Chapter 5: Cocaine, Rape & Cookies

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As I walked to the back I noticed John saying goodbye to a lot of his co-workers. I watched as they all walked past me and back into the house. I sighed as I walked over to the swing and sat down. The fire was going and the warmth felt really good. I turned my head backwards and looked over at my old house. All the lights were off but I could tell from the little light that was beaming through the upstairs window she had candles light, which meant only one thing, drugs. I took a big swig of my drink before shutting my eyes, seeing the memories of my past float through my mind.

I sat upstairs in the small, dark, gloomy room upstairs as my mother light a couple candles. I never understood why she would come up here and light candles before she started doing drugs but I was sixteen, hell what did I know. The room freaked me out as did my mom and all her druggie friends; this is the last place I wanted to be right now. I knew drugs were bad and I didn't want to do them. But my mother called me stupid and worthless and practically forced them on me there wasn't much I could do. Most of her friends were guys, big guys to be exact and I couldn't fight them off if I tried.

"Alyssa come here," I heard my mother say. I walked over to the other side of the room to see one of her 'friends' standing there a huge smirk on his face. I could see the devil in his eye as I gulped. I knew what was about to happen and it made me sick.

"No please," I begged tears filling my eyes.

"Shut up! Lay down and lift up your shirt," my mother scolded. I did as I was told knowing that if I fought with her I'd regret it even more.

I winced as the old guy dropped some of his dime bag on my stomach; it took out a credit as he started to make a straight line with the white powder. I felt so dirty and used. I let out a disgusted sound as the guy started to snort the powder off my stomach.

"Shh baby, don't move now," he laughed before he finished up the line. "Your turn baby,"

"Don't call me that," I glared at him. "I don't want to,"

"Yes you do, I know you do. You're just like your mama a druggie and a whore," he replied with a grin. With that said I slapped him across the face, which I really shouldn't have done. I felt the back of his right hand hit me on the side of the face causing me to fall back over, I whimpered in pain. I could feel he got a piece of my lip because I felt the blood trickle down my chin. "Now you better be a good girl and what was I say,"

I watched as he took of his shirt completely and laid down on the ground where I was, he handed me the bag. I sat there looking at the bag of white powder in my hand; I bite my lower lip…

"Alyssa," I heard a male say. I shook the memories out of my head as I looked up to see John Cena standing in front of me.

"Oh hey John," I said casually. I watched as he took a seat next to me on the swing. I looked around the yard, looked like everyone else had gone home for the night.

"You seemed a little out of it; I called your name at least four times. What the hell were you thinking about?" he asked.

"Stuff..." I replied.

"Alyssa you can talk to me, I know it's been a while since we've talked but you can trust me. I know something's up so just tell me what it is."

"I was just thinking about a couple years ago is all…"

"Ooh about when you had Kayleigh?" he questioned.

"No," I quietly replied.

"How did that happen anyways? You were so quiet and innocent. You always kept to yourself unless it came to me of course, but other than that you hated when people touched you or came near you. I was just really surprised when I found out you of all people had a child."

"We all change John," I didn't want to talk about it. No one knew about what happened besides Keira and that's how I wanted it to stay.

"No something happened Alyssa, why can't you just tell me?"

"There's nothing to tell John okay, just lay off." I yelled getting really defenses he just wouldn't lay off. He looked over at my shocked before looking down. "Look I'm sorry I just don't want to talk about it right now, okay?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry I was out of line." He said as I took another sip of my drink.

"No, I might sound out of place but this has just been bugging me all day." I told him as his head shot up, his blue eyes looking into my brown ones.

"What's that?"

"What did you tell your family about earlier?" I questioned knowing it was none of my business but I just really wanted to know.

"I'm… I'm…" I looked at him strange as he continued to stutter not knowing the right words to say. "I'm going to be a father." The blank, sad expression I had on my face just moments before turned into shock.

"Are you serious?" I questioned as he nodded his head up and down.

"Are you sure it's yours?"

"What the fuck is that suppose to mean?" he started to yell now getting defenses.

"Whoa John I didn't mean to offend you like that. It's just I saw your girlfriend today and I don't know, I don't seem to trust her much. She doesn't look like the type to stay with one guy. She looks like a gold digger to be honest."

"Well it's none of your concern now is it?"

"No but I'm just looking out for you John although we aren't close anymore I still care about you and don't want you to get hurt." I told him.

"You don't want to tell me about what's been going on with you; I don't want to tell you what's going on with me." He replied in a stern tone that I wasn't use to hearing out of John Cena.

"You really want to know John?" I questioned raising my voice with each word.

"Yeah I do,"

"I was fucking raped okay?" I yelled as tears started to pour down my face. I felt as John's large arms wrapped around my small frame.

"I'm so sorry," he whispered in my ear as I cried into his chest. "If it makes you feel any better I don't really think the kids mine either,"

I slowly looked back up at him, tears still coming out of my eyes. I didn't say anything I just let him continue as he held me close to his strong, lumpy, warm body.

"I know she's been with other guys I'm not stupid. I know she's only with me for my money now because a year ago she broke up with me for a rich guy and now that I'm a professional wrestler she wants me again. Stupid me keeps going back to her too, I'm not really even sure why. But I know once she gets so far along with her pregnancy I'm going to get a DNA test done to see if it's mine or not. If it is mine I'll definitely take care of it and make sure it has everything it needs but if it isn't I'm done with her, for good." He said taking his thumb, wiping away my tears. "But why the hell am I talking about that, when you just told me what happened to you. Who the fuck did that to you!?"

"A guy my mom gets her drugs from," I sniffled. "She obviously couldn't afford it so she sold me so she get her drugs."

"Lyss I'm so sorry," he said hugging me. "You shouldn't have had to go through that shit, I wish I was here."

"There's nothing you or anyone could've done. My mom and all her druggie friends are sick, that's why I left I couldn't have Kayleigh be around that shit." I told him as tears continued to flow. "I'm just scared for when she gets a little older and ask who her daddy is; I don't know what I'm going to say."

"Shorty if you need anything I'll be here, you know that."

"You'll be on the road," I informed him.

"Yeah but I still have a phone ya know, call me anytime."

"Thanks John," I said cuddling closer to his body as he planted a soft kiss on my forehead.

"Anytime shorty,"


Next morning…

My eye lids slowly fluttered open before quickly closing. I could hear my cell phone going off but the sunlight that was beaming through the window kept my eyes shut. I slowly fluttered them back open to get use to the light as I looked over on the side table and picked up my cell with a groan.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey Alyssa, it's Dave again,"

"Oh hey Dave, what's up?" I asked sitting up on the bed pulling the blankets up against my body.

"Nothing just getting ready to go to an autograph signing I was just wondering if were still up for tonight?"

"Yeah of course, that is if you still want,"

"Of course I want to, I'll pick you up around 7 then?"

"Yeah that sounds good, do you know when John's house it?"

"Uh yeah actually I do I was there for a little bit last night, why?" he questioned.

"Alright good because I'm staying with the Cena's at the moment so you can pick me up here," I informed him letting out a soft yawn.

"Alright then I'll see you later tonight,"

"Alright sounds good, bye Dave,"

"Bye Alyssa," he replied as we both hung up.

I slowly arose from the bed and walked down stairs to see only John and Kayleigh in the kitchen attempting to make some kind of goodie. I looked around to notice flouring all over the kitchen table, floor and of course both their clothes and faces. A smile appeared on my lips as I watched the two play like little kids in the flour. I haven't seen Kayleigh this happy in a long time which made me really happy. I walked into the kitchen more and stood by the table finally being acknowledged by the two.

"Mama we makin cookies," Kayleigh giggled throwing a little more flouring at John.

"Yeah I see that," I said looking down at the cookie tray that had a few white globs with some chocolate chips in them.

"Mama guess what else!" Kayleigh smiled.

"What baby girl?" I questioned watching John put the cookies in the oven.

"John said we can go to da playground after,"

"Did he?" I smiled looking over at John who was starting to pick up.

"Yes he did," he grinned putting all the ingredients away. "Would you like to join us?"

"Yeah mommy join us, pleeeeeeease" she begged sticking out her bottom lip. Damn for a two year told she was good.

"Of course I'll go sweetie, but we gotta help John clean up first and then take a tubby," I said looking at the flour that covered her whole body. "I think you guys missed the bowl,"

"Well maybe if someone wasn't so lazy and got up to help us we wouldn't have this problem," John smiled showing off his adorable dimples.

"Shut it Cena,"


I sat on the swing just swaying my legs back and forth a little. I couldn't help but smile when I saw John and Kayleigh go down the slide together. She has really taken to him and he's leaving tomorrow at some point. She's going to be devastated but what are ya going to do, it's his job. It'd be nice to have him around though, I've really missed him. I just can't believe his in the shitty relationship that he's in, he deserves so much better than that whore. He'd make an amazing father though if the baby is his after all.

I didn't even realize John came over and sat on the swing next to him. I tend to trail off into my own little worlds.

"She's an amazing little girl Lyss," John told me bringing me back to the real world.

"Huh?" I asked looking over at him. He had this smug look on his face.

"Welcome back to the real world," he laughed as I rolled my eyes. "I said Kayleigh is an amazing little girl,"

"Oh yeah she is, I love her more than anything. What happened to me was wrong but you know what, I wouldn't take it back if I could. I love that little girl more than anything in this whole world, I'd be lost without her." I said as a smile came to my lips as I watched Kayleigh play on the bridge.

"Yeah I understand what your saying I just feel bad you had to go through that shit, no one deserves that, especially you." I looked over at him.

"I miss you Cena,"

"I miss you too Kucerak," he grinned causing me to smile. I heard John's from start to go off as he searched his pocket, he sighed before flipping it open.

"Hey baby," he answered. "Damn I forgot, I'll be there in a few." He said before shutting his phone and looking back over at me.

"Time to go?" I questioned as he nodded. I rose from the swing and called Kayleigh over, she was upset we had to go but she didn't really show it.

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