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Title: Dance Dance

Summary: Everything would be different after tonight. Slight!Style

Warnings: Yaoi Cussing PWP (Kinda)OOC

Couple: Slight!StanKyle

Written By: Shino

Inspired By: The Wonder Years XD

Comments: I'm a little ashamed to say this but. . . . Kevin and his older brother would be hot. :brick'd: So would Kevin and Gary. And Kevin and Paul. :B


Dance Dance


It was a stupid school dance, nothing special, well, maybe it kinda was. It was the last dance of junior high. After that you were officially a high schooler.

A huge step. Goodbye r-tard's hello intellectuals.

Life would be totally different.

Kyle couldn't be happier.

And, despite it being a stupid school dance, he was making a rather big deal about it, trying to find a date. It seemed all the girls had been asked. He was one of the only ones left without a date. Well, Butters didn't have a date, but he doesn't count.

At one point, he even decided not to go, but Stan talked him into it.

Damn that son of a bitch.

So here he is, sitting in the bleachers watching all the happy couples dance to slow music, thankfully, that means that the dance would be over soon, maybe two or three more slow songs, and then lights will come on and he'll be free.

Then, he hears a shout, and his eyes are drawn to two certain brunettes.

Oh, lukkit there. Stan and Wendy are fighting. Again.

Now, they are marching in opposite directions.

He watches as Stan storms over to him and sits down angrily.

Neither speaks for the rest of the song.

Then Stan goes and breaks it.

"I hate her! Why does she always do this! ARUGH!"

Kyle sighs, looking at his friend.

"Dude, if she keeps doing this to you, stop going back out with her."

And then, it's like Kyle hadn't said a word.

"Look at her! She's dancing with Token! That slut!"

Stan whirls and looks at Kyle.

"Dance with me man."

His face looks completely serious compared to Kyle's blank one.

"Seriously dude. How is that going to help?"

Now he thinks it over.

"Uh, I can make her think she's turned me queer."

Kyle shakes his head.

"But that would mean I'm gay too."

Stan bits his lip.

"Please man? After she's stewed a bit, I'll tell everyone that I drugged you or something."

Eyes rolling, Kyle hears the DJ announce that this will be the last song.

"God. . . Fine, if you really want me too. I can't say no."

He grins hugely, and stands, pulling Kyle's arm, forcing him onto the dance floor.

Picking a spot towards the back but still in Wendy's line of sight, Stan's hands drop onto Kyle's hips.

Not wanting to argue, Kyle, begrudgingly, wraps his arms around Stan's neck and that sway together.

After a bit, they unconsciously move closer together, and soon their chests are touching.

Another ten seconds pass and Kyle rests his forehead on Stan's shoulder.

Then Stan wraps his arms tighter around Kyle's waist.

As the last cords of the song plays, Kyle lifts his head and their lips meet.

Yep. Life was certainly going to be different after this.



Not what I wanted.

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