Chapter 14: Damage Report

Scrunching her face from the pain, slowly Rose's regular vision was returning to her. Her actions were no long being controlled by the potion; she was back to normal.

"Huh…?" Was Rose's first real reaction not being affected by the potion anymore. Then she abruptly grabbed her arm, holding it trying to relieve it from the pain.

Jake opening his eyes, looked over at her. She looked like she was back, to her normal self. "Rose?" He spoke, making sure that she was better…

"Jake?" She looked over at him, confused.

Fu Dog jumped off the stool. "Looks like she's all better, guess I better call the old man and tell him we found you."

"Found me?" Rose questioned, her vision was kind of blurry at what had just happened. Suddenly, it all just clicked to her. She went over to Jake, and hugged him. "Jake, I'm so sorry!!!! I didn't know what I was doing…I thought it was all a dream!" She cried out, feeling so bad she just tried to kill the guy she loves.

Jake put his arms around her. "It's okay really, I'm just glad you didn't kill me."

Rose smiled. But suddenly, she let go of Jake, and grabbed her arm once again. Blood was rushing out of her wound, fast. Jake hurried and ran to the back room, and grabbed a paper towel. He set it on there, just for now.

Off the phone now, Fu trotted back to the two, and carried a bandage and a small bottle. Once he hopped back on the stool, he opened up the paper towel and squirted the antibacterial liquid right on top of her wound. Rose cringed when he did. "This will stink, but it will prevent infections…" He opened up the bandage, and set it all around Rose's hand and wrist. "Keep this on for awhile, it should stop the bleeding."

"Look, I'm so sorry for this happening…I think the Huntsman put that potion on me the day I met him in my dreams…"

Fu looked over at Rose, "Well, at least we know now who has been doing those mysterious attacks."

Just then, Lao Shi pushed open the door, and gave a sigh of relief when he saw Rose there. "Rose," He began to say.

Rose stood up, and walked over to Gramps. "Lao Shi, please I am so sorry about this… I-" Rose apologized for the third time. Not all the thank yous in the world could take away what she did these past couple of weeks.

"It is not your fault, Rose. The good thing is everyone is okay, and AI-YAH!" He screamed as he looked at the messed up shop. Plasma blasts broke lots of inventory, and damaged some of the walls.

She turned around, and looked at the mess she created. "And I promise, to help clean this place up. And whatever's broken, I'll pay." Lao Shi couldn't be mad at this one. All he could do was laugh it off.

Rose turned her head, and looked at the store entrance. When she realized how dark it was, she looked over at the clock; 10:39. "I better get home; my parents are probably worried sick about me." She pushed up her weight with her left arm, and prepared to leave.

Jake was about to stop her, when Lao Shi spoke. "Come, it is late. You shall rest here, for the night. I will call your parents, to tell them that you are safe." Holding on to the door, a smile appeared on Rose's face. She let go of the door, and walked over to the couch. She was a bit tired from the lack of sleep, and the fact that she was fighting the American Dragon. One night here, wouldn't do any harm.

As Lao Shi made the phone call, Fu went in the backroom and handed Rose a blanket. As she sat right up on the couch, Jake sat in a chair across from it, looking at her. "Jake, I don't know how many times I can say this…but I am very sorry."

"Rose, it's okay. I forgive you." He smiled; Rose gave a grin to follow that. She then lay down on the couch, still looking at Jake.

"Did I hurt you?" She inquired.

"Nope. But you did…break my window." He laughed.

Rose jumped up from the couch. "I swear Jake, tomorrow morning I'll go straight to your house, and fix your window." She was so nervous; she couldn't believe she broke his window!!

Jake sat up, and moved the blanket back on top of Rose. "It's no problem. The important thing is you getting better." Rose then grabbed Jake's hand (with her good hand) as she gently closed her eyes. "Even if I have to stay here all night, just to make sure you're safe…" Suddenly, Rose found herself fast asleep. But the middle of the night, Fu and Gramps looked over at the two love birds, sleeping right next to each other, on the couch.

The next morning, Jake and Rose were awakened by the door bell sound when someone walks through the door. Then suddenly, Rose was being squished by the random guest.

"Rose! We are so glad you're safe honey!" Yelled Rose's mom, as she hugged her daughter.

Roxanne walked over by the couch, putting her arm around her sister's shoulder. "Mom worried about you all night, believe me."

Lao Shi approached the two concerned parents, to explain to them just was exactly was going on. "Your daughter was being brainwashed by a very powerful potion. But she has returned to her regular behavior and should be completely back to normal."

Charles walked over to his daughter, and lifted up her right arm. He noticed the bandage, and the blood stains that shown through the material. "Rose, what happened to your arm?" He spoke in a concerned tone.

"I kinda got myself in a bit trouble." She gave a kind smile to her father. As every father knows, there is only one thing that their kid needs when they give that smile; money. "Speaking of trouble, I may need an advance on my allowance. I might have wrecked some things, when I was on my rampage."

Everyone looked around the room, noticing that it looked pretty bad. The price of fixing up her…damages boiled his blood. But right now, he was just happy his little girl was okay. "Of course honey." He gave out a fake smile.

Jake rose up his head, and looked over at Rose. She blushed at the site of him. "Come on honey; let's leave Rose alone with her friends." Rose's mom went over and pulled her husband away. Both of them got up, and headed out of the door.

Away from everyone, Roxanne quickly walked over Jake and Rose. But she stopped, when she realized both were lying in the same blanket. "So, what did you too do all night?"

Once she said that, Rose and Jake threw off the blanket off the blanket. "Nothing…" Jake smiled. A small drop of sweat dropped down his head.

"Really. It doesn't seem like that to me."

"Roxanne!" Rose threw the pillow on the couch at her. Both Jake and Rose couldn't help smiling.

Just then, the door opened up once again. Trixie and Spud walked through the door. "Rose! You're back!" Spud yelled at the site of Rose.

"Hey girl, we were lookin' for you all day yesterday!" Trixie sat in the chair, next to the couch.

Roxanne moved Jake and Rose apart from each other, and sat down between them. "So Rose, you feeling better?"

Touching her arm, Rose felt no pain. "Actually I am."

"Good, so what do you want to do today!!?" Roxanne got up; she enjoyed spending everyday with Jake, Trixie, and Spud.

Rose stood up, and looked at the shop. "I think I better clean up the shop, before I do anything…"

Just then, everyone grabbed out tools from the back room, and fixed up the burn marks that walls Rose destroyed last night. They patched up walls, painted the walls, and cleared out broken inventory. About two hours later, the shop seemed….just as good as before (kind of).

Trixie stood up, and looked at their work. "We did good, team." They dropped all their tools and junk, and walked over by the door. "So now that's over, what do you want to do next?"

"I better get home. My mom's gonna be so mad at me for destroying the house…" Jake said, as he rushed out the door.

Quickly, Rose grabbed his hand. "And I better go too; I helped make the mess I better fix it up. I'll see you later guys, okay?" She headed out the door.

Roxanne looked at the door, then back at Trixie and Spud. "I better go with them, with Rose's hurt arm and all she might have some trouble fixing whatever she destroyed." Just then, Roxanne bent over and…gave Spud a kiss on the cheek. She then trotted over, to catch up with Jake and Rose.

Standing there, Spud was mesmerized by the kiss. After a while, both he and Trixie realized they were alone in the shop. "Wait, what are we doing here?" Spud finally spoke out.

"Don't tell me they were going to leave us out of everything." Trixie spoke. Spud and she ran out of the door, and onto the sidewalk. "Hey guys, wait up!!"


I hope you enjoyed the story. I am debating still if I want to do a fourth story after this (as my other three stories, I made the last chapter of the story to be called the story name of the next story. But I have no idea what to call the story that might come after this. Plus, I don't know if I can still make it have a Re- to the title. xDD)

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