as it hit the boy for the first time it was only a slight burning sensation, but with each hit the pain grew into a pain so great that it would make the Cruciatus feel like a needle prick. He felt as if his entire magic was being stripped away from him from the outside to his inside, and not all at once but painful millimeter by painful millimeter, making him aware of all the magic spread out through his body, feeling every connector and its relation to the others, all meeting one way or another with the center just beside the heart. He didn't feel just his magic being stripped away, but Hedwig's as well, all the conscience magic he felt drew a map in his head and he could see himself as a shadow with an intricate design of roads running all through his body and extending to Hedwig. The most noticeable was his, an emerald green color reaching everywhere in his body, the second was Hedwig's, a sky blue color you could only see on the clearest of days, and finally the third, the one he'd almost missed, sitting just below his center was another type of green, but this was a pale shade of green, it looked frightfully out of place, all of it bundled in a ball, not at all as well organized as the rest was. He realized that was probably made when he first met Voldemort and it was what this madman was after. So maybe making the quickest way to this spot would satisfy the loathsome creature, at the same time saving at least some of his magic and Hedwig's.

Connecting the magic inside himself little by little he managed to make a road towards the ball of pale green magic. Finally the spell reached it, reacting violently with it, making it brake from the rest of the connectors and morphing the dark orange light into the pale green it gave off. Satisfied with the results Voldemort ended the spell; the boy fell to the ground curling into a ball with Hedwig beside him barely moving.

"HA HA HA HA!!!" The Dark Lord laughed with contempt. "Finally I'm whole again! Ha ha ha! This feels so right." He then turned his gaze upon the boy. "Apparently I don't need you anymore, heh heh." He licked his lips. "You've become expendable my child! I don't even care what that bloody prophecy actually said. So I bid you adieu, give my regards to your parents boy!" And with that grin still on his deformed face he said. "AVADA-KEDAVRA!!!!"

A green lightning shot from his wand and hit its target in the right shoulder. The boy screamed but instantly he was brought back to the matrix of emerald green map of his magic. So he tried, again, to make a road for the invading magic, he thought fast, maybe he could make a road leading outside of his body or even to the empty space left by the Dark Lord. But he barely made it a few centimeters because of his damaged right side and the spell overcame him.

Harry Potter was no more. The Boy who Lived was no more.

A satisfied Dark Lord was looming over the still body.

"You will disappear from this world and will never be remembered…..INCENDIO!" After a few seconds Harry's body was nothing more than a pile of ash, fast disappearing in the wind.

Hedwig was flying slowly away, desperately trying to sense her friend, but the only thing she sensed was a very small trace of him back in the room. So she hurried back and found the only thing left of him… his wand.

Voldemort, in his gleeful state, failed to see the snow white owl flying away as fast as she could, with the only thing that might give the evil man even more satisfaction then what he was about to do. With just a flinch of his wand carrying hand he had cast the Crutiatus spell with a radius of about three houses around the Dursleys residence. Screams of agony rouse towards the full moon filed sky, screams that brought another smile to the Dark Lords deformed face and with just two more simple gestures he apparated to some unknown location and blew up the whole neighborhood.

Transit to Other world

Harry found himself gliding upwards. Strangely enough he didn't feel any regret, nor did he see his life flashing before his eyes, he continued floating into space, seeing the splendor that was the Earth, only a small thin, almost invisible, thread still linking him to it. For a few seconds he stood staring at the solar system, seeing all the planets around him and taking in the wonderful scenery, not like the planetariums he'd seen back on Earth, not even the one Dumbledore had, made the real thing any justice. He continued to distance himself from the Earth until he went past a small planet at the edge of the Solar System.

He felt the thread tug at his chest for a split second and then break. Panic took over his senses and he desperately tried to pull himself back but with no result. Everything around him blurred and then he fell with a thump on solid stone. It was dark; he couldn't even see his own hand in front of his eyes. He felt the ground under his palms, or so he thought he did, it was made of large slabs of stone like an old English road.

Suddenly a light blinded him, after adjusting a bit he saw he was in a tunnel and the light was coming from the other side. NO it wasn't, the light was coming towards him, as if someone was holding a torch-light, although he couldn't see anyone behind it but a shadowy mist. To his surprise it spoke.

"Ah yes, yes! All according to plan, even if I do say so myself! Splendid…sssplendid!" It said with pleasure, but its mood changed as it got closer to him. "What's thiss, what's thiss!?!" It brought the torch-light closer to Harry's face and then letting out an angry growl it grabbed him by his neck with a bony ice cold hand and raised him off the ground. Harry was almost out of breath when the mist appeared to be startled by something and spoke again.

"YOU!!! What are you doing here?!?" A commanding voice from behind Harry snapped back at the black mist.

"Let go of the boy! He has succeeded in opening the second gate. You know what that means."

"IMPOSSIBLE !!!" Exploded the now screeching voice of the black mist. "I have not written this! I have not…"

"It is not always as YOU write it. Is it now?" A reluctant black mist let go of Harry's neck, hissing at the boy. "I see that in your hissy fit you have forgotten your manners as well." Harry could now see that the other voice came from a grey mist behind him.

"Hmm…yess a thoussand apologiesss." The black mist managed to compose itself. "Greetings to you fellow Ethernal !!" Its hissing subsided and its voice returned to its prior state.

"Greetings to you fellow Ethernal!" An overwhelming calmness could be felt in the grey mist's voice. "Now the boy must come with me, we have much to talk."

Harry sat up from the ground relieved that he felt calm again. A warm hand grabbed his shoulders and started to lead him away from the black mist and before he knew it they were no longer in the tunnel but a small cottage with enough room in it for a small wooden table and two chairs. Harry sat in one of them, and to his surprise a large muscular man sat opposite to him. From the look of things the man appeared to be in his fifties, he had a well groomed grey beard and resting coiled on his shoulders a long grey braided ponytail. But he had no eyes, instead a thick mist came out of them.

"Well my boy I think you have a lot of questions. So let's hear them."

Harry didn't know what to say, what could you say to these beings? This place in its self felt astonishing. The cabin had a small window as well but he couldn't see anything out of it, just clouds or smoke and rays of different colored light, and so came the first question.

"What is this place?"

"Do you mean the cabin?" The man asked.

"Yes, well the cabin too I guess." Harry felt uncertain.

"Well the cabin is just to make you feel comfortable, as you are not used to being dead, I doubt that you could even see our real world." Harry nodded dumbly, so he was dead, alright next question.

"Can I see my parents?" A little hope and anticipation found its way into Harry's soul. But they where quashed when the man sighed heavily.

"I'm sorry, but even if you were in the same place as they ended up, you still would have been too late. You see good souls get many second chances, so to speak." Harry was confused, second chances so that meant that they where sent someplace else or even back?!?

"Yes." Interrupted the misty eyed man. "They were given new lives." So they were back on Earth, but since when?

"That I can not determine." The man interrupted again.

"You can read my thoughts right?" Harry deduced from both interjections in his thoughts.

"You don't have thoughts here, you're dead, so no, I didn't read your thoughts." Boy this sure feels like Dumbledore all over again.

"OK then, what's your name, that black mist's name, where am I, why am I here, can I go back, what's the second gate, was Sirius allowed to go back, what did the black mist mean by 'I didn't write thisss!'? And I'll add more if I need to."

With a grandfatherly smile on his face the stranger answered.

"I am Z, an Ethernal, as are you and the black mist. The black mist is known as M. This is a place for beings that if allowed to go back or to some other place would have to much influence and thus disturbing the way of things and molding them to their own needs and wills. You are here because I intervened a little, don't get me wrong you would have been sent here eventually, I guess you can figure out why by yourself as I explained earlier. Next one I'll answer a little later. The average magical being has one door opened of the first gate, in most cases it's just ajar, your Dumbledore has one of the double doors of the first gate fully open, Tom Riddle has one fully open and the other just barely ajar. Are you still following me?"

"I g.. g…guess so." A stammering Harry answered.

"You, on the other hand, have the first gate with both of its doors wide open and the second gate has one of its doors opened. The only thing that has been holding you back was that part of Tom's soul stuck in your body. But power does not come without hard work either. Although your power was released and you almost redirected the killing curse, you were no where near your full potential and you couldn't have been for lack of training and because you weren't use to it." Harry didn't even have time to digest all of this when Z continued with the next question.

"Your godfather I'm sorry to say won't be able to move on until that veil is destroyed."

"But wouldn't that set free all the others in there with him?" He asked with a little concern.

"No, sufficient time has past and all others that have seen the same fate have long since disappeared from existence. You only have to destroy the veil and he will be free to continue on with his journey." Z made a small pause to let things sink in.

"So I can go back." Harry realized what Z was implying. "But I thought you said…"

"Not everything is as it seems. Let me first answer your last two and a half questions. M was once a very powerful wizard that lived on Earth, as powerful as he was he was also the most gentle of creatures, ascending to this place he was unable to keep his sanity, instead of accepting his fate he let himself be consumed by the darkness. So as time went by he took it upon himself to guide those left behind, he started influencing their fate, destiny if you will, creating the first prophecies and he made sure they came to pass."

"You are contradicting yourself, you said we are sent here so we can't influence others…"

"He shouldn't have been able to, honestly we don't know how he did it, and most of us here won't interfere or try to stop him…But time is short and I can't get into details. For you to be able to go back we only have a small time frame, as time is different here we must hurry. Someone has been found and all is ready, hopefully he won't notice you back for quite a while and you will have sufficient time to stop Tom. Be warned when he finds out what we have done here he will come looking for you. I just hope you will be strong enough by then, for if he is let to continue this way I fear all existence is in danger. No more time you have to go NOW!"

Harry felt something new taking the place of Tom Riddles' soul, he reverted back to the shadow form and the matrix of emerald green came into focus. What he saw was unbelievable a sphere of white, grey and blue clouds took place of the empty place in his chest and started to spin, as it spun it touched one of the strands of his magic roads and he instantly knew what it was. It was knowledge from here and now, from there and then, and way beyond that.

He was gone.

"I hope we chose right." said Z.

"There was no other choice." A female voice replied.

Transit Earth

Harry felt like he was being pulled downward from his chest. He was going through a tunnel of the same make up as the sphere that now rested alongside his own magical core. It seemed that a long time had past when he heard a very familiar voice crying somewhere lost.

"I failed him no…why?! I should be there for him. I failed him, can't get out…I have failed!"

Harry closed his eyes and concentrated. He saw a ragged figure hugged in a ball, half human, half animal. He was crying and shaking. One thought came to his mind Sirius. He gathered his magic around him, knowing exactly what to do from the infinite knowledge within himself, and formed a sphere of energy around the figure.

"Don't worry anymore Sirius, you're safe now. Just wait a little longer and I'll set you free!" with that he lost the connection and felt himself hit the ground hard instantly losing consciousness.

Back again

Harry opened his eyes with great effort, they felt as if they where fussed together. Once he opened them fully he realized nothing greeted him, it was pitch black darkness all around him. He felt his body all numb and no amount of struggle let him get up, he was stuck.

End Chapter 01.

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