By LindsayR

Crossover: BtVS/DA

Spoilers: BtVS – could be any season before Joyce died.

DA – after 'Designate This' and through the episode where White takes the husband and kid of Max's clone. Don't remember the episode name.

Summary: Alec would have chosen her for a mother if he'd had the chance.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Author's Note: Just a little drabble that I cooked up. I went with the idea that Alec traveled after 'Designate This' and didn't go back to Seattle until later. Moved DA into the Buffyverse. No Pulse. Just Manticore playing God.

Alec never loved his mother. Most people would consider that unusual but it wasn't for him. He didn't have a mom. Sure, Manticore used DNA from a woman and man, as well as a cat, to create him, but that was just genetics. There was never anyone there to bandage his scrapes or comfort him when he was upset because he never experienced those things. He was a test tube human, created to be the perfect soldier. Mothers were superfluous. Still, when he saw Max's clone with her son he couldn't help but remember a woman who once took him into her home and treated him as one of her own. He never knew his mother, never loved her, but if he could have he would have chosen Joyce Summers for a mom. He never thought he'd want a mom until he met her, with her soft smiles, and soothing cups of hot cocoa. He fell in love with her and with the fact that someone cared about his wellbeing. He loved her like a mom and he knows, will always know, that she loved him like a son.