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In one of the most isolated regions in the world, deep in the Byankula Mountain Range in China, there exists an area practically seeping with magic. This area is centered around and ancient Martial Arts Training Ground called Jusenkyo, The Pool of Sorrows; a valley of springs that can cause a person or animal to drown or become curse to transform into something else when hit with cold water. Around Jusenkyo there are three indigenous tribes, the Musk Dynasty, the Phoenix Tribe and the Joketsuzoku the Chinese Amazons. Each tribe has been isolated in this region from centuries to millennia protected by the magic of the area.

In the Joketsuzoku Village an extremely old woman was feeling rather pensive at the moment. One of the Village's new allies was arriving today to take her great great great granddaughter away to teach her his extremely powerful Martial Arts Style. She still remembered the day the young man came to the village. He was a man of Western Descent with a Japanese name and quite handsome. As tradition of the Amazons several of the young warriors tried to attack him in order to land such a prime husband. Unfortunately for those young warriors he soundly and almost effortlessly defeated then, knocking them out so they could not give him the Kiss of Marriage. Because the ease and quickness he defeated their forces the elders themselves came out to challenge the young man. That fight was one for the archives of the Amazon Tribe. All four Elders, the War Master, Lore Master, Magic Master and Matriarch fought him. It took all their efforts; techniques, strategies and magic to even fight the man to a standstill. With his speed allowing him to move so fast that only a yellow blur was left behind, his ability to duplicate himself so he would always have someone watching his back, his techniques that bent the very elements to his will, illusions that fooled their senses and his shear experience he held them off. The only reason the battle stopped at all we because all combatants were too tired to continue.

At this point some of the young warriors had regained consciousness and after they got over their shock and awe of the battle they moved to claim their husband. That was when the Matriarch ordered them to stop. She approached the warrior who was still on guard and looked ready to kill. With her arms wide open and a deep bow she asked him for a temporary cease-fire. He agreed but did not lower his guard. The Matriarch then asked what he was doing in their village and he answered honestly. He was searching for magical knowledge. Which is why he did not kill those who attacked him they possibly had something he wanted and was still willing to negotiate to get it. After a quick conference with the other Elders the Matriarch agreed to meet with him, away from the village, to negotiate. The meeting place was Jusenkyo Valley itself, the official neutral ground of the area because everyone in the area used it. The man showed with four other people dressed in cloaks and animal masks and the Matriarch showed with best veteran fighters.

The negotiations took nearly a week. The man was a gifted negotiator and a leader among his people. The negotiations followed that they would be official allies and exchange information that could help the other. To that end he would be permitted to learn their magic and they would be able to learn his Martial Arts, in time of need each would come to the other's aide, and finally he and those under his command would be except from their more unusual laws concerning outsiders. After the treaty was signed he smiled and dispelled the illusion he had on his escort revealing they were his duplicates all along and that he was in fact alone. The Matriarch gave one of her disturbing cackles of amusement understanding that he had tricked them into thinking they were signing a treaty with group instead of an individual. Still he was practically an army unto himself and his knowledge he would share would only benefit their Tribe in the long run. He also admitted that he sought their magical knowledge because he was trying to find his way home, as he was apparently from another world. The Mage Master informed him that dimensional travel was possible but extremely difficult without knowing where you wanted to go. As he had no idea how he came here the chances of him returning home were slim to none. Still even after that he and they kept their promise and he said he would come to train one of their youths personally. The rest he showed them the secret of his techniques, or jutsu as he called it. The unique combination of spiritual and physical energy, charka, and practices to learn how to control it.

The question about whom he would train personally was answered by his requirements. He needed someone that in two years time would be about eleven years old as that was the best to begin his training. And someone that could perform his three jutsu he had given the Tribe, as an act of good will. There were in fact several warriors that fit the two criteria. A debate went out of which of the girls would become his student. Finally it was decided that the Matriarch's heir would be the best candidate. The reasons were simple, she showed talent for charka manipulation, she could perform the jutsu flawlessly, he talent for Amazon Wu Shu was great and she would be in the best possible position to train others later in life when she became an Elder.

Xian Pu, the Matriarch's heir, stood by her living ancestor, Ku Lon, with as much anticipation if not more. She was excited and somewhat fearful of the aspect of learning this new and powerful fighting style. Like most of the Chinese Amazons she was raised to believe that women were superior to men and the Amazons were superior to outsiders. Well this Outsider Man that was coming to train her disproved that belief. He was as strong as all the Elders. Thus many people of the village were in a state of limbo on what to believe, she being one of them.

"Traveler's approach!" a guard yelled. "It is Kazama and two children!"

"Come Granddaughter let us meat your new Sifu (Chinese for Instructor)," Ku Lon stated as she hopped onto her staff and bounced towards the gate.

"Coming Great Grandmother," Xian Pu answered trotting off behind Ku Lon.

When they arrived at the front gate nearly three quarters of the village showed up to see the village's newest and possibly most powerful ally. He was standing in a relaxed yet ready stance wearing a dark blue outfit with a dark green vest and a long black coat over them all, on his back was a backpack and large scroll. With him were two children that looked about Xian Pu's age. Both were wearing rather ambiguous light grey clothing making it hard to determine their genders. Both had long dark hair, the one on the right had the darker hair with it tied into a pigtail the one on the left had his or her hair done in a simple ponytail. The one of the right had a Japanese Katana strapped to his back, it looked rather big on him, and the one to the left had a strange flat headed pole arm on his or her back.

When Arashi saw the Matriarch and her heir approaching he greeted them with a bow of respect, the two children quickly followed so as not to be impolite. Ku Lon returned the bow with Xian Pu quickly following along with the rest of the gathered crowed; when the Matriarch bows in respect to someone everyone else had better follow. When everyone rose Arashi spoke first, "Matriarch Ku Lon I would like you to meet two of my possible students, Saotome Ranma and Kounji Ukyou."

The two children bowed in greeting once more and Ku Lon gave a tilt of her head to acknowledge the greeting, "Hokage Arashi." She then smirked at what seemed like a hidden joke. "Yes that's right you said you would give them a final test. And allow me to introduce my heir and your third possible student, Xian Pu." Xian Pu bowed like the other children and Arashi gave a head nod to her. "Now I am sure you are tired from your journey come with me and I'll show you we're you'll be staying. Oh and how are you're charges' Mandarin?"

"They are well enough to make conversation and follow instruction, although they might have trouble with your unique dialect for a bit," Arashi answered following the Matriarch with Ranma, Ukyou and Xian Pu trailing behind them. "How is Xian Pu's Japanese?"

"Deplorable," Ku Lon answered bluntly. She felt she was too old to beat mince words even to people she respected and liked. "Now just to clarify if they pass the test you will be staying in the village to train them for a while and then head to Japan."

"Yes," Arashi answered. "Though I will be taking on missions some of my contacts send me and I'll have to leave. At that time you will see to their training and teach them your techniques."

"As we agreed," Ku Lon nodded. "Now this will be your home for when you are in the village. Xian Pu you will also be staying here," Xian Pu nodded but kept silent, as she was still nervous about being with these strangers. "There are five rooms, the main room here, the two bedrooms, the bathroom and the restroom."

"You have indoor plumbing?" Ranma blurted out.

Ku Lon gave Ranma a flat look before answering, "In door plumbing has been around for over two thousand years boy, so yes we have it. Even though we lack many modern devices we aren't primitives and barbarians." Ranma lowered his head in shame along with Ukyou showing that she thought the same. "Now that that is cleared up, I'll be heading back to my home. If you need anything just let me know."

"Do not worry Matriarch I shall," Arashi replied. With a nod Ku Lon left. "Now lets get settled in. You three go into the bedroom on the left and pick out which bed you want and I'll set up the main room, after that we'll get to know each other a little bit."

A short time later the four were sitting around a small table that Arashi set out for the meeting. The three kids looked nervous, Xian Pu because she was with three strangers and Ranma and Ukyou because they were so far from home. Arashi deciding to break the uncomfortable silence spoke first. "Well we're to get to know each other so why don't we tell the other a little about ourselves."

"(Um like what Sensei?)" Ranma asked.

"Remember to speak Mandarin Ranma," Arashi corrected. "And well tell us your name, likes, dislikes, dreams for the future, favorite hobby, food, fighting style, that sort of thing."

"Um why don't you go first Sensei?" Ukyou asked remembering to speak Mandarin.

"Alright," Arashi complied knowing it would help them get over their nervousness. "Well as you know I am Kazama Arashi, I have the title of Yondaime Hokage of the Village of Konoha in a different dimension. I like seeing my friend and family happy and hate those who use threaten them. My favorite hobby is watching movies especially the movies of this world, in particular Casablanca. My favorite food is ramen and least favorite food is food native to the West called tacos, I just don't like them. My fighting style is a style I invented called Rai-ken, the Lighting Fist. I developed it after I invented my Hiraishin no Jutsu, Flying Thunder God technique, to use the jutsu more effectively. I am also a Master of Seals. My dream is to hopefully find a way home and seem my friends and family again." The three kids stared at him for moment then glanced back and forth wondering who should go next. Arashi seeing they needed a little more push suggested, "Ukyou why don't you go first?"

"Um ok," Ukyou answered. "My name is Kounji Ukyou. I'm the heir to the Kounji Okonomiyaki, Japanese Pizza, family fighting and cooking style. My favorite hobby is cooking because it reminds me of my father I hate dishonorable thieves. I also like my foster family the Saotomes. My dream is to be the best chef in the world. I specialize in the unique cooking implement style weapons of my family school." Ukyou paused for a moment then added, "Oh and my favorite food Okonomiyaki and least favorite is pineapple salad."

"I'm Saotome Ranma," Ranma said without prompting. "I like my mom, Ukyou and Arashi-sensei. My favorite hobby is training in the Martial Arts. I don't have a favorite or least favorite food, it's all good to me. I hate my blood father," Ranma said this with venom in his voice. It quickly passed as he continued. "My dream is to be the strongest Martial Artist in the world. And my fighting style is the Saotome Schools of Kempo and Kenjutsu, Swordsmanship."

"I am Xian Pu," Xian Pu said. "I like my Great Grandmother and my Village. I hate Mu Tzu, he's this really annoying boy that follows me around all the time. I don't know much about the outside world but I've always dreamed of seeing it. My dream is to be the Village Champion when I'm old enough and my favorite food is rice with curry powder. I really have a least favorite food. My fighting style is Amazon Wu Shu and I favorite weapon is the Bonbori, its kind of like a mace."

"Well now that we know more about each other," Arashi spoke again. "I'm going to tell you what's going to happen the next few days." The three kids leaned in not wanting to miss a word. "Tomorrow I am going to give you three a test to see if you will be trained as shinobi under me. The three jutsu I had each of you learn were merely a test to see if you had the potential to ninja, the test tomorrow will determine if you will actually be ninja." The three looked a little unsure at the news but nodded in understanding. "If you three pass we'll begin training. If not, in a week's time Ukyou, Ranma and myself will head back to Japan and that will be the end of your shinobi training. I warn you know the test is difficult, it had a sixty six percent failure rate back home of the average thirty graduates from the Ninja Academy only nine would make." He paused and let the news sink in. Seeing the nervous looks on their faces let him know they understood. "Now for the rest of the day I want you Xian Pu to show Ranma and Ukyou around the village and let them get familiar with the area. Once you are finished I want you three to return and get some rest for tomorrow because we're going to be starting at sunrise, we'll skip breakfast because you'll throw up otherwise. Also bring all you equipment and weapons."

At day break the next day the three young kids made their way to a small wooded area to the east of the village. They were told to meet Arashi here right at daybreak. When the three woke up this morning and did not find Arashi in his bed they figured he had gone ahead to set up whatever test he was going to give them. When they arrived they found Arashi standing in a small clearing waiting for them dressed like he was the other day.

"You made it on time, good," Arashi greeted. He reached into his hip pouch and pulled out a pair of bells. "Your test is pretty straight forward. All you have to do is get one of these bells and you pass. In you don't, you fail." The three looked confused for a moment but then shrugged in acceptance. "Now you have until midday to complete this task. Come at me with everything you got otherwise you fail and I will tie you to a tree and force you to watch the others eat lunch." No sooner had he said that then Xian Pu lunged at him with her bonbori. She came to a dead stop when after only one-step and felt a strong grim on her weapon. "There is always an impatient one in every group." He let her go and casually strode back to the center of the clearing. "Now that I know you're ready…GO!" The ninja hopefuls immediately split up after that.

Xian Pu only jumped back a meter or so. She knew that the shinobi training told her to hide and find the most advantageous spot to attack from, but her Chinese Amazon nature clashed with that idea, it was telling her to face her opponent head on. Still that did not mean she could not try and confuse Arashi. "Bushin no Jutsu! (Clone)" with a puff of smoke three identical Xian Pu's appeared. With a coordinated charge each of the Xian Pu's attacked Arashi. Arashi himself was calmly and casually dodging them all the while thinking about the execution of the jutsu, 'Nearly flawless in execution. She only has to pause every couple of moved to reorganize her thoughts and send them to the Bushins. She must have trained exceptionally hard to become this proficient at it.' Arashi decided it was time to attack and immediately moved like arrow towards the real Xian Pu intent on breaking her concentration on the Bushins. She less than a step away when his danger sense alerted him to another attack and a fifth Xian Pu appeared. Momentarily distracted he was nearly caught by the one's he was going to attack bonbori. The heavy weapon smashed a good-sized hole into the ground as the new Xian Pu came up to attack him with her Bonbori once more alerting his danger sense. It was then he noticed the differences between the two. 'This new Xian Pu's balance was completely different like she was holding a much lighter weapon then the other. Also her movements are different in fact she's moving like, Ranma. Very clever, using a Henge (Transformation) and taking the other's appearance to try and confuse me.' He dodged another swing from Ranma and then positioned the Henged boy to stop Xian Pu from attacking his blind spot. 'They're trying to work together but they lack experience is working against them. Now where is Ukyou?' No sooner then when he thought that a barrage of shuriken, kunai and spatulas rained in from the tree line. 'That's too many weapons to throw at the same time, that means Trap!' Arashi quickly dodged again as this time a giant spatula nearly brained him. He sensed another attack from behind and noted that this time Ranma had dropped his Henge. With a smirk he let Ranma in close enough to slash at him and at the last possible second used a Kawarimi no Jutsu (Replacement) with a near by log and left in the confusion.

Three young ninja to be looked confused at the cut up log. And then jumped back to back in a triangle formation so to cover all the angles. "Where do he go?" Ranma asked.

"I don't know I can't sense him anywhere," Ukyou answered. "What about you Xian Pu?"

"I don't know," Xian Pu admitted. "He's very good." The other just nodded.

"Fall back," Ranma said. "We need to think of another strategy to try and get the bells." The other nodded and they darted into the woods."

Arashi dropped down from the tree he was in. "Well that's interesting," Arashi mused. "They're already working together, that's rather rare for the bell test. I wonder what happened to bring this on?" Looking up at the sky he calculated the angle to determine the time. "Looks like they have another couple hours to think up a knew plan. I wonder what they'll come up with this time."

Not far away Ranma, Ukyou and Xian Pu were planning their next assault. "Well that didn't work," Ukyou said.

"What do you expect he knows how to use a lot more jutsus then we do," Ranma replied. "Looks like using Ninjutsu won't work, what about out family style's?"

"I have one technique Great Grandmother taught me last month," Xian Pu answered. "It is a fast punching technique called Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken (Chestnuts Roasting on the Open Fire Fist). I can use it to grab the bells."

"I've got a couple of Flour Bombs that can probably distract him," Ukyou said.

"And I've got a Kenjutsu technique called Hayai Kirtsukeru (Quick Slash)," Ranma added.

"So how do we use them?" Ukyou asked.

"I have an idea," Xian Pu answered and began to explain her strategy.

An hour left to midday Arashi was still in the clearing waiting for the next attack. He heard bushes rustle from three different directions and knew the attack was coming. Form inform of him Ranma came at him his sword drawn. Xian Pu came from his right empty handed and Ukyou came from behind. The first to attack was surprising Xian Pu she drew her fist back and began to punch at Arashi with near blinding speeds. Knowing what the technique was and what it could do dashed to the left. Ukyou then through a couple of packets halfway to him they exploded sending a huge cloud white flour soon covered the area. Not more then a second later Arashi felt the air around him disturbed by another fast moving technique. With another dodge Arashi cleared the attacked only to come into the waiting arms of Xian Pu who put him into a Full Nelson while Ukyou quickly snagged the bells. "All right you got the bells," Arashi said with a smile. "And before midday at that. So the question now is, which one gets the bells Ukyou?"

"Doesn't really matter," Ranma said sheathing his sword. "Getting the bells wasn't part the test."

"Oh then what was?" Arashi asked as Xian Pu released him.

"Teamwork was," Xian Pu answered. "Last night we talked and compared stories you told us. And all had the same theme, working as a team."

"When we thought about what you said about the failure rate the only way that could happen is if entire teams failed," Ukyou added. "Then when we saw the bells it just kind of came together. I mean why have two bells when you always said Gennin Teams were three person teams?"

"Very good," Arashi said. "But who thought up the attack plans?"

"The first one was me," Ranma admitted. "Xian Pu thought of the second."

"Well done all of you," Arashi said with proud smile, "You are the first group to get the test right on the first try, congratulation. Now you three are officially my students. Tomorrow well begin the real training and after a while we'll start missions."