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Kamen Rider Ran-O

By Ten-Faced Paladin

Chapter 1: My Name is Momotaros!

Ranma was feeling odd. He wasn't sick and he hadn't taken a beating from any of his rivals or Akane thus far. It was just a feeling in his gut that rose the hairs on the back of his neck. He wasn't sure what it was but he knew that sooner or later he was going to be mixed up in the middle of it. He had been feeling weird ki signatures all day. They were really small so he couldn't pinpoint them, but there was an odd feeling about them. The only thing that he could determine about them was that they were almost falling from the sky.

"I'll deal with it later," Ranma shrugged. He usually always did.

The reason he had been walking was because he was coming home from school. Usually Akane would be the one with him but she had gone ahead because they had yet another argument. This left Ranma alone to reconnect with his thoughts. Well, he would have until he was suddenly interrupted.




As with the norm of Nerima, the various girls after Ranma's heart/hand began their hunt anew. Also the norm in Nerima, when the fiancées of Ranma Saotome came coming, his rivals were not too far behind.





What came next was again normal for Nerima. A huge martial arts battle that destroyed a good portion of property that would have the owners weeping and the contractors weeping with joy. The girls would fight each other while trying to get Ranma's attention while the boys would do their best to destroy him so they could 'free' their respective loves. It had gotten to a point where all three girls had glomped onto Ranma, while the boys had started fighting each other for the right to destroy their hated rival. This was the scene that Akane had walked in upon after Kasumi had asked her to fetch Ranma for dinner.

"RANMA NO BAKA!" she shrieked in rage as she charged and pounded Ranma into the lower atmosphere. This sparked a battle between the girls concerning Akane's treatment of 'their' man, but let's focus on Ranma for the moment.

"Stupid tomboy," Ranma frowned as he corrected his position while flying through the air.

As he was flying though, Ranma didn't notice a yellow orb coming down from the clouds. It was glowing brightly and seemed to have its attention focused on someone down below. Well, someone who had their bike stuck in a tree anyway. It was actually so focused that it didn't notice Ranma coming at him until it was too late. Ranma had collided with the orb and said orb was absorbed inside of his body. The boy in question didn't notice the orb as he continued soaring through the air. He was too focused on landing properly and avoiding some major pain. He saw his landing point coming up and he bent his legs to prepare for it. The people walking by were somewhat surprised to see a boy with a pigtail suddenly fall from the sky and land with a light tap.

"Wow," Ranma blinked as he checked his surroundings. "This has got to be somewhere in greater Tokyo. The tomboy's been practicing."

Deciding to get to some higher ground so he could begin roof hopping back home, Ranma started walking up some stairs that led to the streets. As he was walking though, he almost tripped on something that was wedged between two of the steps. Looking down, he saw it was some kind of black object with a round circle that had a line in it about halfway. Staring at it for a moment, Ranma shrugged before slipping it into his pocket. If it was important then someone would put up posters for it or something.

While Ranma was walking, sand started falling from his body and piling up on the ground. It wasn't long before there was enough to fill a sandbox. Ranma stopped for a moment as he noticed that he was covered with sand and started brushing it off.

"How did I get covered with this stuff?" he wondered. "I haven't been to the beach all month."

As more sand started falling, it began to collect on a certain point. It continued piling until a figure started rising from it. It was outfitted in a kind of outfit that had several dark lines and symbols on it. It had two deep eyes and two horns sticking out from the top of its head. Its entire body was made from sand. Oddly enough though, the creature's legs from the knees down could be seen hovering above its head.

"Ask of me your greatest desire," it asked in a deep intimidating tone, but seeing that Ranma wasn't paying attention, it started getting angry. "Hey! Pay attention when I'm talking to you!"

Thinking that the angry voice was talking to someone else, Ranma felt that he got the sand off his body and took a flying leap to the top of a low building before he started heading back to the Nerima district. The sand creature was left staring at Ranma as he leaped away.

"Wow," It gaped. "I didn't know humans could do that! Hey! Wait for me!"

The sand creature then dissolved back into individual particles and vanished from sight, assumingly following the martial artist back home.

Ranma spent the next hour or two leaping over rooftops until he came back to recognizable territory. Finally feeling that he was home again, he leaped back to street level and heaved a sigh as he let his muscles rest for a moment. Taking a seat on a bench, he took a moment to begin breathing exercises.

"Oi!" an angry voice shouted.

Ranma turned took look at the owner of said voice, expecting a rival or someone his father had ticked off, but found himself surprised when he found himself looking at a creature made of sand that was only up to its waist and had legs dangling out of midair. It was also panting slightly from exertion.

"What the heck are you?" Ranma blinked, used to weird things but this was rating a very high in his book.

"That doesn't matter!" the sand creature snapped. "What matters is that I'm here to grant you a wish!"

"Oh yeah?" Ranma frowned, getting suspicious. "What's the catch?"

"Uhhhh," the creature froze, unsure what to say. "Uh, what catch?"

"When it comes to things that grant wishes there's usually a pretty big catch! I know from experience," Ranma frowned, poking the creature in the chest, his finger sinking in. "So what's the catch to this wish you're offering?"

"I'll tell you after I grant your wish!" the creature snapped back. "And stop poking me!"

Ranma stopped poking, but his frown didn't leave his face, "I'm not buying it. No deal." With that, Ranma began walking away.

"Hey!" the creature sputtered, following him, his legs looking like they were running on air. "What do you mean 'no deal'!? I'm offering you chance at anything you want and you just turn it down!?"

"Bingo, sandy butt," Ranma replied. "I'll bet that you won't tell me what the catch is because you know that there's no way I'll agree to it."

"Well, that's all a matter of opinion," the creature shrugged before turning his attention back to Ranma. "Oh, come on! The faster you make a wish the faster I get out of your life! I won't stop bugging you until you make a wish!"

"Then I guess we're stuck together," Ranma shrugged. "'Cause the only thing I would ever wish for doesn't exist anymore!"

"What!" the creature shouted. "No way! I can get it! Cross my heart!"

"Yeah right," Ranma sighed as he turned into the Tendo's yard with his new companion behind him. "You're only saying that to make me wish for it."

"Grrr!" the sand creature frowned and followed.

Ranma stepped closer to the front door of the dojo, not noticing the time on the clocks inside. It read 11:11 and nine seconds. As Ranma stepped closer and reached for the door, it reached ten seconds. As he gripped the side to slide it open, it read eleven seconds. Ranma then slid the door open and stepped inside and shut it again, leaving the sand creature outside. He turned to face the rest of the house only to find himself in an open desert and rocky mountains staring at a white train that had a red front. He blinked for a few moments before stepping closer.

"Now this you don't see everyday," he commented to himself.

Stepping even closer, Ranma noticed a door open and someone stepping up to it. She was an attractive woman with a white and black outfit on. She had her hair tied up in a bun and wore a small hat. Her shirt was white and sleeveless with gloves that reached up her elbows. Watches are adorned on her arms and she had black pants on. She had a bright smile and a cup of coffee in her hands.

"Hello!" she smiled. "Welcome to Den Liner!"

"Uh...hi," Ranma nodded. "How are you?"

"Just fine!" the woman continued to smile before she leaned down and handed the cup of coffee to Ranma. "Here you go! Compliments of Den Liner!"

"Oh," Ranma blinked as he took the cup. "Uhh...thanks."

"You're welcome!" the woman smiled. "Bye bye!"

Ranma nodded his goodbye and began walking back to the door that led him to this strange place. His slowly slid it open and stepped back out before he closed it. Staring at the coffee in his hands he shrugged and took a sip. He flinched slightly at the heat but that was about it.

"Hey, this isn't bad," Ranma commented as he set the cup back onto the plate. "I wonder where that train had come from."

"Train?" the sand creature gasped, suddenly growing even more worried.

"Yeah, it was weird," Ranma explained. "I was in the middle of the desert and there was this huge train right there and there was this really nice girl who gave me this coffee. I turn around and come back out and here I am."

"Ohhhh!" the sand creature cried. "This is real bad! Ranma! Please make a wish! Please! Please! Please!"

"Oh, no way!" Ranma declined. "Not until you tell me what the catch is."

"And I said I'll tell you after I grant your wish!" the sand creature insisted. "I'm not going to go away either!"

"Then you might as well come in," Ranma sighed, opening the door to the Tendo house, half-expecting to see that train again. Instead, he found the usual entrance into the Tendo home. Ranma stepped inside with the sand creature following him. As he walked through the hall, Kasumi stepped out of the kitchen to see who had come home.

"Oh, hello, Ranma," she smiled. She then noticed the sand creature following him. "Oh! You made a new friend. I'll put some tea on."

"I really wouldn't call him a friend," Ranma grumbled as he continued on his way and entered the living room. Nabiki was sitting in there while reading a magazine. She idly glanced up and her eyes widened as she saw the sand creature for herself.

"Well, this is new, Saotome," she spoke. "Who's your new tag-along?"

"Dunno," Ranma shrugged as he took a seat, placing the coffee on the table. "I noticed him when I got back to Nerima after Akane punted me. He won't go away!"

"Not until you make a wish!" the sand creature restated stubbornly before folding his arms.

"Wish?" Nabiki blinked, growing even more interested. "Hey, I've got a wish."

"Sorry," the sand creature sighed. "It has to be Ranma. I'm stuck with him until he makes a wish."

"You want to give Ranma a wish?" asked Kasumi as she entered the room with four cups of tea. "That's so nice of you. Ranma, you could wish for a cure for your curse."

"A cure for a curse?" the creature asked before it suddenly got excited. "Hey! Yeah! I can do that! All you gotta do is say the word, Ranma!"

"A cure doesn't exist anymore Kasumi," Ranma sighed. "Remember how Jusenkyo got flooded?"

"That's right," Nabiki nodded. "We got the whole story after the wedding, remember?" she then turned to the sand creature whom was leaning on the table with his sandy limb. "Anyway, just who are you?"

"Uhh," the sand creature fidgeted. "I...don't really...have a name."

"Oh my!" Kasumi gasped. "Well, that's not right. Everyone should have a name. Now what would be good for you?"

"He looks kind of like an ogre from those old stories," Nabiki commented offhandedly.

"He does, doesn't he?" Kasumi nodded. "I know! How about 'Momotaro'? Like the peach boy?"

"What?! 'Momotaro'!?" the sand creature gaped. "Hold on a sec!"

"Sounds a little old-age to me," Nabiki replied.

"Thank-you," the creature nodded.

"I think something more new-age would sound a lot better," she continued. "Something like 'Momotaros'."

"'Momotaros'!?" the creature shrieked. "Oh come on!"

"That sounds nice!" Kasumi smiled before turning to the creature. "Would you like some tea, Momotaros-san?"

"Ugh," the newly dubbed Momotaros sighed. "Sure."

Kasumi handed out the tea for everyone before settling in herself. Everyone had taken a quiet sip while Nabiki was gazing at Momotaros with a calculating eye. Maybe if she could get Ranma to move the wish to her. Chances like this didn't come very often. She did not want to pass this one up.

"So, Momotaros-san," Kasumi spoke. "Why did you pick Ranma to grant a wish for?"

"I didn't," Momotaros sighed. "I was actually going to pick this hapless sucker I saw who had somehow gotten his bike and himself stuck in a tree. He looked like he had a wish or two. Instead, Ranma came flying through the air and I got absorbed into his body."

"Oh, my!" Kasumi gasped.

"Hey, I saw that guy," Ranma snickered. "Even my luck isn't that bad."

"So why exactly do you grant wishes?" asked Nabiki.

"Uhhh...I don't know," Momotaros shrugged. "I just know that I have to. Something about what I get in return for granting wishes."

"And what do you get in return?" asked Ranma.

"You'll find out after I grant your wish," Momotatos replied.

Nabiki frowned slightly at that. If Momotaros wasn't willing to tell what exactly he wanted in return for granting a wish then it was probably something big and something that most people weren't going to give up easily without a fight. Now all that was left to do was find out just what that was.

"Whatever," Ranma sighed as he stood up again. "I'm going to see if I can find Akane. She hasn't come back home yet has she?"

"Not yet," Kasumi replied. "I think she might be near the school. That's where your friends found you, right?"

"Yeah," Ranma sighed. "I thought so. You can stay here until I get back sandy butt."

"It's Momotaros!" Momotaros shouted. "Weren't you listening?!"

Ranma just ignored him and stepped outside before heading out to find Akane, leaving a fuming Momotaros behind.

Gosunkugi watched from behind a tree with his camera as she was talking to that lost boy Ryoga Hibiki. After Akane had sent Ranma flying, there was a short brawl between the girls about it before they left to try and find him. The boys were still fighting until they noticed that Ranma was gone and so were their loves. Well, Kuno tried to hug Akane before she sent him flying. Ryoga was the last one there because Akane had started talking to him and he didn't know what to say. Akane just continued to be friendly to the lost boy while Gosunkugi silently fumed. It wasn't fair! He had been in love with Akane for so long and all these fools thought that they could just waltz up and get a date with her.

As Gosunkugi continued to fume silently and take pictures of Akane's smiling face, he didn't notice a yellow orb hovering down from the sky. It seemed to consider him for a moment before it continued on its path and let itself merge with Gosunkugi. The obsessed and sickly boy didn't even notice as sand started falling from his body and begin to pile up. The sand moved a short distance away from him before a figure rose out of it up to his waist. It looked like a fusion between a bull and a man that was half machine. It had nasty eyes with large horns sticking from the sides of its head. Its body was muscular with a necklace of bones and a large metallic arm made up his right arm. His legs dangled above and they looked like boots styled after hooves.

"I will grant you anything you wish," it suddenly spoke, causing Gosunkugi to turn around and squeak in fear. "I only ask for one thing in return."

"A-anything I wish?" Gosunkugi asked, hope filling in his heart, obviously not hearing about the part where it wanted something in return.

"Yes," the sand creature nodded. "Anything you wish. I will make it yours."

Gosunkugi felt that this was the best day in his life. Through all his suffering at the hands of Saotome and Kuno, he had finally been given the chance to make his one and only dream come true! He already knew what he would wish for.

"I...I wish...I wish that Akane Tendo was mine!" he cried.

Upon hearing the words, the creature began to change. He rose more from the ground as his legs that were dangling above vanished. It continued until it was standing like a normal person. Its colors also changed. Most of its body was black with his necklace turning white and his pants turning brown. His metal arm had turned gray as the steel it was apparently made of. Its eyes became a blood red as well.

"Akane Tendo to be yours," the creature repeated. "Got it!"

Ranma was walking through the streets as he headed to where he was guessing that Akane was last. Maybe if he was lucky he could keep his foot out of his mouth and actually have a pleasant walk back home. As he was walking though, he forgot about one of the basic rules of Nerima. When you're Ranma Saotome and you are walking out in the open, the chances of meeting a rival are that much higher.

"RANMA!" Mousse's voice suddenly cried out. "SHAMPOO IS MINE!"

His danger sense flaring, Ranma leaped aside as a series of chains with blades on the end collided with the spot where he had been standing a minute ago.

"Aw, man," Ranma sighed. "Can't these guys get a life?"

Back at the Tendo household, Momotaros was watching television while occasionally answering a question or two that Nabiki had thrown out for him. She was about to ask him something concerning what he would ask for in return for a wish when he suddenly snapped to attention.

"A fight!" he cried.

"Huh?" Nabiki blinked in confusion.

"Ranma's in a fight!" Momotaros laughed. "And here I thought he was boring!"

"How can you tell he's in a fight?" wondered Nabiki.

"I'm connected to him!" Momotaro replied quickly. "I gotta get in on this!"

Momotaros dashed to the doorway only to vanish in a haze of sand particles. Nabiki watched him go in slight confusion. That is, before she realized that she could use that early warning system to cash in on any fights that Ranma had while she wasn't around.

Ranma dodged another volley of chains before he leaped towards Mousse in attempts to knock him out quickly so he could get back to looking for Akane. He reared back his fist, ready to pound Mousse's face in when the myopic martial artists suddenly brought a large mallet out of his sleeve and pounded Ranma in the head, sending him crashing into a wall with enough force to make an indent.

"Hah!" Mousse laughed. "You aren't the only one who can improve! Shampoo is mine! Admit it, Ranma!"

The form of Ranma Saotome seemed still for a moment before something odd happened. For those with the ability to sense ki or see it on a visible spectrum without the user concentrating on it, they would have seen a red image of Momotaros appear above Ranma before merging with him. Ranma's body shuddered for a bit before it removed itself from the indent on the wall. His eyes opened to reveal that his irises had turned red and a red streak of hair could be found in his black locks. It was obvious that Momotaros was the one running the show now. He grinned as he slicked back his hair to keep it out of his face, the red streak becoming more apparent.

"Ore sanjou!" Ranma Red (Momotaros) called as he took a battle pose.

Mousse, thanks to his bad eyesight, didn't even notice the change and thanks to his arrogance and his inability to notice the obvious, didn't notice the change in Ranma's voice.

"So, you still wish to battle me, Ranma?" Mousse snickered. "Then it is your funeral!"

"Oh, shut up!" Ranma Red sighed. "We're in the middle of a fight and all you can do is go 'Shampoo' this and 'your funeral' that! Oh just give it a rest and let's fight already!"

"As you wish!" Mousse shouted in rage as he threw more chains at Ranma Red.

Ranma Red just sidestepped the attack and dashed towards Mousse with a sadistic grin on his face. Mousse, thinking that Ranma was going to try hitting him like he had attempted before, quickly brought his mallet out and swung at Ranma Red again. The mallet only hit air as Ranma Red ducked underneath it and rolled forward. Mousse looked down in shock before Ranma Red planted a fierce uppercut into his face and sent him flying to the dirt, seeing stars.

"Hnn," Ranma Red frowned. "What a lightweight."

He stepped towards Mousse's stunned form and yanked a street sign out of the sidewalk before stepping closer. Using his strength to rip off a portion of it until it was the same length as a sword. He stood over Mousse and placed the pole in both hands.

"Alright," Ranma Red grinned. "Time for you to see my hissatsu attack!"

Ranma Red raised the pole, ready to bring it down on his still dazed opponent. His body was quickly enveloped in a red aura. Before he could actually finish the attack though, he was interrupted.

'What the heck do you think you're doing?!' Ranma's enraged voice echoed inside of Ranma Red's head.

Ranma Red soon felt something surging within him as his red aura was quickly mixing with a sky blue aura. Ranma Red tried to fight back but a pulse of power saw the image of Momotaros being expelled from Ranma's body, his eyes returning to their stormy blue and the red streak of hair vanishing, along with his hair returning to normal. The red aura vanished so quickly it was like it hadn't even been there.

"What the heck was that?" Ranma shouted, trying to find Momotaros. "You coulda killed him!"

'He's got a thick head," Momotaros replied within Ranma's mind. 'He woulda survived. Besides, it's not like I woulda hurt anything he used a lot anyway.'

Despite the fact that Ranma agreed to a point, he knew that the aura Momotaros was packing into that attack would have seriously hurt the myopic moron. Even Ranma knew the meaning of restraint. Shaking his head he turned to leave when he started hearing some kind of tune before a warp appeared in the air. Ranma was tensed and ready to fight when the train that he had seen from before came racing through and came to a stop in front of him and Mousse.

"What the...?" Ranma blinked. "How'd it get here? There's no tracks."

The train came to a halt before a hissing noise could be heard from one of the carriages. He looked over to see a door opening and a set of stairs folding out. After that a woman who looked a little older than Kasumi came stepping out. She had long dark hair and a white shirt along with a black skirt. She stepped onto the pavement and looked right at Ranma before she gasped.

"Finally!" she spoke. "About time I found you!"

"Huh?" Ranma blinked, starting to wonder if this lady was yet another fiancée that his father had cheated.

"You have something of mine!" the woman replied as she stepped closer to Ranma. "It's important that I get it back!"

"Look, lady," Ranma frowned, not liking her tone. "I don't know what my father stole from you but you can leave me out of it!"

"What?" the woman blinked. "Look, this is no time to be playing games. Just give back my property."

"I'm not playing any games," Ranma insisted. "I don't have anything that belongs to you. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get going."

Ranma then took a running start and leaped onto a building before leaping away. The woman gaped at the performance before she started to notice something. There were particles in the air that followed him. Her eyes widened when she realized what that could mean. Could he be?

Ranma continued moving as he lamented about meeting that girl who seemingly wanted something from him.

'Story of my life,' he sighed inwardly. 'Everyone always wants something from me and they don't care how I feel.'

'If you made a wish I might get them off your back,' Momotaros offered.

'Not the time for this,' Ranma growled.

While Ranma was having his conversation with Momotaros, there was a sudden explosion that sent debris into the sky and caught Ranma's attention. He instantly turned in his path and headed for the source. What worried him was that it was pretty close to Furinkan.

'Please don't let it be Ryoga going nuts with the Bakusai Tenketsu again!' Ranma groaned inwardly.

Leaping over rooftops, Ranma finally came to a stop where the source of the explosion was. What he saw was something he rather wouldn't. There was some kind of bull-man/robot walking down the street toward Ryoga, who was shielding Akane. The lost boy looked like he had seen better days. His shirt was torn and his left eye was swelling up. He also had a few cuts on his body, a pretty good sign to see how strong this thing was.

"Momotaros," Ranma frowned. "Is this guy like you?"

'Yeah,' Momotaros replied. 'He's like me.'

"Then why is he solid?" Ranma asked, his muscles tensing.

'Because whoever he is contracted to made a wish!' Momotaros huffed. 'He kinda has to be solid to grant it!'

Below him, the monster was still stepping towards the two teens. It had to admit that the boy was tough and could throw a punch. It was just that the monster was stronger and had naturally tougher skin. The boy did put up a fight though.

"I'll ask one more time," the monster growled. "Give me Akane Tendo!"

"No way!" Ryoga growled.

"So be it," the monster growled before a blade extended from its right hand. "I will take her from you!"

"MOKO TAKABISHA!" a new voice roared before an orb of blue energy collided with the monster's back, sending it to the dirt.

"Ranma?" Akane gasped before the boy in question leaped to the ground and planted himself between his friends and the monster.

"Ryoga, get Akane out of here," Ranma frowned. "I'll handle things from here."

"Like hell, Ranma!" Ryoga bellowed. "I was doing perfectly fine until you showed up!"

"Would you just shut up and let me fight now!" Ranma frowned. "You're a mess! Just get out of here!"

"Please, Ryoga!" Akane insisted. "You're hurt!"

"Fine!" Ryoga spat. "But if you let this thing kill you then I'll make your afterlife hell, Ranma!"

Ryoga then let Akane drag him away from the fight. It was fortunate that she did since the monster was beginning to get back up again. It glared at Ranma and narrowed its red eyes.

"An impressive attack," it acknowledged. "Similar to what that other boy did. It hurt somewhat but it would take a lot of them to actually cause lasting harm."

"Well then I'll just have to prove how far above P-chan I am then!" Ranma snickered as he took a stance.

'You'd better not lose, Ranma!' Momotaros shuted. 'If you die then I'll vanish too!'

"Just let me take Akane Tendo and I'll spare your life," the monster offered. "I need her to grant my contractor's wish."

'Great, that means most of the boys in the school could have wished that!' Ranma groaned internally. 'If I ever find out which one of those pervs made a deal with this guy I'm going to kick their ass straight to the moon!'

Not bothering to make anymore smart remarks, Ranma charged forward to put the thing down and hopefully find out just who was desperate enough to make a wish with it. The monster made a wide slash but Ranma ducked underneath and made a straight right punch into its abdomen. It staggered back with the wind knocked out of it but Ranma's hand pulsed with pain from the hit. Its skin was tough!

"Looks like I'll have to try something different," Ranma frowned.

Taking another stance, Ranma leaped at the monster while concentrating his ki into his foot. When he was close enough, he planted a roundhouse kick into the monster's head. It stumbled to the side while its left horn cracked under the force of the blow. Ranma backed off but now his ankle was feeling sore along with his right hand going numb. The monster was taking a moment to recover while Ranma found a break in the fighting as a blessing so he could tame the pain he was feeling.

"Baka!" a female voice shouted.

Ranma turned to the source, half-expecting to see Akane only to see the girl from before bonk him on the head and looking rather angry. Where'd she come from?

"Fighting an Imagin with your bare hands?" she frowned. "Are you crazy?"

"Oh," Ranma grimaced. "And you have some kind of special weapon that's perfect for fighting these things?"

"No, you have it!" the girl shot back. "It looks like a small black box. I know you have it."

Ranma frowned in thought for a moment before reaching into his pocket and pulling out the object that he had picked up after his little flight into Tokyo. The girl's eyes brightened when she had gotten a good look on it.

"That's it!" she exclaimed. "I knew it! You are the one who can be Den-O!"

"Den-O?" asked Ranma. "What the heck is that?"

"Never mind," the girl huffed. "Just use the pass to transform! Henshin!"

"Henshin?" asked Ranma.

A sensation suddenly came to his waist which caused him to look down. What he found was a belt wrapped around his waist. The front had the same symbol on it that the black box had. Beside it was four colored buttons. Red, blue, yellow, and purple. Ranma was quickly finding himself to be more confused than before.

"Okay," the girl nodded. "Now you can transform."

"Transform?" Ranma frowned as he twisted his torso to glance back at the recovering monster. "How do you suggest I do that?"

As Ranma had moved, he had let the black box pass over the symbol on the belt. It suddenly lit up and Ranma immediately found himself surrounded by light. It faded after a moment and he found himself in a suit of armor. It was a black bodysuit covered in white, gray, and black armor. It pressed against his body and the helmet was mostly white save for the gray mouth guard and black eyes. It also had a gray line coming right down the middle of the helmet. His belt now had black items that were grouped in two on each side. His arms and legs were both donned with white gauntlets and boots. He had become Kamen Rider Den-O

"Now you can fight!" the girl smiled before pushing him toward the monster.

Den-O sighed and grumbled about pushy tomboys before he dashed towards the monster. It growled loudly before it used another wide slash. Den-O ducked underneath it again, thinking it was another easy hit, but instead he got a devastating kick to the torso that sent him straight up and back down to the ground.

"Gah!" Den-O gasped. This guy hit harder than Herb! He might even manage to give Saffron a moderate beating.

The monster just stomped over to him and grabbed him by the neck before throwing him several feet into a wall. It cracked slightly from the force of the blow. Den-O fell to the ground with his head in a spin. He hadn't fought an opponent like this in a while.

'Ranma!' Momotaros cried. 'He's not toying with you anymore! He sees you as a threat now! You're tired from the last fights! He'll clobber you!'

"And what do you suggest?" Den-O asked, slightly dazed.

'Switch with me!' Momotaros shouted. 'I'll fight him!'

"And how do you suggest that?" Den-O replied as he got back on his feet unsteadily.

'The red button!' Momotaros explained. 'Use that!'

Den-O looked down to his belt and saw the red button that was on his belt. He reached to it and pressed it. Suddenly, the symbol on his buckle turned a bright red and gave off a tune that Den-O could recall coming from the train that he had seen appear in front of him. Feeling the black box appear in his hand again, Den-O swiped it in front of his belt again.

"Sword Form!" the buckle called before pieces of armor started appearing in rainbow light around him. Two red pieces attached themselves to his chest while yellow and black pieces were stuck to his back. Plain red and white shoulder plates appeared on his shoulders while what looked like a red metal peach came sliding over his face from the back of his head. When it came into position it split in half with the points extending before attaching itself to his face as a new visor.

"Ore sanjou!" Den-O SF shouted as he took a battle position.

Both the girl and the monster were rather surprised at this outcome. Neither had been expecting for an entirely new person to take up the fight in place of Ranma. It was harder to tell who was more surprised; the girl or the monster.

"What are you doing?!" the monster shouted. "Don't you know our mission?!"

"I never really knew it anyway," Den-O SF (Sword Form) shrugged as he pulled two of the black items from his belt and snapped them together. "I would rather fight and being Den-O gives me the perfect chance to do that!"

Den-O SF then tossed the combined item into the air and pulled out the last two items. As it came back down, he attached the two items to either side of the combined one. There was a flash of light before a red sword blade came out of the top of the new weapon.

"Now my blood is boiling!" Den-O SF cried before he charged with his new sword.

Den-O SF raised his weapon and slashed at the monster, making sparks shoot from its reinforced skin as it cried in pain. Den-O SF didn't stop his assault as he attacked continuously. The monster threw some punches but Den-O SF was a lot faster so he was able to dodge the attacks easily now that he wasn't tired like Ranma was. Another punch was thrown but Den-O SF ducked underneath it before using and upward slash which sent the monster stumbling back.

"Heh," Den-O SF smirked. "If this is all you have then I might as well finish this now."

Summoning the black box to his hand, Den-O SF swiped it over his belt buckle again, "Full Charge!"

Streams of red energy shot from the buckle and into the sword blade as it started to glow brightly, "Now, here's my hissatsu attack, part two!"

The blade suddenly flew from the rest of the weapon and straight into the air. Den-O SF used an upward diagonal strike that was nowhere near the monster, but the blade could be seen coming from the sky. It dove through the ground before cutting right through the monster in a diagonal strike. Den-O SF then used another diagonal strike which was executed in the same manner. With the monster roaring in pain since the first strike, Den-O SF decided to end it with a single downward vertical strike which went right through the monster and caused it to explode in a fiery blast.

Den-O SF took a neutral stance as the blade reattached itself to the rest of the sword. He looked on at the remains of his opponent with satisfaction at his victory.

'What have I gotten myself dragged into now?' Ranma asked himself as he witnessed what Den-O SF had done.