A/N: Random thing i thought up during a computer-less week when I was watching Sesame Street 'cause there's nothing good during the day.

Warnings: Swearing? Angst?

Disclaimer: I don't own Sesame Street, Elmo or Naruto.




Uzumaki Naruto glanced into the room where toddlers watched a puppet show, entranced.

"…You celebrate the day you were born!" squeaked a puppet.

He walked faster toward the Godaime's office to turn in his report. The blonde had just returned from a mission, bloody and tired. The usual after another failed mission to Sound. Another failed attempt by Sasuke to kill him.

Tired blue eyes stared at everything and nothing.

A single, bitter thought ran through his mind as he remembered his mission and the dead.

Why… would anyone… want to celebrate the day they were born into… this hell?