When Meg Met Zack

Dicslamer: I do not own Family Guy. If I did, Meg would not be bashed and Chris would.

Chapter 1: They Meet.


The Griffins going on a family outing, when Peter makes up a game.

"Hey, I've got a game we can play," said Peter, "Whenever we see a buggie on the road, we hit Meg!"

"What?!?!" shouts Meg, "Don't I get a say in this."

"No," Peter simply says.

"Punch buggy green," says Chris after seeing a green buggie and hitting Meg.


"Punch buggy blue!" shouts Stewie and he hits Meg."


"Punch buggy yellow!" shouts Peter as he punches Meg on the head... HARD.


"HAHAHA!!! Listen to her whine!" said Peter as he was amused with his sick game.

"Peter, this isn't funny!" said Lois.

"Sure it is!" said Peter, "Just like the time I pushed Meg in front of a speeding bus."


Meg and Peter are standing on the sidewalk.

"Hey Meg, you wanna visit Mexico?" asks Peter.

"Actually no. But I've always wanted to go to-" said Meg before she was cut off by Peter pushing her in front of a speeding bus going to Mexico.

"And while you're there, get me a sombrero," shouts Peter, "And don't drink the water! No scratch that. Drink all the water you want!"

end flashback

"You told me Meg was at a friend's house," said Lois.

"Well you should have known that was a lie when I said 'Meg' and 'friend' in the same sentence without saying 'she doesn't have any'," said Peter.

Meg sees a red buggie and decides that now was her chance.

"Punch buggy red," she says as she hits Chris, "That's one point for me!"

"Ow! Dad make her stop!" whines Chris.

"Oh that's it!" says Peter angrily, "You have gone too far Meg!"

"But I only hit him once!" says Meg.

"Out of the car!" shouts Peter.

"But-" said Meg before she was interrupted by Peter making a hole through the win shield with his fist.

"NOW!" shouts Peter.

Meg instantly obeys and gets out of the car. Peter then drives off leaving Meg alone in a part of Quahog she's never been in. She walks for over an hour until she comes up to a 7-11.

"Excuse me," said Meg as she walked to the counter, "I'm lost and I need a ride home. Do you have a phone I can use."

"Are you a paying customer?" asks the manager who suddenly walks into the room.

"I don't have any money," said Meg.

"Hell no you can't use it!" said the manager as he went back into the back room.

"Wait!" said the clerk as he stopped Meg from leaving, "You can use my cell phone."

"Thank you," said Meg.

"Name's Zack Murdock, by the way." said Zack. Zack had long blonde hair with a mustacheless goatee, an earring and a green beanie.

"I'm Meg," she responds as she dails the number and the reciever picks up.

"Hello?" said Peter on the other end.

"I need a ride home. I'm at a 7 eleven in uncharted Quahog," said Meg.

"Who is this," said Peter.

"Meg." Said Meg and Peter then hangs up, "Oh, COME ON!!!"

"What happened?" asks Zack.

"That fat bastard father of mine hung up on me!"

"He WHAT?!?!"

"I should call Quagmire," said Meg, "Maybe he can help."

"Quagmire? As in Glen 'The pervert/rapist/sex offender/wierdo' Quagmire?" asks Zack.

"Don't worry. We live in the same street," said Meg.

"You do?"


"Well, either way, I can't let you call him," said Zack as he took his phone back, "I still remember when he invited my sister over to make some 'ol fashioned home cookin'."

"What happened?" Meg asked.

"When I got there, they were making burgers," said Zack, "And before that, they were having sex! Dammit, I wish she would've let me know! Anywho, how about I take you home in my car instead?"

"Sure, thanks," said Meg.

"Is that moneyless bitch still here?!?!" shouts the manager.


"Why are you yelling at your boss?" asked Meg.

"He's also my dad, and we have issues," said Zack.

"But won't he fire you?" asks Meg.

"Nah!" said Zack, "He NEEDS me! Now, let's go. Dad, I'm taking her home!"

"Eww! You takin' that ugly porker home?" shouted the manager from the back room.

"DAD, SHUT UP!!! SHE'S NOT FAT AND UGLY LIKE YOU!!!" shouts Zack. seconds later a mug flies out of the room and shatters on the wall right next to Zack, "Oh Sh#t! Let's get outta here!"


End Chapter.