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Disclaimer:I do not own the Digimon franchise...sad face"So Dave, it's the final dance do you have anyone in mind

"So Dave, it's the final dance do you have anyone in mind?" asked Henry as he, Takato, Rika, and Dave headed down the pathway in the park. They were in their final years of middle school and the annual school dance was coming up soon.

"Nah, not yet" replied Dave as he glanced over at Rika.

"I think I'll ask Jeri" said Takato.

"So you're finally getting the courage to ask her out, Goggle-head" Rika commented.

"Uh, y-yea I think it's time I tell her how I feel" Takato replied while rubbing the back of his head.

"Well I haven't even been here long enough to know anyone that well" said Dave.

Dave was the newest tamer to the group. After a digimon appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, Dave arrived with his digimon and took it down before the other tamers could react. David was from Odaiba and said his family had just moved in a few days ago. He received his digimon around the same time of the D-reaper attacks and has had him ever since.

David's apparel consisted of a long-sleeved soccer jersey, which changed daily, and a pair of tan cargo pants. He had black hair that spiked upwards in the front.

"I know you well" said Aeromon. He was Dave's digimon and was about as tall as his waist, with a short of bluish fur.

"You don't count" said Dave to his digimon with a grin.

"Takatomon, I'm hungry" said Guilomon.

"Your lucky the candy store is across the street" said Takato. He tossed a box over his partners, not that it would help, and he, Henry, Terriermon, and the boxed Guilomon went into the shop.

"So nice weather, huh" said Dave as he ended the silence. Aeroman was kicking dirt around and he and Rita leaned on the railing.

"I guess so" she replied in her usual way.

"SO are you going with Ryo to the dance?" questioned Dave.

"What!? No, I should punch you for suggesting such a thing" she said as she raised her fist.

'Well that's good to know' thought Dave.

"Alright, sorry just wondering" said Dave as he threw up his hands to defend himself.

"Well keep your stupid questions to yourself" she replied.

"So who are you taking to the dance?" asked Dave.

"Did you not just hear me!" she lifted her fist.

"Sorry, jeez" said Dave. "I kinda wish the world was in danger, Its so peaceful" he added to no specific person.

"You're so stupid. Why would you wish for that" said Rika as she turned around to walk over and punch him but instead she tripped and Dave caught her.

There was a long pause and Dave started blushing as did Rika.


"Yea?" replied Dave with a little hope.

"..GET THE HELL OFF ME!" she yelled scaring the shit out of him.

As she continued to yell for Dave to never touch her again they didn't notice a digital field forming above their heads.

Henry happened to be watching their argument from the store when he saw the funnel forming in the sky.

"Takato, we got trouble" he said to his goggle-wearing friend.

"Alright I'm coming" he replied as he paid for the candy and gave it to the digimon.

"Look" said Henry pointing to the zone. "Right above them we've got to get them out."

They two tamers and their digimon ran out of the store yelling at the two but it didn't seem to work.

"Uhm, Dave" said Aeroman pulling on his tamers shirt.

"Hold on Aeroman" as he continued arguing.

Then Renamon appeared next to Rika. "Rika, we've got to move."

"Why?" she asked clueless.

"I was trying to tell you" said Aeroman to Dave.

They finally heard the calls of their friends who were only a few feet away. "MOVE NOW!"

But it was too late as they looked up the fog from the field covered them. Without thinking Takato, Guilomon, Henry, and Terriermon jumped into it but as fast as the beam had come it left taking the 4 tamers and the 4 digimon into the Digital World yet again…

…"Oh, guys look I think there's people over here" said Mimi as she looked at the group of kids on the ground unconscious.

"What are you serious" asked the voice of Tai as they headed to where Mimi was standing.

"Wow, so there are other kids. But I thought Gennai said we were the only chosen ones" said Izzy as they looked over the group.

"Matt, look they've got digimon too" said Gabumon and everyone now looked over the digimon.

Tai moved forward to wake the kids. "Be careful Tai they could be bad" said Sora worriedly.

Dave felt someone poking him and slowly started to wake. "Whoa, where did that field take us" he mumbled with his eyes shut. Slowly he opened his eyes to find a kid with glasses staring at him. "AH! Who the hell are you!?" he asked and moved back only to find he couldn't because Rika was on his lap.

"Whoa, calm down friend, I'm Joe" said a kid with blue hair and glasses.

"H-hi, I'm Dave" he replied and although he liked the sight of Rika on his lap, the thought of if she woke up was scarier so he removed her slowly.

"How did you guys get here?" asked Tai.

"Um…Well I was arguing with Rika" he said nodding to the girl, "Then a digital field opened up and now we are here...Where is here exactly?"

"This is the digital world?" asked Izzy a little confused which was shocking. "And what is a digital…field?"

"That's how you guys arrived here right, there a digital field?" asked Dave. Now Takato, and Henry began to stir along with the digimon.

"Where are we?" asked Henry rubbing his head.

"That field must have brought us into the digital world somehow" said Takato.

"This doesn't look like the digital world we were in" said Henry as he noticed the forest and the beach and ocean. "Where are the beams in the sky?

"Yea your right, our world was being destroyed" said Takato as he to looked around and noticed Dave with the other digidestined.

"Hey Dave, um who are your friends?" asked Takato.

"Actually I don't know" replied Dave and looked at Tai for an answer.

"Sorry he can forget the important stuff sometimes" said Sora. "I'm Sora."

"I'm Matt" said a boy with spiked blonde hair.

"And I'm his brother TK" said a shorter boy with a green hat.

"I'm Mimi, and this is Izzy" said a girl with a cowboy hat.

"Hi" said Izzy who was working his laptop.

""I'm Joe" repeated Joe.

"Hi, I'm Kari" greeted a girl TK's age.

"And I'm Tai" said Tai who also wore goggles.

"Well that's quite an introduction" mumbled Renamon who sat up on a tree branch.

"Well I'm Dave, the goggle guy is Takato, Henry wears the vest, and Rika is still out cold" introduced Dave.

"What do you mean your digi-world didn't look like this?" asked Izzy curiously.

"Well in ours the data was being destroyed but we stopped it...I think" said Takato.

"Tai, I think it's possible that these guys are the digidestined of another time-period" said Izzy.

"You can't be serious, Izzy" said Tai. "As far as I know we're the current digi-destined."

"Think about it, how else do we explain their strange arrival and an alternate digital world" Izzy explained. "Besides, we've heard of stranger things."

"That's for sure" Joe agreed.

"So do you guys have digimon?" asked Matt.

"Oh yea" said Takato as he introduced their digimon. Then Tai went around and introduced each of their digimon.

"So Izzy do you have any idea how they got here?" asked Matt.

"It could be a warp in the space time continuum" said Izzy.

"In English please" said Tai with a sigh. Izzy always got into his scientific modes, and Tai never knew what he was talking about.

"Maybe they were sent here to help us or something" suggested Izzy.

"So they're going help us defeat the four Dark Masters?" asked Mimi.

Then Izzy's computer starting beeping and Gennai appeared.

"Izzy I've got some bad and some good news" said the old guy. "The good news is that, Piedmon, Puppetmon and all those bad guys are gone."

"Yea" cheered Joe and Matt and Tai high fived.

"The bad news is that they were destroyed by an even greater evil" continued the man.

Now the tamers were also listening with intrest. If there was something out there that defeated the Dark Masters with ease, they wanted to know all about it. From what they saw on the TV show, those Dark Masters weren't easy pickings.

"I don't know much on whom he is but you must destroy him immediately" then suddenly the connection was broken.

"I guess we know why we're here" said Henry as everyone looked around.

"We should head to camp and figure out a plan" said Tai.

"Guys I'm a little worried Rika is still out" said Dave as he glanced down at his fallen comrade.

"We've got some water at the camp" said Sora.

"Alright" said Dave and even though Renamon offered to carry her Dave decided to.

At Camp…

As they sat around the fire the digimon where off talking as where the kids when a earthquake like shock was felt. They all headed to the beach except Renamon who stayed behind.

As they approached they saw a dragon like digimon covered in Japanese armor. Henry pulled out his digivice as a picture of the creature appeared info was said.

GinRyumon a Beast Dragon Digimon…

Before the voice could finish GinRyumon spoke. "Battle Rod Break!"

It's tail started glowing and he swung it around.

"Get down!" shouted Takato and Tai.

They all ducked or flew over head to avoid the attack.

"Agumon, time to digivolve" said Tai.

"You too Tentamon" said Izzy.

Agumon digivolve to…

Tentamon digivolve to…



"We should help out too" said Dave to Henry and Takato.


Aeromon digivolve to

Guilomon digivolve to

Terriermon digivolve to




"You think WingedAeromon is like Angemon's cousin or something?" asked Mimi.

"He does resemble him but looks completely different at the same time" said Izzy.

"Nova Blast" said Greymon and delivered a head on fire blast.

"Nice shot, Greymon" complimented Kabuterimon.

"It's not over yet" said Tai as the smoke cleared.

"Let's try it together" said Growlmon.

"Right" agreed Greymon.

"Nova Blast!"

"Pyro Blaster!"

Again both attacks were dead on but also when the smoke cleared GinRyumon was still standing however he was weakened.

"It's our turn guys" said Dave. "Go get'em"

WingedAeromon along with Kabuterimon and Gargomon unleashed their attacks.

Celestial Blast!

Shell Shocker!

Gargo missile!

Before the dust cleared his tail came around taking out Greymon, Terriermon, and Kabuterimon.

"He down but not out" said Izzy.

"He will be. Howling Blaster!" said Garurumon who had just digivolved.

"Finish him off Growlmon" said Takato.

"Pyro Blaster!" said Growlmon and delivered the final blow that left GinRyumon on his back.

"Yea we win" said Joe.

They all headed back to camp celebrating their victory.

"Thank god he couldn't digivolve" joked Dave. But as they walked a grumbling could be heard.

GinRyumon digivolve to…


"I hate you" said Tai looking at Dave who was looking at the new ultimate level digimon.

So the Tamers have found themselves sucked into what they previously thought was a television show. However before they can think of a reasonable explanation another digimon is on the attack. What revelations will be revealed and what is this new threat that destroyed the Dark Masters with easy?