Draco Malfoy, prince of the Elves, the guardian's of the sacred flame of Draymor, was bored. No, he was more than bored. He had absolutely nothing to do. It was a dull spring day, even with it's bright, cloudless blue sky and cheerfully shining sun. Everybody else in the kingdom, including his own mother and father, was outside enjoying the wonderful day. But not him. He wanted nothing to do with it. Eighteen and he still hadn't found his mate. He had explored every single nook and cranny of the kingdom and even some of the neighboring ones, and still he hadn't found them.

Sighing, the flaxen haired youth stood and made his way out of his private chambers. He wandered a bit, not paying attention to where he was going, until he got to a part of the palace that he had never seen. It was an unused wing, one that hadn't seen a living soul in more than, well, he couldn't be too sure, but by the layers upon layer of dust and grim, he could be sure that is was a very, very long time. He explored a bit, his feet leaving behind marks in the filthy floor, but he didn't mind. He finally found something that caught his attention.

He explored for hours, not noticing how long he had been there, or how much time had passed. As he neared the end of his exploration, he found a room that had it's door ajar. Carefully, he pushed the aged wood open and walked into the room. It was grand, or would have been had it been kept up and in good shape. There was a large bed situated in the back of the room, larger than even his own, meaning that this could have been the room of someone of great import. He went over to the large bay windows and pulled open the moth eaten curtains, allowing sunlight to pour in. He was rather grateful that the windows seemed to be self cleaning, meaning they had knowledge of those magics even back then, when ever then was.

When he turned, his breath caught in this throat. How could he have missed that? It was the most exquisite piece of work he had ever seen. It was of a long forgotten Fae, the fair one's that guarded the Earth and all her children. Those that had been wiped out more than aeon ago. The being it depicted, though, was far more beautiful and fragile than any painting or tapestry he had ever seen. The male, for it was clearly male for all the feminine features it had, had long, silky looking hair that fell far past his feet, pooling into a puddle. His eyes were large, and oh how Draco wished he knew what their color was. His nose was small and pert, fitting perfectly above pout-y rose petal lips. Delicately tapered ears peeked out from under his hair and hidden, just under the fringe of his bangs was the only imperfection he could find on this creatures lovely face. A lightening bolt shaped scar. His body was small and lithe, making him seem smaller than he actually was. Adorning the body that he wished to see were fanciful robes that draped around him liken to water.

Sighing wistfully, Draco snapped his fingers and a House-Elf appeared. It was unlike it's fairer counterpart, such as the prince, but stood at about two feet, was green and had a squashed face and large green eyes. "Master Prince Draco is calling for Dobby, sir?" asked the House-Elf.

Draco sniffed, "Yes, I would like this statue moved to my room and this wing of the castle cleaned up for my use."

The diminutive elf bowed so low that his squashed nose touched the ground and with a snap of his fingers, both he and the statue were gone from the stately room. Draco then left the room and went back to his own, intent on having a bath to clean the dust and dirt off his pale and flawless skin.


After his bath and a delectable dinner, Draco sat in his favorite chair in order to contemplate the Fae further. He hadn't spoken to his mother or father of this piece of work, and he didn't intend to. It was for his eyes only, if he could help it. Sighing, he sat back in the chair and looked it over again. He had a feeling, if this Fae were to still be alive, then this would be his mate, but the war between the Fae and the Scourge of the Underground made sure the Fae were gone. All that was left was the allies that had stood beside them, those that made sure that the Earth was protected from the darkness that threatened to over take them.

A yawn escaped passed his lips as he stood and went to his bed, ready for a full nights sleep. He cleared his mind and drifted off into the land of nod.


Moonlight shone through slightly parted curtains, illuminating the room that they protected. It drifted across plush carpet, intent on nothing and everything. As it continued it's assent, it came upon one that had not walked it's sister in many a year. The silver light swirled and caressed the being, filling it with life only it could bring. With what seemed to be a sigh, the being blinking, emerald slowly flooding previously blank eyes. It's hair, starting from the roots, turned a deep, deep black with equally deep green highlights. Skin turned golden, as if the sun had taken the being it to it's very arms and kissed every inch of it's skin. The robes that surrounded the beings body shifted and swayed in an imaginary wind, as if begging to play. Then, when the moon reached it's zenith, the being blinked, then opened full red lips and yawned, the sound carrying it's way around the room, causing the only other person in the room to shift in his bed and mutter something in his sleep.

Feeling playful, the being crept over to the person and peered down at him from under thick, black lashes. His breath hitched in his throat as he stared at what could on be, in his mind, the most perfect creature to walk this Earth since the days of the Gods.

Knowing that he had very little time before the sun rose and he had to return to his slumber, he placed a hand on the other males cheek, feeling the warm, silky skin under it. He pulled away and went back to where he was standing. Gazing sadly at the glow of the morning sun, he took his place back up and went back to sleep.