This is a sequel to Reconnection, which would make this a trequel of Recollection. Like I said before, this story might not make sense, if you never read the two stories before it. But if you haven't, you can probably catch on, really quick.

For those of you who asked at the end of Reconnection, 'What the heck does Regression mean?' you'll find out soon :P. And you never get the dictionary definition; I will clue you in on it, eventually.

Note: I don't own American Dragon: Jake Long. To bad though, because that would be totally awesome!

Chapter 1: The Move

Our Story begins right where it we left off. Rose's parents decided that Hong Kong wasn't where they wanted to be. Especially after they learned about their daughter's past life, as a Huntsclan member. And after spending a day in New York, they are sure of the choice, they had made.

So that leads us into the current day, two weeks when Jake and Rose finally defeated the Huntsmaster. Rose and her family were gathered around a moving truck, in front of a house they just brought down the street from Central Park. Each of them, were taking turns carrying boxes and furniture into the house.

At the time, Jake and his friends were riding down the sidewalk. Since it was summer break, it was only normal to spend it everyday at the skate park. So they rid down the walkway this morning, to get to the park early.

"Hey Jakey, check out your new neighbors." Trixie said pointing to a moving truck in front of a house across the street to where they were currently at.

Jake looked over, and looked at it closely. Suddenly, Rose popped out of the moving van, and started to walk up the steps to her house. "Wait…that's Rose!" Jake said, stopping his wheels. He then shifted his board, and rode across the street, to say hi.

"Rose is here already!?" Trixie said. "How come you didn't tell us, Jakey?"

"I didn't know. Rose hasn't returned any of my phone calls lately…." Jake sighed. In his mind, he was wondering the same thing Trixie was.

Rose turned around, and dropped her box. "Jake…!" She said in an excited, yet stunned voice.

"Rose." Jake looked into Rose's eyes. But then his focus was back on the move. "You moved here already? Why didn't you tell me!?"

Rose went downward, to pick up her box. "Well it was going to be a surprise." A smile showed on her face. "My dad found this place just before we went back to Hong Kong. And it didn't take us long to pack, because most of our things weren't out of the box from the last time we moved."

"Hey Rose, nice seeing you again!" Spud waved at her, giving her a smile.

Rose started to walk slowly up to the stairs that lead to her house. "It's nice seeing you again too Spud, and Trixie."

Jake ran up in front of her, and grabbed the box. "Here, let me get that for you." He was trying to be a gentleman to her, as much as possible.

"No it's okay Jake; it's not that heavy…" Rose said, blushing.

Once Jake grabbed the box, the three noticed something different about Rose. "Hey Rose, what happened to your hand?" Trixie decided to speak out.

Rose lifted up her arm, to show a cast around her palm and wrist. This cast was over the hand that had her dragon birth mark. "Remember when I told you Jake about the time the Huntsman came to me in my dreams. Apparently when he grabbed my wrist, he sprained it. The doctor says I have to keep this on, for a couple of weeks."

Jake handed the small box to Spud, and dragoned up. He then went to the moving truck, and grabbed the giant sofa inside. "Come on; let's get this stuff into your house."

"No it's fine Jake; you guys really don't need to help." Rose pushed down her arms. Even though she needed the help, it was always nice to say no.

"It's the least we can do, with your hurt wrist and all…" Trixie said, going into the truck. The three headed into the empty house, and looked around.

Rose's mom jumped to the site of a dragon carrying her couch. But then she remembered about Jake, and that he was a dragon. Her shock expression was cleared. "Oh…Jake, it's you. Nice seeing you again!" She greeted her guest.

"It's nice seeing you to…Uhh…Rose's mom." Jake never learned what Rose's parent's names were.

"Please, call me Charlotte."

"Okay, Charlotte." Jake set the couch down, and returned back to human form. He then looked at the front door, to see Trixie and Spud entering. "These are my friends, Trixie and Spud. We're just helping you move in a few things…"

"Well it's nice to meet you, Trixie and Spud." She smiled, and then walked out of the living room, over to the moving truck. The three friends followed Charlotte, out of the house.

After Jake and Spud went and grabbed another box, Roxanne stepped out of the house. She stared at the strangers that stood in front of their home. But then she recognized one of these strangers, so she ran down the steps to greet him. "Hi Jake!!" She waved and gave out a flirty smile. Rose gave an evilly look, to her sister.

"Hey Roxanne," Jake waved back.

Roxanne stared at the two people that stood next to him. "Who's your friends?"

Rose jumped off the moving van, with a box in her hand. "Roxanne, this is Trixie and Spud, their old friends. Trixie and Spud, this is my twin sister, Roxanne." She introduced everyone.

About an hour later, Rose carried out a small box. "Well, that's the last one!" She cheered, as the whole family was tired of carrying out these boxes. "Thanks guys, for all your help."

"No problem. Well, it's getting late; me and Spud…have something we have to do." Trixie said.

Spud looked back at Trixie, with a weird face. "What, we didn't plan any-" Suddenly Trixie bashed her elbow, into Spud's side. Then she hinted over, to Jake and Rose, who both looked at the two as if they were crazy. Finally, Spud got the hint. "Oh yeah… see yah later guys." Trixie dragged Spud, and the two of them left.

Jake started to get a bit shy, now that Rose and he were alone. Suddenly, Rose grabbed his arm. "You want to see my room!?" She said, and then pulled him along back into the house.

They ran up the stairs, and entered through the first door on the right. Her room was all white, and had a pink bed. The rest of the stuff was still in boxes. Rose had second thoughts now, of taking Jake into this messy room. "It still needs…a little work." She admitted.

"It looks nice," Jake said, observing the whole scene. Then his eyes shifted on something, he didn't expect to see. On a corner next to her door, there was a folded up Huntstaff. "You're still going to keep that?" The site gave him the chills.

"Well yeah. What if you need help with… some dragon stuff…" Jake suddenly realized, Rose's plan.

"Rose, you can't come with me when I do dragon business. It's too dangerous, just look at your hand!" Jake gestured his arms over to Rose's wrist.

Rose held her arm up, and covered it up. "Its fine… and whatever you say isn't going to stop me. You need my help, and you know it."

Jake stopped his arguing. No use fighting with your girlfriend. Smart thing to do, was just to let her win. "Well I better get going. So you can…unpack the rest of your things. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" Jake pushed himself off of her bed. Rose got up, and stared at Jake. They gave each other a kiss, then Jake walked out of the door, and out of the house.

Finally, Rose is back into Jake's life. But a new person has been added to the group, Roxanne. How can see get used to this, new lifestyle of dragons, and magical creatures:) Find out, next time!!