Okay... this is my first fanfiction. i don't think its my best. but here goes nothing...

Yuuki's POV

Kaname adjusted a spike under my ear. He grabbed me by the neck, and slowly smelled me with his soft nose. I think he is smelling my blood. The thought made me shudder. Was he that addicted to my blood? But that's just it; he's never tasted it before. It's only the blood not you. He doesn't LOVE you. I'm just a simple girl who happens to have delicious smelling blood. How I would die to be one of them. But I don't think that would please Kaname. His precious 'human' won't smell or taste the same.

I gave out a slow sigh of pleasure.

"Why don't you drink some of my blood Kaname?" I whispered into his ear. "I know you want to. You keep smelling and looking at me. I would be honored to offer you my blood." I looked up at his big brown thirsty eyes, and then faked a smile. "After all you did save me… think of it as a peace offering."

Kaname froze…. Ten seconds passed. He just kept looking at me with great suspicion. It kind of made me uncomfortable.

"Do you really think I want that?" I think i offended him. Stupid, stupid, stupid. He grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me.

"Do you Yuuki?" I was speechless. I would have thought he wanted to taste my blood more than anything. Did he know I gave Zero blood? God! What am I going to say!


Should i write more? i dunno what do you guys think. n i know, i know. its like super short. but i can do better.