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The Locker

"Ug…" Calvin moaned as he pushed himself up. It felt like he was out for almost a year. His head was throbbing and his senses were dulled. He had no idea where he was. Eyes still closed, all Calvin could feel was a soft, grainy, wet surface underneath his palms. Rolling his tongue in his mouth, he realized that there was sand in it, and spit it out.

"Hey, watch it," a voice said. Calvin's eyes shot open. A bright light filled them, which caused him to squint. But it was Hobbes who had just spoken.

"Hobbes!" Calvin said. Boy am I glad to see-" but Calvin was cut off as Hobbs shook out his fur in the way cats do, getting Calvin all wet.

"Hey, stop it you mangy fur ball!" Calvin yelled, brushing the sand off his vest.

By now, Calvin's eyes grew used to the light. Looking around, he noticed that he was on a beach. A beach that stretched out forever before him. A white sun beat down onto him. Besides the sound of the water behind them, it was silent. The air was still, there was no wind at all. Calvin then did a quick head count. Besides Hobbes, it looked like everyone else was around, and many were just as groggy as Calvin was. However, two figures seemed to be composed at the time. Barbossa and Tia Dalma were both standing up, staring into the vast desert ahead of them.

Calvin and Hobbes approached the two. "So is this it?" he asked. "Are we in Davy Jones Locker?"

"We've made it," Barbossa said, not looking away.

"It's not so bad," Hobbes said. "I thought this place would be full of fire, or monsters."

"Dat is because dat is what you hate most, Hobbes," Tia Dalma said. "For a soul like Jack, da worst punishment for him is an eternity away from da sea…"

Calvin contemplated what the sea witch had just said. "In that case, I thought the locker would be full of stupid, slimy girls," Calvin whispered not so quietly.

"Perhaps we should send you to Davy Jones Locker, and come to rescue you then," Tai Huang, overhearing the boy, joked from behind.

"How are we supposed to find Jack?" Will asked.

Tia Dalma smiled. "Witty Jack," she said, "Is closer dan ya think…"

At that moment, Calvin noticed movement coming from behind a sand dune. It looked like that there was an avalanche, and sand was pouring down towards them. But upon further inspection, the sand appeared to be rocks of some kind. And the closer they came, the more suspicious the rocks looked.

"Are those rocks moving?" Ragetti asked.

"I don't think they're rocks," Pintel replied. By now, everyone could see that they were being approached by small creatures that appeared to be rocks, but were actually crabs of some sort. At first, Calvin and Hobbes started to back away, but they realized that Tia Dalma showed no fear of their approach, and stood their ground.

"Look!" Elizabeth said, pointing to the top of the sand dune. Just above the top flew a familiar looking Jolly Rodger. The flag came closer, exposing more of what was behind it. Eventually, a full mast of a ship came into view. A ship with black sails. And upon the yardarm was an all too familiar pirate captain.

"Jack!" Calvin yelled happily.

Jack Sparrow gazed forward into the waiting ocean as his ship hit the crest of the sand dune, and slid down as if it was a huge sled. The Black Pearl passed by the figures standing on the beach. Everyone, with the exception of Tia Dalma, stared at the ship dumbfounded. As the ship passed by, Jack grabbed onto the rigging and swung himself down onto the shore.

"I expected the search for Jack to be a little…harder," Hobbes commented as Jack approached his former crew.

"That is the thing about me Hobbes," Jack said as he approached the group. "I'm unexpectable."

"Huh?" Hobbes asked, confused.

"Slap me thrice and hand me to me mama!" Gibbs exclaimed. "It's Jack!" He and the crewman ran up to him. Calvin and Hobbes were right behind.

"It's the Captain!" Gibbs said.

"A sight for sore eyes!" Gibbs added.

"Master Gibbs," Jack addressed.

"Aye?" Gibbs asked.

"I thought so. I expect you're able to account for your actions then?" Something was strange about Jack. It was as if he didn't even know that he was in Davy Jones Locker.

"Captain?" Gibbs asked.

"There's been a perpetual and virulent lack of discipline upon my vessel," Jack said. "Why? Why is that sir?"

"Um, Jack," Calvin said. "Are you feeling okay?"

Jack turned to Calvin. "Fine. Just peachy. Which is more than I can say for you."

"What?" Calvin asked.

"Running around the Pearl as if it were some sore of plaything, and acting more like an animal than your friend."

"What?" Calvin asked, angrier. Hobbes laughed.

"Sir," Gibbs interrupted. "You're in Davy Jones' Locker, cap'n."

This caused Jack to stop. "I knew that," he said, quickly. "I know where I am. And don't think I don't." "Jack Sparrow," Barbossa greeted from behind the rest of the crew. Jack didn't notice him standing there, and his attention was immediately drawn to him.

"Hector!" Jack said through a smile. "It's been too long, hasn't it?"

"Heh heh…Hector," Calvin guffawed.

"Aye," Barbossa said. "Isla de Muerta, remember? You shot me."

Jack paused for a second, unsure of what to say next. "No I didn't," he said finally. To avoid the awkwardness, he turned his attention to another figure: Tia Dalma.

"Tia Dalma," Jack greeted with the same enthusiasm he met Barbossa with. "Out and about, eh? You add an agreeable sense of macabre to any delirium."

Tia Dalma, confused, faked a smile in response.

Fortunately, for the rest of the crew, Will was able to parse the Jack's last sentence. "He thinks we're a hallucination," Will explained.

Jack turned to Will, the humor in his face drained. "William, tell me something. Have you come because you need my help to save a certain distressing damsel, rather, damsel in distress?" Will didn't respond. "Either one?"

"No," Will answered simply.

"Well then, you wouldn't be here, would you?" Jack reasoned. "So you can't be here. QED, you're not here."

"How do we convince him we're real?" Will asked.

"I know," Hobbes replied. He grabbed Jack's hand and pulled him over to Elizabeth, who Jack hadn't noticed before now.

Jack stood still, frozen in place, staring at Elizabeth in surprise.

"Tell Jack that we're real, Elizabeth," Hobbes said.

"Jack, it's really us," Elizabeth said. "We're here."

After a moment, Jack ran back to Gibbs. "The Locker, you say?" Jack asked.

"Aye," Gibbs replied.

"How'd you know that would work?" Barbossa asked the tiger. Hobbes responded by pointing over his shoulder to Calvin.

"Spaceman Spiff, interplanetary explorer extraordinaire, wakes to find himself trapped on the desert planet Mukabluk…" Calvin imagined to himself. Barbossa nodded in understanding.

"We've come to rescue you," Elizabeth explained to Jack, who seemed to be returning to his normal self.

"Have you now," Jack asked, skeptical. "But it would seem that as I possess a ship and you don't, you're the ones in need of rescuing, and I'm not sure as I'm in the mood." A smile flashed across Jack's face.

Barbossa spoke up. "I see my ship," he began, "Right there." Barbossa pointed to the Black Pearl, which was now floating idly nearby.

Jack held a hand above his eyes as he looked. "I don't see it," he replied. "Must be a tiny little thing hiding somewhere behind the Pearl."

Will tried to reason with Jack. "Jack! Cutler Beckett has the heart of Davy Jones. He controls the Flying Dutchman."

"He's taking over the seas," Elizabeth chimed in.

"Da song has already been sung. Da Bretheren Court is called!"

"And he's setting up factories all over to create super ships!" Calvin said.

"Leave all you people alone for just a moment, and look what's happened. Everything's gone to pot!" Jack commented, as he prepared to go back to his ship.

"Aye Jack! The world needs you something fierce," Gibbs replied.

"Suck up…" Pintel said to Hobbes.

"And you need a crew!" Will said.

This caused Jack to stop. He turned around. "Why should I sail with any of you?" he asked. "Five of you tried to kill me in the past," Jack said, referring to Will, Barbossa, Elizabeth, Ragetti, and Calvin. "One of you succeeded."

"Succeeded?" Calvin asked himself. He thought back to the Black Pearl sinking into the maw of the Kraken. Calvin had always thought that Jack chose to go down with his ship. But if someone killed him… Calvin thought about that day, going over who got into the lifeboat last. It wasn't him, and it wasn't either Hobbes, Gibbs, Pintel, Ragetti, Marty, or Cotton…

Calvin snapped back to attention, however, when he saw that Jack was going over who he wanted to take back. Somehow, everyone had formed into a line, so Calvin squeezed himself in between Hobbes and Ragetti. He stood as straight as he could, with as bright a smile as he could muster.

Jack began going down the line. He looked at Ragetti, and didn't skip a beat when he said, "Don't need you, you scare me." Ragetti looked disappointed and a little confused.

Jack moved to Calvin. "You'd make me want to jump off my ship," Jack said, passing Calvin by.

"Hey!" Calvin shouted, but Jack continued on.

"Hobbes, you're in," he said. Hobbes smiled, and glared at Calvin. Calvin wanted to sock Hobbes on his nose, but decided to stand with the other "rejects": Barbossa, Will, Elizabeth, Pintel, and Ragetti.

Jack approached Tai Huang and his crew, who were strangers to Jack.

"Who are you?" Jack asked him.

"Tai Huang," he responded. "These are my men." He motioned to the Asian sailors behind him.

"Where do you allegiances lie?" Jack asked.

"With the highest bidder," Huang responded.

"I have a ship," Jack said with a smirk.

"That makes you the highest bidder," Huang said.

"Good man," Jack said. He turned to address the rest of his crew. "Weigh anchor, all hands, prepare to make sail."

"Great," Calvin whined. "Now Jack's free, and we're the ones trapped in Davy Jones' Locker. What are we gonna do?"

"The situation's not as hopeless as that," Barbossa said, reassuring Calvin. "Not yet."

"So we're going to wait here on this godforsaken spit of land until someone comes and rescues us?" Calvin asked. "I've already been stranded once, I don't want it to happen again."

Barbossa didn't answer, but instead pulled out the charts. He showed the container to Calvin. Calvin immediately got what Barbossa was going for.

"He Jack!" Calvin called out through an evil smile. Jack turned around. He saw the maps in Barbossa's hands.

"Which way ya goin', Jack?" Barbossa asked, through a smile similar to Calvin's.

Everybody was on the deck of the Black Pearl, making the ship ready to sail once more. Crates were being opened, sails were being hoisted, and a few cannons were being loaded onto the gun deck, just in case. The process was taking longer than usual, though, because orders were being given by two different people, and nobody was sure who they were supposed to listen to.

"Trim that sail!" Barbossa shouted.

"Trim that sail!" Jack also barked.

"Slack windward brace and sheet!" Barbossa ordered.

"Slack windward brace and sheet!" Jack commanded.

"Haul a pennant line!" Barbossa instructed.

"Haul a pennant line!" Jack demanded.

Barbossa eventually noticed what Jack was doing, and called him out on it.

Meanwhile, Calvin, Hobbes, Pintel, and Ragetti had just finished rigging the main sail, and were taking a moment to themselves.

"So, you two friends again?" Pintel asked the duo.

Calvin and Hobbes sulked, and turned away from each other. "Only when Calvin gets us back home."

"And I'll only be friends with Hobbes when I become the king of the pirates."

"Seems that you two have reached an impasse, then," Ragetti said.

"And they're not the only ones," Pintel replied. At this point, Jack and Barbossa were bickering so loudly, the whole crew could hear them. "Watch this," Pintel said.

"Stop it, the both of you!" Pintel shouted. This got their attention. "The both of you! That's an order! Understand!" Barbossa and Jack continued to stare at Pintel as if he had six eyes. Pintel eventually backed down.

"Sorry," he said, forcing a chuckle. "I just thought , with the captain issuing out I'd throw in my name for consideration. Sorry." Pintel returned to Calvin, Hobbes, and Ragetti.

"Not quite according to plan…" Pintel said.

"I'd vote for you," Ragetti offered.

"See that," Calvin said to Hobbes. "That's what you should be doing for me."

"I'd wouldn't vote for you if you were the last pirate on earth," Hobbes said, arms crossed. Gibbs had overheard the conversation, and offered his piece.

"That may soon be the case," Gibbs said, taking out his flask and drinking from it. "In fighting on a ship is always a bad sign of trouble."

Calvin glared at the tiger, and Hobbes glared back, but they didn't say anything more to one another.

Calvin and Hobbes stayed on deck until the sun set, and it was dark. For a while, neither one did anything much. Hobbes found a sunny place to sleep, and Calvin spent the time prepping the pistol Barbossa had given him, and using his two swords to cut notches into the ship.

"Calvin, Hobbes!" Ragetti called from the front of the Black Pearl. Calvin and Hobbes, interested, walked over to where the two pirates were looking over the front of the ship.

"What is it?" Hobbes asked.

"Look!" Pintel said. Calvin and Hobbes peered over, and looked down to the water.

The water around them had an eerie blue glow to it. It wasn't bright enough to be seen from the ship, or provide any sort of luminescence on deck, but it was bright enough to see things in it. And these "things" were the most interesting parts.

Gray blobs were making their way through the water, in the opposite direction of the Black Pearl. At first, Calvin thought that they were some sort of fish, but the closer he looked at them, the more they appeared to be human in shape.

"Weird," Calvin said.

"Creepy," Hobbes observed.

"Downright Macabre," Pintel added.

"Wonder what would happen if you dropped a cannonball on one of them," Ragetti said. He looked at Pintel and Calvin, who were suddenly interested in the proposal.

Calvin, Pintel and Ragetti ran below deck for a moment, leaving Hobbes alone. He kept an eye on the mysterious figures below. There were more of them now.

His cat senses told him that there was something approaching from behind. He turned and expected to see Calvin, Pintel, or Ragetti. He was surprised to see it was Tia Dalma.

"Oh," Hobbes said in surprise. "Hi Tia Dalma," he greeted, unsure of what she was doing there.

"These lost souls should be in da care of Davy Jones," Tia Dalma said.

"That's what these are?" Hobbes asked. "Souls?"

"Dese are da souls of those who died at sea," Tia Dalma explained. By this time Calvin, Pintel, and Ragetti showed up.

"Be disrespectful, it would," Pintel said, dropping the cannonballs. Ragetti and Calvin did the same.

"Why isn't Davy Jones ferrying these souls anymore?" Calvin asked.

"The goddess Calypso charged Davy Jones with dis task. To ferry dose who die at sea to da other side. And every ten years him could come ashore to be with she who love him, truly."

"So he wasn't always…" Ragetti began. "Tentacley?" he held his hand to his chin and imitated Davy Jones' beard.

"No," Tia Dalma said. "He was a man once…" he voice trailed off. Hobbes noticed her stroking a locket that was close to her heart, and it looked familiar to him.

"Where did I see that before," Hobbes asked himself, racking his brain for an answer.

"Look!" Calvin pointed. "Boats!" Approaching the Black Pearl were several dozen boats with figures of people sitting in them. By now more the crew were up on deck, watching the grim procession.

"More souls?" Hobbes asked.

"Yes," Tia Dalma said.

"And they're not a threat to us?" Will question.

"We are only ghost to dem," Tia Dalma responded.

"Why are some of them in boats, and others in the water?" Calvin asked, staring at the souls as they passed by.

"Dose in boats were killed at sea. Murdered," Tia Dalma explained.

"Oh," Calvin said, somewhat disturbed.

"Look over there," Hobbes said, pointing to a particular boat. In the boat sat a familiar looking figure. He was wearing expensive clothes, a white wig, and a three-corner hat.

"Isn't that Governor Swann?" Calvin asked. By now most of the crew noticed.

"Father?" Elizabeth asked, joy in her voice. "Father!" she yelled, running to the side of the Black Pearl to get a better look. "We've made it back!"

Jack looked at Elizabeth solemnly. "Elizabeth," he said. "We're not back."

All the joy on Elizabeth's face was instantly drained away. She looked back at the Governor. "Father!' she yelled again, voice cracking.

The Governor looked up. "Elizabeth?" he asked, surprise in his voice. "Are you dead?"

Elizabeth shook her head. "No, no."

"Well, I think I am," he replied. Everyone in the crew was silent, horrified by what they heard.

"No! No you can't be!" Elizabeth begged.

"There was this chest, you see," the Governor explained. "It seemed so important at the time. If you stab the heart, you become captain of the Dutchman, and must sail it for all eternity." The Governor seemed to be rambling, and did not take notice of the crew on the deck of the Black Pearl.

"Someone throw a line!" Elizabeth yelled. Hobbes grabbed a long piece of rope and threw it over. It landed a few feet away from where the Governor was. Though he didn't pick it up.

"The Flying Dutchman has become this horrible monstrosity," Governor Swann continued. "It's being outfitted with iron plating and weapons."

Upon hearing that, Calvin gulped. That wasn't good news.

Elizabeth, though, ignored all of this. "Take the line," she begged again.

The Governor looked back up to Elizabeth. "I'm so proud of you, Elizabeth," he said with a little smile.

Elizabeth continued to beg, but her father didn't seem to notice. The rope began to slip father and farther away him. Panicked, Elizabeth began to run to the side of the Black Pearl, ready to jump into the water.

"She must not leave the ship!" Tia Dalma commanded. The crew made there way over to Elizabeth, and stopped her from jumping over the side. In tears, Elizabeth watched as her father sailed farther and farther into the abyss.

"Father!" Elizabeth screamed. "Please! I won't leave you!"

Looking back one last time, Governor Swann said, "I'll give your love to your mother, shall I?" He then turned around, and soon was out of view of the Black Pearl. Elizabeth slowly made her way below deck.

"Best let her be," Barbossa advised. "Keep the course steady, Mr. Cotton." Cotton nodded, and took the helm of the ship.

Calvin walked up to Hobbes. "Did you hear that?" Calvin asked.

"Oh, so now you want to talk to me? What happened. Did Ragetti finally get tired of you?"

"Fortunately, I have an idea so good, I'm going to let that go," Calvin replied. "Did you hear what the Governor said? About the heart?"

"Yea," Hobbes confirmed. "If you stab it, you become the captain of the Flying Dutchman."

"Well, what if I got my hands on the heart and stabbed it?" Calvin said. "I'd be the most feared pirate in the world!"

"But then you have to ferry the souls of the dead. And you stuck on the sea for all eternity."

Calvin stopped for a moment and thought. "I hate to admit it, but you're right. Still…" Calvin looked over to Jack. "What if I got Jack to stab the heart. If I gave the heart to Jack, and he stabbed it, he'd be so happy that he'll give me the Black Pearl."

"There be one problem with that," a growling voice said from behind Calvin. Calvin and Hobbes turned and saw that Barbossa was listening in. "The Black Pearl be mine," he said.

"I don't see your name on it," Calvin taunted.

"There be no way I'll watch my ship be helmed by a six-year old brat," Barbossa responded.

"Who are you calling a brat?" Calvin shouted. "Hobbes, back me up!" Calvin demanded. Hobbes stood silently. "Hobbes?"

"Actually, I'm with Barbossa on this," Hobbes replied. "The less time we spend in this pirate world, the better."

"Fine," Calvin shouted with rage. "Who needs you anyway, flea feast?" Calvin stormed off in a huff, leaving Barbossa and Hobbes behind.

"I swear I'll never be able to figure that one out," Barbossa told the tiger.

"I've been friends with him for years," Hobbes said. "And I still can't figure him out."

"The last time I met a person like him, I led a mutiny and took his ship," Barbossa said.

"So you're saying that I should leave Calvin?" Hobbes asked.

"All I can say, Hobbes," Barbossa explained. "Is that when I betrayed Jack and took the Pearl, I ended up undead, and then dead. Betraying a captain is one thing. But betraying an old friend? That be something else."

"I guess pirates do sometimes have standards," Hobbes said.

"We keep our friends close," Barbossa finished.

The Black Pearl had been sailing all night and day. Morale was low, and supplies were lower. The sun had passed over the Black Pearl hours ago, and was now setting. Some of the crew were above deck, lying around and doing nothing. Hobbes was down below, looking for something to drink, but there was very little water to be found.

Calvin, meanwhile, was trying to get on Jack's good side and put his plan into action. At the moment, Jack was staring at the navigational charts, trying to figure out where to go.

"Hey, Captain!" Calvin greeted.

"Not now," Jack said, not looking up from the charts.

Calvin ignored him and came up to him. "What are you up to?" he asked.

"I'm trying to figure out how to escape this bloody locker," Jack said.

Calvin looked down at the map. Jack had just rotated the pieces around to reveal some messages. He was staring intently at the ones that read "Over the Edge, Over Again", "Sunrise Sets", and "Flash of Green."

"What does that mean?" Calvin asked, scratching his head.

"Far as I can tell," Jack explained, "We have until the sun sets to get over the edge again. Else we'll be trapped here forever. But I can't figure out how to leave…" Jack's voice trailed off as he studied the charts.

"Let me see," Calvin said, placing his hands on the map, ready to spin the pieces.

"No, don't," Jack began, but Calvin began to turn the pieces anyway. Several new lands and new messages appeared, but none were pertinent to escaping the Locker. Eventually, Calvin got fed up.

"This stupid map!" Calvin said, picking it up. "It makes no sense! You have to go forward, then back, then upside down! It's like a Rubix Cube of the underworld!"

Calvin slammed the map back down on the deck, jostling the pieces once again.

"Now look what you've done!" Will said, who saw the whole thing. "We'll be trapped here forever if you ruin that map."

"Wait a moment," Jack said, staring at the map once again. The message that read "Sunrise Sets" looked different now. Instead, it simply read "Sundown".

"What?" Calvin asked.

"Upside down…" Jack looked at the map, and the message was suddenly clear. Placing his hand on the center piece, which contained a picture of a ship, Jack rotated it 180 degrees.

"Sundown..! And rise up!" Jack suddenly jumped to his feet. "What's that?" he called out, pointing over the starboard side of the ship.

This took everyone by surprise. "Is it the Kraken again?" Calvin asked, gripping the handles of his swords. Jack ran over to the port side, and looked over. Everyone on deck followed.

"I don't see anything," Gibbs commented. "What is it?"

Jack looked around, and suddenly ran to the port side of the ship. The crew followed him.

"Where are you looking?" Elizabeth asked.

"Um…" Jack began. He made a funny noise, and ran back to the starboard side. The crew followed.

"There!" he said again. The crew didn't see anything. Before they could ask again, Jack rain back to the port side. The crew followed.

By this time, Hobbes came up from below deck. "What's going on?" Hobbes asked. "What's with all of the rocking?"

Calvin noticed Hobbes and shrugged. "Jack's up to something," he explained as he followed Jack back to starboard.

Barbossa, behind Hobbes, looked down at the charts. Once he saw the upside-down ship, Barbossa put two and two together. "He's got it!" Barbossa realized.

"Got what?" Hobbes asked.

"Follow me below deck, Master Hobbes!" Barbossa commanded. "I need your help." Without a word, Barbossa and Hobbes ran below deck.

By now the rocking of the ship was becoming more noticeable to the crew. Jack wasn't even pretending to see anything anymore. The rest of the crew had caught on. They were trying to tip the ship over.

Calvin ran with the rest of the crew on the deck, back and forth, over and over. But being smaller and shorter, Calvin was almost always the last to arrive on the side. This was made worse as the ship began to rock even more. Soon, anything that wasn't tied down to the deck began tumbling overboard.

Down below, Hobbes was helping Barbossa cut through ropes and nets that were holding cargo. "Un-stow the cargo, ya bilge rats!" Barbossa yelled to the crew. "Let it shift!" Obeying the command, Hobbes cut more and more of the cargo free until boxes and barrels were rolling all around below deck. With his work done, Hobbes had to navigate through the oncoming crates and debris to get back on deck.

The Black Pearl was really rocking now. The crew had to run faster and faster, lest they slide down the deck and hit the railing on the other side. Calvin still had difficulty keeping up, but was still able to make it. Hobbes joined everyone on the deck, and, being a tiger, was able to keep up with the rest of the crew.

Soon the ship was tilting almost sideways, and it became a lot more difficult to stay on board. One of Sao Feng's men already had tumbled and fallen off. It was clear that it would only take a few more times until the Black Pearl capsized.

As Calvin struggled to run to the side once again, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. It was the navigational charts, left on the deck, sliding along the incline.

"The charts!" Calvin yelled, as he leapt for it. Calvin grabbed it before it had fallen off the deck, but found himself beginning to slide as well. Calvin screamed as he slid fast and faster towards the edge, but just as he was going to plunge into the water below, the Black Pearl began to tip the other way. The crew ran to the same side Calvin was on and grabbed onto the railing. The Black Pearl tipped over, even deeper than before. But it began to rock back.

As the crew ran to the other side, Calvin sprang to his feet and ran with them. But soon he found himself sliding back again. The crew had reached the starboard side as the Black Pearl's deck almost turned sideways. Calvin could feel the deck begin to give out under the soles of his sneakers, and knew that this time, he would fall off the ship for sure.

In a last ditch effort, Calvin leapt with all his might, hoping to grab the railing. The railing was too far away, and Calvin began to fall. But at the last moment, a rope swung down, and Calvin grabbed it, keeping him from plunging into the mysterious sea.

"YEOWCH!" Hobbes yelled in pain. Calvin had grabbed onto his tail, pulling on it like a ton of weight. He gripped the railing as hard as he could, gritting his teeth in pain.

The Black Pearl was completely sideways now, and everyone sensed that this time, the ship would capsize.

"Now up…" Jack commented, as the ship began to flip over completely. "…is down."

The Black Pearl then flipped over completely. It had capsized, and the crew was now holding onto the railing underwater. Calvin was still gripping Hobbes' tail, and Hobbes was still clinging to the railing. For a moment, nothing happened. The crew looked around at one another, confused. Everyone was holding their breath, and a few looked like they were struggling to do so.

Then, a bright flash of green surrounded the ship and the crew. A glint of light appeared from below their feet. A force was felt from the other side of the hull of the ship. The force pushed the ship deeper, down into the water. The Black Pearl began to accelerate more and more, deeper into the water. The Black Pearl was headed down towards that light. It grew brighter and brighter as the Black Pearl came closer.

Then, as suddenly as it began, the Black Pearl broke through the surface of the ocean, right side up, with the crew sprawled out on the deck (most of the crew, anyway. Pintel and Ragetti had tied them selves to the mast upside-down, so they were stuck).

Everyone else was coughing up water and clearing their eyes. The sunlight indicated that it was morning, and the sun had just risen.

Gibbs was the first to find his footing. "Blessed sweet Westerlies," Gibbs exclaimed. "We're back!"