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"I'm surprised Dave is holding up so well" said Izzy as the battle commenced.

"What do you mean?" asked Tai, taking slight offense.

"Well according to my data, Barbamon is supposed to be one of the strongest Demon Lords, alive" explained Izzy.

"Hopefully they can keep this up" said Matt as he turned back towards the battle.

Zephromon dodged another spell from Barbamon. This had been going on long enough, he had to end it.

"Holy Paw!" His hands became covered in orbs, and he attacked. Barbamon was hit with a left and right, then a kick to the jaw. He stumbled backwards, slightly shocked from the sudden boldness.

"So you finally decide to fight" spoke the Demon Lord. "Then I guess we should turn this into a real fight then." He raised his staff into the air and it began to emit a dark aura.

"What are you doing!" demanded Zephromon. The sun was soon blocked out and the warmth was gone.

"Welcome to my arena, the Dark Area" Barbamon said.

"Not for long, Holy Paw" said the dual voices of Zephromon as he attacked again but it had noticeably less effect.

"You're light attacks will not work in the darkness" informed Barbamon as he raised his staff. "Greedy Wand!" With one thrust forward his wand slammed into Zephromon, sending him flying into a nearby tree. "It is over for you digidestined.

"This isn't looking good" said Tai with clenched fist, "If only we had the others here too."

Meanwhile in the Land of the Tamers

Gallantmon moved away from a red bubble as he continued his assault on the D-Agent. "There are too many of them" he shouted to his comrades.

Ryo, Rika, Henry, and Kazu all had their own problems to deal with. Henry had figured the Ancient Spirit Digivolution wouldn't work in their world but he still wondered why? As he and Terriermon fought off the D-Reapers agents as MegaGargomon he still wondered how, if ever, they would get back to Dave and the others.

"Voltage Blade!" Justimon's arm turned into an energy blade as he swung at the agents that were getting to close, he needed some space. "Alright them, you asked for it. Thunderclap!" His arms grew in size until he slammed them into the ground creating a shock wave effect that sent a few Agents flying.

"Now to finsh you off," he said as he aimed at an airborne enemy. "Justice Burst!" Blue Energy blast shot out from his right arm and eventually destroyed the agent. "One down."

Rika saw from the corner of her eye, one of the agents disintegrate, she had no time to celebrate however as she was hit with a blast from the enemy. She caught herself before she hit the ground and countered it.

"Spirit Kick" pulling her leg back Sakuyamon and slammed it into the agent that had attacked her.

Jumping back she raised her staff, "Amethyst Wind." Thousands of crystal shards rained down on her opponent and he was soon left to nothing. "That was easy enough." Sakuyamon looked for her next enemy when she saw hundreds of agents waiting. "Shall we begin?"

Takato was being ganged up on by the agents. He used his shield to swat away one, but was attacked by another, he couldn't win. Suddenly they seemed to make a path way and a figure walked through.

"Makuramon" said Gallantmon. Takato had definitely not forgotten about this deva that had caused them so much trouble in both the digital and human world.

"In the digital flesh you scum" said Makuramon. "It would be my pleasure to erase you!" He charged forward unleashing a primal scream. Gallantmon prepared his javelin when another cry was heard.

"Atomic Ray!"

A blast ripped across the battle field and obliterated the Ultimate digimon.

"Didn't forget about us did you" said Kazu In the bio-merged form of HiAndromon.

"With an attack like that it's hard to" joked Takato.

"Will you idiots stop talking and keep fighting" yelled Rika from across the battle field and the two Mega's continued to fight the D-Reapers minions.

'We can't keep this up forever though' thought Henry. No matter how many agents they destroyed unless the Reaper was completely destroyed the onslaught wouldn't stop.

"It must be the working of the Demon Lords" spoke Terriermon.

"So we have to destroy them and hopefully all this will disappear?" asked Henry at what his partner was suggesting.

"Hey do you have any better ideas?" asked Terriermon.

"Then we have to find Beelzemon and hope the others can finish them off" said Henry.

Zephromon slammed into the ground again. The battle was now one-sided and it was a matter of time until someone was deleted. "Tornado Force!" Dave fired the blast out of desperation and Barbamon blocked the attack with a swipe of his staff.

'If only we weren't in this Dark Area' thought Dave. 'The battle would be evened out.' That's when an idea came to him.

"It's time to end this so called battle" said Barbamon as he began to gather energy from the Dark Area.

"Interesting, he's drawing his power from the dark area" said Izzy as he observed.

"So if we could destroy this area, he would be considerably weaker?" asked Sora understanding what Izzy was getting at.

"In theory" said Izzy with a nod.

"But how do we destroy this place?" asked Tai.

"Well this is an area and most likely is a dome-like covering" explained Izzy. "If we can crack or even shatter that dome we have a chance of winning."

Dave had been thinking the same thing they were saying. As Barbamon drew in more energy from the Area a bow formed into hands, and he concentrated his own energy into an arrow.

"Do you really think that will work?" asked Barbamon with an amused look on his old features.

Zephromon said nothing but continued to aim the arrow. "Susanoomon, after I fire this you'll have to finish him off." He aimed at Barbamon, then released his arrow. Barbamon prepared his staff but the it shot past him.

"Fool" he said as Dave and Aeromon sat on the ground still watching the arrow. Suddenly it hit something solid before penetrating through it. "What!"

"Just as I thought" said Izzy triumphantly. The area around them began to fade and was soon replaced by the blue sky.

"Let's go Susanoomon" said Matt and Tai together.

"This still isn't over" said Barbamon as he attempted to summon energy for another attack.

"Yes it is" said Dave with a grin as Susanoomon prepared his attack.

"Celestial Blade!" The large blade appeared in front of him and he swung it around. Barbamon could do nothing but stare with wide eyes as the blade severed his limb, and he turned into data.

The others ran over to Dave as he stood up then sat back down exhausted.

"That was amazing" said Sora as she pulled him into a hug.

"I gotta admit, I didn't think you'd come through Dave" said Matt as he patted him on the back.

"Yea well we're not done yet" said Dave. "How many of the Demon Lords are left?" Dave asked, his question was directed at Izzy.

"Well let's see: Daemon is MIA or more than likely eliminated; Lilithmon is dead; Barbamon is obviously gone, Belphemon is eliminated, Gennai has informed me that Leviamon has been eliminated with the help of Whamon and some of our other friends, which leaves Lucemon and Beelzemon." Izzy took a breath after reading off the list.

"It's up to the others to finish off Beelzemon and it looks like it's up to us to finish off Lucemon" said Dave grimly.

"We can do it, together" said Joe and the others agreed.

"But first some rest" said Agumon as he plopped down.


"Takato, we need to find Beelzemon and Mimi" shouted MegaGargomon.

"Alright, get ready and clear out" said Gallantmon as he jumped backwards. He held his shield forward. "Shield of Just!"

An energy beam shot out from his shield and cleared a straight path through the enemy. "That should give us some time, let's move out!" With that the tamers headed away from the battle field in search of Beelzemon.

"Wait so Beelzemon is evil again?" asked Kazu.

"Well we're not sure if it's the same guy but yea" said Takato.

"What I wanna know is where have you guys been this whole time and what happen to Dave?" asked Ryo looking at the three tamers.

Henry and Takato looked at each other thinking off an explanation when Rika spoke up. "That's not important now, right now we need to find and destroy Beelzemon."

Henry and Takato nodded their heads in agreement. "Plus we aren't too sure ourselves" said Henry.

"When this is over, we get an explanation" said Ryo sternly as they continued walked.

Guilmon began to sniff the air suspiciously. "What's up boy?"

"I smell a trail" he said still sniffing. Kazu looked down and noticed some tracks.

"Guys look a bike trail" he said excitedly. "We've gotta be close."

"Ha,ha,ha. Look no further dorks" came the voice of Beelzemon as he appeared in front of them.

"Where's Mimi!" demanded Takato.

"Don't worry you're little friend is safe and sound, but I can't say the same for you five" he said as a cannon appeared on his arm.