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She knew that smell. She knew it only too well. It was the smell of smoke, and it had haunted her for as long as she could remember.

A teenage girl lifted herself from the floor of a cave. She had light brown hair tied back in a small braid and a face swarming with freckles. Even in the darkness you could see her bright blue eyes, eyes that seemed to turn your innards to ice if you looked at them long enough. On her hands were a weathered pair of fingerless gloves and a small dagger hung at her waist. This girl was Annabelle. Annabelle Black. It had been three months since the dragons had destroyed her home….her family….her friends. Three months since she had found out about her terrible secret. A secret that gave her a slight advantage over the dragons that permeated the region. The people that believed her when she told them usually drove her away in fear. Again, that was if that was if they even believed her.

You see, Annabelle Black could talk to dragons.

Only in her head of course. It was as if she had an alternate pair of senses that allowed her to sense when there was dragon nearby, if it was hungry, or if it, for instance, happened to be sleeping in a cave that she might wish to enter herself. She figured this out when the dragons attacked her hometown. She couldn't understand it when it happened. She kept getting this sense of hunger, a sense of danger, and of a presence that seemed to be just outside the reaches of her brain. It was only about an hour after that did the dragons attack. She will never forget the sight of a black and red sky swarming with millions…millions of dragons. She had never told anyone how she knew that a dragon was about to attack……so they never listened to her, no matter how hard she tried to impress the matter. It was this ability that had kept her alive so far. And, if they had listened to her, would've saved countless others as well.

Annabelle lifted her tattered blanket and shook it. Monstrous clouds of black dust billowed into the air. This was the ash that settled after the nightly winds blew. It got everywhere. In her hair, in her clothes, even in the small rations of bread she was able to scrounge before the rest of her city was burned to the ground. She shook her head, making more ashes fly in every direction.

She dropped her blanket again. It landed on the cave floor with a loud thump that seemed to resound for a long time. In fact, it wasn't stopping. At that moment, Annabelle's heart dropped with a sudden lurch. That wasn't an echo; it was far too continuous and loud.

Those were dragon wings.

At almost that same moment she felt a sharp pang in the back of her brain. That dragon wanted shelter…it wanted her cave.

Annabelle rushed to the mouth of the cave and searched the gray sky. A thick fog had settled over the valley that night and one could hardly tell the difference between fog and the grey mountains which contained her cave. She realized the only way to get away un-sensed was to run, and she best do it now while the dragon was still in the air. She listened intently, trying her best not even to breathe, when she realized the thumping had stopped. There was silence.

It was on the ground.

Annabelle felt cold panic rising in her chest. She peered into the fog, dreading what she might see, a mere three feet from her face. She heard its claws scraping against the dirt as it began to walk. She began to probe her brain for any hint as to where the beast might be, when two large horns poked themselves over the top of the fog… and not but ten feet away.

Running was definitely out of the question.

Her mind raced with options when suddenly she remembered what this dragon would want if it found her.


She knew what she had to do. She just needed to do it faster than she ever had before. She rushed back to her pack in the rear of the cave. Pulling out some flint, she dug even deeper looking for the dry wood she always kept at the bottom. Then she hit clothe. She scratched at it hopelessly before tossing the bag aside. Now she could hear the dragon's breathe at the mouth of the cave.

Thank god it can't see in the fog, she thought to herself as she glanced around for something dry to burn. She whipped around, panic fogging her brain before she felt something else made from clothe brush her arm. It was her blanket. A sharp jolt at the back of her brain told her that the dragon was close. Too close.

Her arms were shaking as she struck the flint together. The sparks settled on the blanket then smoldered to nothing. She was beginning to hear the dragons footsteps echo through the cave. She dare not look to see if it was there. She struck the flint again this time blowing on the feeble sparks that landed on the blanket. They spread, jumped, then….yes. She had a flame.

But something blew it out.

She felt the hot, foul breathe of the dragon on her back before she knew it was there. She could almost feel it's malevolent yellow eyes boring into the back of her neck. Her arms had frozen. So had her lungs. She couldn't breathe. She could feel the icy panic engulfing her body. The last thing she wanted to turn around and face it. It would take that as a challenge.

Trying to remain calm (as this wasn't the first time she faced death this close) she closed her eyes and allowed her dragon senses to envelope her mind.

Don't eat me. Don't eat me. I am not ash and nor can I become ash. But, I can make ash. Do not eat me, and I shall give you ash.

She hoped the dragon believed her. She knew that the dragon could fry her to a crisp as easily as any other person, but she couldn't have it believe that. Then she heard a deep, coarse voice on the outskirts of her mind.

Why can you not become ash?

Annabelle's mind began racing. If she didn't answer quickly, the dragon would become impatient and probably try anyway. Of course, upon scorching her, it would succeed in finding that she really could be turned to ash. But she wasn't about to give him that chance.

I'm…I'm…, she thought desperately, her mind racing with answers, I'm a rare type of animal from the North. We can't burn. That's why we have survived as long as this.

She could feel the dragon considering her answer. Then she felt it take a large sniff as her clothes rippled about her body. She squeezed her eyes shut as the cold panic began to spread again. She tried to calm herself. She could not let this dragon know that she was afraid.

It spoke again, You look human. You smell human. Why should I believe that you're not human?

Unfortunate resemblance, I'm afraid, she told it, hoping it would believe her. Don't forget: I can make you food.

The dragon considered this for a moment then responded.

Show me.

Annabelle took a deep breathe, trying to move as little as possible and struck the flint, but kept her head straight forward. She didn't dare look at the blanket. She didn't dare move.

Please light, please light, please light…She closed her eyes tightly and prayed that this dragon was a patient one.

She opened her eyes just a crack when her heart suddenly jumped in her chest. She saw a flicker on the cave wall. Heat seemed to come from somewhere on the ground. She risked a glance. A small fire was smoldering in front of her. She suppressed a sigh of relief. She couldn't believe it. She might have a chance yet.

Y-your meal. She said to the dragon, being sure to indicate the blanket with a small bow. She felt the dragon thinking. She considered maybe praying again.

Move aside.

Annabelle didn't need to be told twice. She stumbled to her feet and stepped hurriedly out of the dragon's way. Its heavy body lurched forward and sniffed at the burnt blanket on the ground. This dragon's head was about as big as Annabelle's entire body. That was small.

This was only a baby.

That's when Annabelle's heart dropped again. It would want more after just her blanket. She had to run while it was still busy for that blanket was small, and the dragon was already half finished.

Being as quiet and stealthy as possible, Annabelle slowly kneeled down but didn't avert her gaze from the dragon's head. She groped around her on the floor until she felt the familiar coarse clothe that was her bag just to the side of her ankle. Quietly picking it up, Annabelle rose to her feet just as slowly as she had gone down. The dragon only had about a quarter of her blanket left to eat. She turned slowly and began walking toward the mouth of the cave. She could still hear the sound of the dragon eating behind her. The entrance was only about ten feet away when Annabelle heard an ear shattering roar back at the rear of the cave. Her dragon senses told her that it wanted more.

It was still hungry.

Forgetting stealth, Annabelle sprinted to the end of the cave and out into the dense fog. There came that panic again. She couldn't see but two feet around her in every direction but she could hear. And she had her dragon senses. According to what those told her, it was almost on top of her. Though her insides had turned to ice and her muscles had frozen, Annabelle urged them to sprint, sprint as fast as she had ever sprinted in her entire life. She had only gone about six feet when a firm grip grabbed her forearm. She looked down to see a human hand. It yanked her to the side and into a small crevice in the rock that she never would have seen in that fog. It was pitch black there but she could still sense the dragon. It had taken to the air and was searching the ground for her. After a couple minutes in complete silence, she felt a sense of despair come from the dragon.

It had given up.

Annabelle heaved a sigh of relief. She hadn't realized that she had been holding her breathe. She could hear the person who had pulled her aside still breathing hard beside her.

"…erm…Thank you," Annabelle said to them uncomfortably. She wasn't sure that was the first thing someone said in a situation like this.

"Don't mention it," came a thick accent across from her. However, they didn't sound like they meant it at all. It sounded brief and almost a little annoyed. They sat there for a couple of more minutes before Annabelle realized what they was waiting for.

"The dragon's gone, you know," she told them. Maybe they wouldn't ask questions.

"How do you know?" they asked. She could pretty much hear the disbelief in their voice. So much for no questions.

"…erm…I…well, I..." she tried to explain. How could she in order to make them believe her? "I just do."

Well, that was a lame answer, she thought to herself.

It was quiet for a moment when the person opposite her got up and peeked around the sides of the small crevice.

"Fine," they said in their quick manner. "Let's go."

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