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Ok, let's be serious here. This was my first ever slash story, so it is absoutely useless. However, I want to post all my finished fanfictions, for the enjoyment of others, as well as myself. LOTR was my first fandom, and I have a great many stories from it, finished and unfinished. They are rough and probably badly written, so I really don't want any flames, because I'm well aware of this fact. But, have a read, and enjoy.

The characters in this story are terribly out of character, but like I said, this is my first slash, so I was just playing about with the genre really. if you don't like it, don't review. Now, you may proceed to the story.


Aragorn fell to his knee's beside Boromir, the hobbits forgotten in this strange rush, that he had been contending with from the council, he could no longer hold back. Seeing Boromir-so pale, lying among the bodies of those he had slain was heartbreaking for the ranger.

"Boromir..." he murmured, praying that he was not dead.

Boromir's eyes opened weakly and he looked at Aragorn, just as the ranger was about to remove the arrows. "No..." he managed, pushing Aragorn's hand away weakly. "Don't... They.. took the ... little ones..." he gasped painfully.

"I know." Aragorn said softly, removing Boromir's hand and opening his tunic to reveal the chain mail. "Now hold still"

"No..." Boromir tried again to push Aragorn away.

"Damn it Boromir!" Aragorn hissed. "I will not let you die"

Boromir began a faint struggle, which Aragorn easily subdued by moving his body slightly to cover the other mans. Boromir looked up, slightly alarmed, and a little confused. "Why"

"I will not let you die Boromir!" Aragorn repeated, breaking off the end of the arrows and getting ready to push then through to the other side. "This will hurt for a moment"

"Why?" Boromir repeated.

Aragorn did not answer, but simply shoved the arrow deeper into the skin and out the other side. Boromir cried out in pain, and seconds later was unconscious, collapsed boneless against the underbrush, just as Legolas and Gimli arrived.

"Is he...?" Gimli asked.

"Yes!" Aragorn answered shortly, without looking up, intent on his work, when the arrows were out he turned to Legolas. "You are an elf, heal him"

Legolas took a step back. "Aragorn, I have not the healing powers of Lord Elrond or Lady Gladriel." he said, madly calm.

Aragorn leaped to his feet and forced the elf back again a tree, his arm pressed tightly against his throat. "Heal him Legolas!" he hissed, aware that he was hurting the elf, and that Gimli was prepared to chop his head off with his axe if he didn't release Legolas soon. "Heal him now"

As Aragorn released him Legolas stumbled a few steps forward before regaining his balance, rubbing his neck and taking bigger gulps of air than normal. Gimli moved forward to steady the elf. Legolas smiled gratefully for the support before turning to Aragorn.

"I cannot heal him fully, the best I can do is close his wounds and stop the blood loss." Aragorn nodded impatiently. "Do it"

Legolas knelt gently beside Boromir, resting his hands on what bare chest he could find and slowing his breathing until it was a mere whisper as he summoned up his own regenerating skills to transfer to Boromir. He felt the blood slowing and the wounds closing easily and then, with a faint cry he collapsed backwards.

Aragorn went to Boromir to check that the wound had indeed closed over and the blood flow stopped, as Gimli went to tend Legolas, shooting angry glares at Aragorn the whole time.

An hour later Legolas roused enough to sit up, finding a strange sensation as he actually had to open his eyes for the first time in his life. Gimli's face hovered worriedly into view and Legolas smiled. "Gimli, do not worry so." he sat up, and groaned as the world spun.

"Damn Aragorn." Gimli cursed.

"Don't, he was simply more concerned for Boromir, as I suppose he has a right to be." Legolas smiled, reaching a hand up to smooth down the dwarfs bristling beard.

"What?" Gimli asked, he loved the elf dearly but, but he did wish he wouldn't talk in such riddles.

Legolas smiled again. "Aragorn, I believe has found someone"

"But I thought he was promised to the Lady Arwen." Gimli said, his bushy brows creased in confusion.

"Yes, and that will be the down side of the feelings Aragorn is allowing to consume him." Legolas prophesied, accepting Gimli's hand up.

Aragorn tended Boromir ceaselessly throughout the night and well into the morning, ignoring all that was around him, his attention focused on the man before him. It was approaching midmorning when Boromir finally stirred and opened his eyes.

"What... happened?" he asked softly, the pain in his chest and back horrendous despite the elf's healing abilities.

"You were shot." Aragorn said, smiling in relief.

Boromir looked up at the ranger and sighed. "Why is it I am not dead as I wish to be?" he asked shakily.

Aragorn's eyes flashed. "Because your death would have been a fruitless end to a good life!" he said angrily.

Boromir struggled to his feet, surprised that he could safely manage to get there with the pain he was feeling, but he did, and eyed Aragorn angrily. "A good life? What life? There was no point to my going on-I have succumbed to the side of evil!" he rasped painfully, turning on his heel and walking away, leaving the group and heading into the woods.

Aragorn sat for a moment before getting up and following Boromir. Legolas put up a hand to stop Gimli from following. "They will return. They have some issues to sort out, leave them, we will pack and make ready for out departure after Merry and Pippin"
Gimli nodded and moved to help the elf.

Aragorn caught Boromir up easily. "Boromir, what do you mean?" he asked as he approached him.

Boromir looked back. "I tried to take the ring from Frodo, I have not the strength I should have!" he said, never slowing down though the pain was becoming unbearable.

As they reached the stone walls of some old tomb Aragorn reached out and caught Boromir's arm. "All men succumb to their desires at some time." he said. "That does not make you any less of a good man"

Boromir turned haunted eyes to him. "Why did you save me? Why could you not have let me die"

"I couldn't..." Aragorn sighed, trying to find the right words.

"Why!" Boromir demanded.

"Because I love you!" Aragorn cried, "I have from I saw you at Rivendell! When you first spoke of protecting your people-our people, I couldn't help but love you. The fire, and the need-where did it go"

Boromir took a step back, shocked, but replied. "They died, as I should have"

"Stop saying that!" Aragorn shouted, letting go of Boromir's arm and stepping forward. "Stop it, you should not have died! It would have wasted a good life. Tell me why you should have?" he dared.

"I am weak." came the reply, softly, barely heard above the wind. "I am weak"
With hardly a thought Aragorn pushed Boromir against the wall of the tomb, pinning his wrists easily to his sides, and leaned forward, but Boromir turned his head away at the last second.

"No, this is not right." he said.

"Why isn't it right?" the ranger asked harshly.

"This is not what you really want, you long for the Lady Arwen, not me. You do not love me, not as you think you do. You seek something else which you will not find here"

"How do you know what I seek"

Boromir chanced to turn back to face him. "One man cannot love two people. If I thought it were true I would most gladly return your affections, but it is not. Now release me Aragorn"

Aragorn stared into his eyes, and saw the determined focus of the gaze, but did not remove his hands.

"Let go Aragorn, you will regret this"

"How will I regret something I have longed for since I first saw you. Boromir, I have struggled for the past couple of months to keep my growing love for you a secret, even to myself. But yesterday, when I saw you, all that changed-I realized I couldn't lose you, I couldn't let you out of my life. I was so worried you would die I could not sleep, or eat. Boromir, what is that if it is not love"

"Lust." Boromir sighed, flexing slightly against the iron grip of the ranger's hands, but found no leeway. "Aragorn please"

Aragorn smiled. "No Boromir, it is more than simple lust." Before Boromir could once again turn away he kissed him, holding him there for as long as he dared before stopping. "Is it that you do not feel the same"

Looking away Boromir let out a heavy sigh. "As I said before, if I thought it were true I would gladly return your affections, but I will not enter this knowing that you will always go back to Arwen. I cannot, and you cannot. If you are to be king you will need a heir"

"An heir can be easily done Boromir"

"But you are promised to the Lady Arwen"

"Stop talking about her, she is not important!" Aragorn shouted, tightening his grip reflexively, before seeing the pain that crossed the others eyes and letting go completely and stepping back. "She's not important"

Rubbing his wrists Boromir looked over at the ranger. "Yes she is. I will not lie and say I have not thought of you in the way you say you think of me, but I see the dangers that you seem blind to. How would you explain to her that you have found a new love-and that it was with a man? It would be an impossible situation and I will not enter that situation unless I know that my heart will not be broken by you or any other"

Aragorn paused, perplexed, Boromir had obviously thought this through very well, and he could see no way out. He thought, looking at the man before him, studying him as he had countless times before, seeing exactly the same things as before, and finding the smallest action fascinating to watch.

"You see my point then?" Boromir asked finally, weary of the silence and needing to sit down, but seeing nowhere comfortable enough to do so. He leaned against the wall.

"I don't care!" Aragorn said, reaching for him.

Boromir twisted out of reach. "But I do! I do not wish to be rejected for someone else!" he stumbled, barely noticing that Aragorn had caught him-only realising that being held by the ranger was almost like he had imagined it.

A soft sigh tore itself from him as Aragorn gathered him close, pressing a kiss to his forehead and whispering. "I would not reject you"

"How do you know"

Aragorn smiled into Boromir's hair. "I just do"

Boromir pushed away-he had to be sure. "How"

"You are relentless." Aragorn laughed. "But I just know"

Boromir pushed away. "No, I can't let you do this-not when the whole lineage of our people is at risk, its not right." he turned and was about to leave the clearing and return to the forest when he suddenly found he didn't want to leave Aragorn, the ranger had confessed his love-and Boromir also, but he still didn't know if it was true love, or lust-he needed to know.

"would it be a secret?" he asked.

Aragorn shrugged, confused. "Only if you wanted it to be"

"It wouldn't end as soon as we've finished this quest?" he questioned.
"Not unless you wanted it to." Aragorn repeated, becoming more puzzled. He approached Boromir from behind, pausing as he turned.

Boromir took a deep breath. "And Arwen"

"I will speak with her"

"You swear you won't just toss me aside when this is all over." he said, watching for any sign of a lie.

"Not unless death tears us apart-I won't reject you Boromir, believe me when I say that." Aragorn smiled. "You seem frightened of being rejected, why"

Boromir smiled slightly. "In the past Aragorn, in the past, it is not important"

Aragorn nodded, curious, but willing to let it pass. He pressed another kiss to Boromir's forehead. "Come, or Legolas and Gimli will begin to worry"

Boromir smiled, allowing Aragorn to slip a hand round his waist, glad of the support it offered, and to lead him back to camp.

As they approached camp they heard the twinkling laughter of Legolas and the hearty roar of Gimli, and exchanged a glance, both a little afraid to enter the camp-afraid of what they would see. Steeling themselves the walked in, just as Legolas had leaned over to Gimli to straighten out a hastily thrown on chainmail coat.

"So finally you return!" Gimli said.

Legolas looked at him, mock hurt covering his features, "Are you saying, master dwarf that I do not provide good enough entertainment to wile away the time"

Gimli rolled his eyes and said nothing.

Legolas couldn't help his laugh, and he turned to Aragorn and Boromir, noticing the odd peace that had settled over them, he could well guess at that peace-he had felt it-and still did, when he and Gimli had finally opened up.

"Shall we go and find our halfling companions?" he asked softly.

Aragorn nodded. "Yes, lets hunt some orc." He had not removed his hand, and had no real intentions of doing so, and he could feel this action had taken Boromir by surprise, and he liked that.

Boromir liked the fact that the hand hadn't disappeared, he could remember too many times that the hands that had held him vanished without warning-leaving him with nothing.

Gimli shared a knowing look with Legolas, who could not repress another laugh, and the four began their orc hunt-and retrieval of Merry and Pippin.