By Minako

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Disclaimer: I, unfortunately, don't own Gundam Wing, or any of the characters thereof. Nor am I writing this story for profit. I don't have any money anyway, so don't sue me!

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Prolouge - Mission

"The mission is to destroy the OZ base and obtain the data fields about the Peacecrafts," Heero announced.

"Of course," nodded Duo. The two boys were seated in their Gundams, preparing for takeoff. The image of Heero on Duo's vid-comm link was slightly fuzzy, but otherwise acceptable. Eager to be off, Duo practically bounced in his seat. "Since we know what to do, can't we go now?"

"Not until Quatre gives you the thumbs up," came the stolid reply.

Only a moment later, a small vid-comm appeared in the lower corner of his veiwscreens, and an image of the blond pilot appeared. Over his shoulder, Trowa watched their progress. "All right, Duo, you've got a hole in sattelite coverage now," Quatre informed him with a small smile. "It'll last 7 minutes and 54 seconds, so get moving. Radio in at 5:00 AM tomorrow!"

"Woohoo!" Duo hardly heard the last part as he gunned the thrusters and shot up into the air, not even bothering to relay the message to Heero as the Perfect Soldier followed him towards space. "Don't worry, Quatre, will do," he replied, not looking at the vid-comm link before tapping a button to close it. "Com'n, Heero, let's go kick some Leo ass!"

"Hn," was the only reply before Duo entered the blackout stage of takeoff, and Heero's image disappeared from the screen.

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Author's note: I know the opening is SOOOO bad! I'm terrible at starting fics, so I apologize. It'll get better, so please keep reading!

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