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Singing in the Sun: A Distraction is Born!

"Um… are you sure this is the right location, Kiba-kun?" Hinata rubbed the back of her foot against her other leg, the material scratching at her bare skin through her sandals. They were on top of the roof of a high building, looking down across the street. She glanced up at the sign hanging above the doorway of the building adjacent to them – Odorikuruu. No doubt about it, it was some kind of nightclub. And it was currently packed. A pair of bouncers guarded the doorway, and a line of people snaked down the street.

"Have you ever known my nose to be wrong?" Kiba rubbed the bottom part of his nose, giving a wide grin. He sat next to Akamaru, the giant dog sniffing around in interest. Kiba's brow twitched suddenly, turning to his other team mate. "Don't say a word about it, Shino."

"I had no intention of listing the numerous occasions where you have led us off on a different direction," replied the other boy, adjusting his goggles slightly. "However, I did make sure to plant a bug on him – just in case."

Kiba glared at him, feeling paranoid that behind the high collar of his team mate's jacket, he was smirking at him. "Yeah, well, I know I'm right anyway. Too easy if you ask me, the guy's a complete ass of a missing-nin." Akamaru growled about something. Kiba glanced down at his partner. "Ehh? You think it's more dangerous than it looks? No way, this mission is easy, Akamaru! All we have to do is run in, find this crim and drag him back to Konoha! Simple!"

"Akamaru-kun may be right though, Kiba-kun," said Hinata. The veins around her eyes were throbbing, her Byakugan staring through to the club. "There are a number of people in there. We could hurt someone, or they might decide to attack us. Tsunade-sama warned for us to be discreet."

"If we were to rush in, we would be defeating our purpose," agreed Shino. He held his hand up, a tiny bug landing on his finger and buzzing excitedly. "The clientele composes of a large crowd, many shinobi, and too many for us to involve. We should not engage them unless necessary."

Kiba crossed his arms. "Damn it, it's never easy. Guess we'll need a plan or something."

"Now seeking singers for nightly entertainment," said Shino.

"What are you on about?" asked Kiba.

Shino pointed at a large sign on the side of the building. It was advertising auditions for singers. "If someone were to sing, we would be able to hold the crowd's attention long enough to discreetly remove the suspect from the building."

"Sing? I'll do it!" exclaimed Kiba, jabbing a thumb at himself proudly. "No problem."

"No," said Shino bluntly. "You would just give the crowd an excuse for a fight." He turned around, ignoring the other boy's retorts. "It must be Hinata."

"M-Me?!" Hinata jumped. She held a nervous hand up to her lips. "Bu-but, Shino-kun, I-I can't!"

"You are the only one we can rely on," replied Shino, his tone not sympathetic in the least. "You need to… "Wow the crowd"… long enough for us to enter and exit with the suspect."

Kiba raised an eyebrow. "Wow the crowd? Where the hell did you get that from?"

"It doesn't matter," muttered Shino. "We need to execute this plan while we know the suspect is still inside. We do not want to lose him. Hinata, get ready."

"O-okay…" Hinata gulped. What was she getting herself into?

Inside the club…

"Um… I'm here about the singing?"

The man at the bar glanced up from writing down tabs. He raised an eyebrow at the woman standing on the other side of the bar. She was quite a knock-out, could have easily been a model with her looks. Her baby blues kept nervously glancing down at the floor.

"What's the matter, Sweetheart, first time singing?" inquired the man. He leaned on the bar to get a better look at her. The dress she was wearing was a little too enticing not to get an eyeful of.

"Uh, um, yes, it is," replied the woman. She tucked a lock of dark blue hair behind her ear. It was a little hard to hear in the club whilst music blasted out from the dance floor.

Inwardly, Hinata felt like dropping the illusion and running as far away as she could. She felt so awkward in this body. It wasn't her - far from it, even if she had tried to imagine a kind of older self when she'd created it (the low-cut dress had been Kiba's idea though). Thinking about her henge, she also felt a tiny rush surge through her when she thought about how she'd tried to create eyes like Naruto's, eyes full of such unique energy and depth. That gave her a little confidence at least, remembering the blond's courage to do any task. This mission was important, and she didn't want to be the one to cause it to fail.

The man took out another book and opened it to a page with names on it. "Well auditions are at eleven tonight. If you come back then..."

Hinata panicked, the mission was for now, not then. "Please," she said, stepping forward a little. The man looked up questioningly. "Um, sir, please, I would rather do it right now. I, uh, I… I have a wedding to go to tonight, and I don't want to miss it. It's for my… it's for my sister."

The man behind the counter looked her up and down. The woman was looking flustered, something which just didn't look right on her for some reason. He decided to take pity on her though. "Alright, Love, you got yourself an audition then. Pop up on stage and we'll start. But I can't promise you'll get the crowd's affections though, they're not going to like this much." He pulled a radio out from his pocket and spoke into it. "Hey, Reijin, cut the music for a moment, we got an early audition."

Booing began to sound from the dance floor as the music abruptly died down. Hinata shuffled over towards the stage where the DJ was.

"Okay ladies and gents," sounded a voice over the din of the crowd. The DJ ducked as a high-heel sailed over his head. "Hey now, hey now, don't stab the messenger! Come on, settle down, we got some serious business here!" He leaned over towards Hinata, motioning for her to come up on stage. "Pst, hey, Miss, what's your name?"

The crowd was still in a ruckus of noise, their chanting for the music to come back on also mixed with catcalls and wolf whistles as Hinata took the stage. Hinata had never felt so embarrassed or nervous. She stumbled to get words out of her mouth. "Hina… Uh, Hinaru," she spat out. Her eyes were wide with fear.

The DJ raised an eyebrow at her for a brief moment before turning back to the crowd. "Okay, okay, we got here an audition by a Miss Hinaru. So calm down, and don't scare the lady off, alright? It's her first time so be gentle!"

The catcalls intensified. Hinata's cheeks were so flushed she felt like she was going to faint. She hardly even noticed the microphone that was pushed into her hands until the DJ prodded her.

"Come on," he hissed. "Either you sing, or you get lost."

'I can't jeopardise the mission!' thought Hinata. She slowly brought the microphone up near her mouth. Her voice came out as a squeak at first. She paused, cleared her throat, took a breath, and imagined the faces of her team mates encouraging her on. She could almost hear their voices calling out support… Hinata closed her eyes and began to sing.

Time seemed to freeze inside the club. The booing from the crowd ground to complete silence. People aiming to throw things lowered their arms. A bottle slipped from someone's grip and smashed to the floor. Nobody seemed to notice though. All eyes were trained on the young woman at the front of the club singing.

And the club stayed completely silent until the very last note diminished from the woman's mouth.

Hinata opened her eyes, blinking as she realised the silence that surrounded her. All gazes were on her.

A single person clapped.

Hinata's body seized up, mortified at the thought that something had gone wrong.

The crowd erupted into an uninterpretable din. Hinata dropped the microphone in shock. What was happening? Was the crowd ready to riot and flood the stage seeking her blood? The noise was chaotic, even more than before. Hinata fled from the stage. The crowd seemed to be going crazy with screaming, clapping and whistling. She became lost in it, whirling around and looking for a way out. The crowd pressed against her, boxing her in.

"Hinata, this way!" A hand reached through the bodies and latched onto her wrist. Colours sped by from the lights of the club covering the floor and ceiling. A door was kicked out of the way. The noise of the crowd cut away.

Before she could take it all in, she realised she was outside. Shino had carried her in his arms up to the roof they had been hiding on before. As he placed her down, she noticed that sometime during being lost in the crowd, she'd also lost control of her henge.

"Did you… did you get him?" she asked, clutching at the collar of her jacket. Her heart was beating frantically.

Shino gave a simple nod and motioned towards the other side of the roof. Kiba and Akamaru dragged a man towards them, his wrists bound together and a gag stuffed in his mouth. Akamaru bared his teeth at the man as he tried to struggle.

"Ha, what'd I tell you? Simple!" Kiba smirked, patting Akamaru on the head to settle down.

"Hinata, you did very well." Shino turned to his female team mate.

The girl nodded vaguely. She trembled, remembering the rush inside the club and all the people that had been yelling at her. Yelling? Hinata raised a hand to her lips. Something didn't feel right about that. But, thank the heavens she wouldn't have to do something like that ever again. It was just too much.

Akamaru gave a sharp bark as Hinata went pale and began to teeter.

Hinata's mind went blank to the faded sounds of the club below.

The next morning…

Tsunade tapped a small pile of papers together neatly so she could staple them. Team Eight stood before her, waiting for her to speak.

"Nice work," she told them, placing the papers into a folder. "Kurenai was right in letting you take care of this one yourself. Take the rest of the day off to get some sleep. You're dismissed."

Team Eight bowed and left the office via the side window, jumping down to the street below. As they walked, Kiba scratched the back of his neck.

"Eh, I'm more hungry than sleepy. Let's get some food, I'll pay."

Hinata and Shino glanced over at him, surprised at the offer. Kiba saw their looks and shrugged.

"What? It was a good mission," he retorted. "But it's all thanks to Hinata," he said, giving Hinata a clap on the back. The girl winced, but Kiba was in too boisterous a mood to notice. "She went in and everyone in the crowd just went silent!"

"Hinata did very well to gain the crowd's attention," agreed Shino, turning slightly to her. "I would have liked to have heard you sing however."

"You… you didn't hear me?" asked the dark-haired girl. A small part of her really wished to know how she went.

Kiba shook his head. "We were too busy getting the guy outta there. He put up a little bit of a struggle and tried to whack me over the head with a bottle, but a good punch to the face solved that problem." He laughed. "Hey, Hinata, you should have seen the look on his face when we knocked him out! …Hinata?" He paused. Hinata was no longer beside them.

Akamaru nuzzled at Hinata's hand as she stood before a shop window. She made no acknowledgment, even when the dog barked for her attention.

"What is it, Hinata?" asked Shino, joining her. He glanced up at the window, seeing a poster. Despite being covered up so much, it didn't disguise his surprise. Shino's hands slipped from his pockets to hang by his sides. "Hinata, that is the henge you performed last night, is it not?"

The girl nodded slightly.

Kiba walked over and leaned forward. He frowned as he read. "Teisatsu Kisai of Meiban Talent Agency presents Miss Hinaru, the world's next big idol. Miss Hinaru has disappeared though and we are seeking the public's help in locating the young woman pictured. If you are Miss Hinaru, or you have information concerning the songstress who appeared and disappeared from the Odorikuruu Nightclub on the night of the sixth, we urge you to come forth. Miss Hinaru, you are a star about to be born, please don't deny the world your wonderful talent." Kiba raised an eyebrow. "The hell?"

Shino looked down the street, seeing other groups of people clustering around similar posters in shopfronts and taped to poles. "The posters are all over the place."

Hinata tapped her fingers together nervously and looked back down at the photo. Eyes like Naruto's stared back worriedly.

"What are you going to do, Hinata?"

A/N: There's the first chapter done! I hadn't meant for it to go on for so much, heh. But anyway, here are a couple trivia points!

Singing in the Sun – sort of a parody on 'Singing in the Rain', but Hinata's name translates to 'in the sun'.

Hinaru – funnily enough, 'hi' can mean sun, and 'naru' can mean 'to become', so I suppose it can mean altogether 'To become the Sun'.