The end! Gasp! It's a little short…but…that's ok. Review!

The End

Luke plopped on his bed, with a big sigh.

Damn. He's gonna hate me now. He'll hate me forever.

He rolled over and shoved his face into his comforter. The last thing Ryan needed right now was for me to come in and complicate things! He said I was all he had…now he'll avoid me and…damn it. Luke rolled over again and starred absently up at the ceiling.

He sighed when he heard a soft knock on the door.

"Look mom, I'm kinda tired, don't really wanna talk."

The door slowly opened.

"Ryan?" Luke said, cocking in eyebrow in surprise. Ryan walked casually over to his bed. "What are you doing he-"

Ryan pressed his lips hard against Luke's. Luke stiffened, but quickly relaxed, as Ryan climbed into his lap and pinned him down on the bed.

"Because this won't complicate things," Luke said.

"Not at all," Ryan whispered.

"Should we lock the door?" Luke asked.

"Good idea," Ryan hopped to his feet and headed for the door. "Sure nobody will here? Because I have a pool house…"

"I'm sure we'll have a chance to use it too, maybe tomorrow?" Luke asked, as Ryan laid back down on the bed. He just smiled and captured Luke's lips again.