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Chapter 6 –Of princesses and trollsies.

Harry reached out to meet Vlad's hand.

"I guess you already know my name." He smiled as they shook, but suddenly his newly found friend turned his head as if he had just heard something.


"Shh… Just listen!" Harry concentrated, but he couldn't make out any strange sound that could have attracted such attention. "No. Not like that. With your mind, they are thoughts not actual sounds."

"You mean like Legilimancy?"

"No… Ack… here like this!" He reached for Harry's forehead…

He felt out of breath and so tired, he wanted to rest, but he couldn't, if he would stop he'd be caught and he didn't want to go back to that fate… the blasted creature was getting closer and his dress was really starting to get on his nerves.

That's when he realized that he wasn't seeing himself but a woman being chased by something she found to be horrible, to make matters worse she was wearing what looked to Harry like a white ball room dress. This didn't look anything like Legilimancy, it was more a psychic connection.

"I see what you mean. We better finish this conversation later. As long as I am able to prevent someone from losing their life, I see no reason not to do so. Can you tell where we should head?"

"In that general direction…" Their minds linked Harry knew exactly what he meant.

Withdrawing from the room their psyche created, he found himself again on the tree branch he had chosen to rest upon. 'How do you switch to…' he mentally tried to ask.

'Just focus on the objective ahead, on the fact that you have to reach your target as fast as possible.' No sooner had he said so that Harry's vision turned red and he started a mad dash through the tree branches, jumping from one to another.

Not long after, the smell of freshly crushed vegetation hit his nostrils. Suddenly he could distinguish a path through the trees, whole trunks toppled to the ground like they were only mere paper-machés. He was on the right track. With a twist of his body and a firm grip with his left hand on a branch he had changed direction in one smooth motion. Spider-monkeys had nothing on him, except maybe a tail, but speed and agility wise nothing. He was now swinging alongside the path of felled trees. He hoped he would be in time to prevent anything from happening to the girl.

Ever since she heard her uncle accept the proposal of the elders she knew the only thing she'd be able to do would be to run. She never thought they would resort to such desperate measures as to send a bonded troll after her. A troll more than half bigger than any normal troll, bonded to a command that would sooner kill itself than not finish the task it was given. It was almost upon her. The portkey she used to escape was useless now and she didn't even know how to apparate, let alone create another portkey. In a few moments her fate would be sealed, she was sure she would not come out of this unharmed.

"This way!" Someone screamed at her, it was a man. In her desperation there was nothing more to do but follow. She grabbed his outstretched hand and let him lead her to the right, she was already lost and following this man couldn't do her any more harm, could it?

He led her to a clearing, as they entered he seemed to give someone a signal. A few steps away from the thick of the forest edge he stopped her and turned around to look at the raging creature coming towards them.

The troll took one step in the clearing and the trap was sprung. Chains, made of triangle shaped links, wrapped around his neck, arms and legs, digging deep into his skin. The giant troll screamed in agony as the chains tightened their grip on him. Yet he struggled still to get to the girl, he looked mad with rage, it was as if he needed to reach her and even cutting off his head wouldn't stop him.

"Do not worry princess, it will be over soon." She recognized him, he was one of her uncle's trusted guards, Yahto Jahir was his name.

"Yahto, what are you doing here?"

"Your uncle sent us to make sure you would return unharmed. He disapproved of the elders' decision to send a bonded one." He started to pull her further away from the beast.

"So I am still to return and marry then?"

"I am sorry princess but there is no other way. You must…" Two female screams cut short his response and drew his attention back to the beast.

The chains seemed to evaporate in shower of red hot steel sparks, letting the troll finally free, only for it to try and resume its trek towards the girl. But before it made two more steps, it was hit behind the knees by a massive tail. It fell forward on all fours, something jumped on its back and locked itself around the beasts neck and left arm.

Harry had finally decided to intervene after what he saw they almost did to the poor thing. He would have left them be, had it not been for the complete disregard of the troll's life, especially since it was forced to do this and they knew it. The unfortunate troll had such a simple mind, but it had been twisted and forced into one thought "Bring her back!!" along with it was the face of the young girl. At that point he knew that what they were doing was wrong, his only choice was to try and stop the troll himself, as painless as possible.

Pointing his palms at the two women, that had cast the chain spell from opposite sides of their target, he shot identical stunning spells, they both gave out a yell in surprise and fell limp to the ground. Seeing as the spell hadn't immediately dissipated and it would soon kill the troll, he quickly brought both hands up in a slashing motion, sending two blades of energy at the side chains, freeing the hands and feet of their captive, with one more horizontal slash he had cut the chain around his neck.

Now free it was trying to resume its mission. Harry saw his chance at a quick resolve of the situation, he concentrated and transformed into his dragon form, still amazed at how easy it came to him, he jumped from his perch on a tree branch. His body moved as fast as his thoughts, within a blink of an eye he was behind the troll. A roundhouse hit with his tale later and the giant was on its knees.

Still moving faster than the normal eye could catch him he jumped on its back and locked his arms in a half nelson around its neck and left armpit. Squeezing with all he had he feared it wouldn't be enough, because of all the spells that Harry could feel and see on the troll.

His fears were confirmed as his captive tried prying his arms away, all Harry could do to fight him off was to extend and retract his massive bone spikes from his forearms. It wasn't working, although its movements were getting slower, that wasn't because of Harry's choke hold, but more because of the blood it was losing. He let go and pushed off with his feet from the troll's back, sending it sprawling face first on the ground. Using his speed he almost instantly appeared in front of it, reaching out with both arms he grabbed its head and concentrated.

"Bring her back!!" A voice seemed to scream constantly in Harry's head. He had to keep concentrating, this couldn't possibly be the only thing here.

Finally after a few agonizing moments he found a much smaller, quieter voice. He managed to block the constant annoying scream and focus on this one.

"Don't be afraid, here take my hand." Harry felt a weak, feeble hand slowly grab on to his, it was trembling, he was afraid. Harry pitied the poor thing, it was no more than a child.

"It can't hurt you, you know. Only because you let it, it has become so loud." Teary eyes on a child-like figure stared up at him. Harry kneeled beside it and leaned in closer to whisper.

"All you have to do is say no…" Pulling back he saw the figure's face light up as if just realizing something. The other screaming voice died down. Harry smiled and gently patted it on the head.

"Sleep now!" He said as he broke the connection and found himself back outside starring down at the sleeping form of the troll. Harry turned to the two cowering behind him, he stepped closer. The girl yelped and the man brandished his wand towards him in a threatening manner.

"Stay back you monster or else!" Harry flicked his tail in annoyance, he had forgotten to change back, he closed his eyes and he was human again.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you." Pointedly he looked to the girl ignoring the man completely. Now finally resting his eyes on him the man forgot his earlier displeasure at being ignored and very much wished he could slip away from this intense and frightening gaze.

"You should let the girl be and leave now!" There was a definite warning in Harry's voice and the other one didn't miss it.

"I-I'm sorry, I can't do that…" As he spoke he also started to shy away from Harry, as if scared to death of him, it looked very unnatural.

"Vlad, are you doing something to him?" The other one didn't hesitate to answer.

"I'm only making sure he stays scared of us, so he won't do anything rash and end up killing himself over some stupid idea that he could get away scot free."

"Well I think you should turn it down as much as possible, I want a few questions answered." Sighing in boredom, Vlad relented.

"Calm down and tell me exactly what's going on. And you'd better not lie." Harry narrowed his eyes in warning.

With one look toward the princess, Yahto Jahir knew he had no choice, if he wanted to convince her as well, to come back, he had to tell them what he knew now or she might try and run away again. Seeing his hesitation, Harry had to reassure him.

"Your friends are fine. I've only stunned them." Truthfully Yahto hadn't even thought of them, he was more worried if he could survive the encounter with this stranger, but seeing as he had stayed his attack on them, maybe he could chance it.

"Six hours ago we were happily celebrating princess Elowen's sixteenth birthday. Just as the cake was brought in, a portkey was activated and brought with it a messenger dressed in a black cloak and white mask, although we made sure that no one could apparate or portkey in or out of the building beforehand, this one had somehow managed it. He seemed to know exactly who to address and went straight for his lordship Charmon, princess Elowen's uncle, he handed off a parchment and made to portkey off again. Two guards were killed attempting to stop him. The letter was a marriage proposal." Yahto sighed heavily.

"It was more a demand to be met. It stated that one year from the delivery of said letter, on the princess' seventeenth birthday she was to be married to the Dark Lord of Great Britain, Voldemort. Our sources had warned us of his existence but they also said that he was no threat to anyone outside of England. They were wrong!...

End Chapter 06.