A/N: Hello readers. Well I was just inspired by summer and such so I thought i'd make this little AU type story about some teens from Konoha. If i had to say how old they were I guess you could say 17. Well I'm really excited about this story and i'm hoping to make quite a few chapters. hopefully i dont get bored of it Well anywho read and enjoy!

Summary: The Konoha Crew decides to spend their summer in Suna. Will the road trip be a bust or will they find they like the sandy city? AU Various couplings and maybe some OCs

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What Happens in Suna, Stays in Suna…Right?

"Kiba! Where are you guys with that limo? We've been waiting for an hour!" Ino yelled into her cell.

"Geez don't have a cow, we just wanted to have a little joy ride first," Kiba replied from the inside of a huge hummer limo.

"Ugh, whatever, just be at my house in the next ten minutes before I sic Sakura on you," Ino threatened as she heard a shout of 'Ino Pig!' in her living room.

"Sure babe anything for you," Kiba flirted.

"Babe my ass, you're not my boyfriend Kiba, just my date…sadly," she mumbled the last word to herself and hung up.

"So I take it the guys should be here soon?" Tenten asked Ino.

"Let's just hope so before I loose my mind," Ino replied rubbing her temple.

"You can't loose what you don't have," Sakura taunted childishly.

"You wanna take this outside billboard brow?!"

"Bring it on, Pig!"

The two other girls sweatdropped as they watched the argument.

"How those two are best friends is beyond me," Tenten said to Hinata.

"T-that's for s-sure," Hinata replied.

They began talking about tonight's dance at the academy. Eventually Ino and Sakura regained their sanity and joined them.

"Oh I can't wait to dance with Sasuke!" Sakura squealed.

"I'll bet, you practically had to beg him to go," Tenten said.

"So what if I did? Knowing him, I'm sure you had to do the same with Neji."

"Well, I didn't BEG him, I just intelligently convinced him to go."

"At least you're not going with Kiba. His head probably won't even fit through the door, he's so conceited," Ino complained and rolled her eyes.

"I-ino, aren't y-you conceited t-too?" Hinata asked/

"HINATA!" Ino roared.

The other girls began giggling until they hear the doorbell.

"O-oh look i-it's Kiba!" yelled Hinata as she ran away from the still fuming Ino.

The doorbell rang again, and again, and ag-okay who keeps ringing so much?! Gosh, so persistent…

Hinata opened the door and found Naruto standing there…continuing to ring the doorbell.


"Naruto, I a-already opened the d-door."

"Oh!! Hi Hinata! Looks like I got distracted…" he laughed nervously.

"Hn. Can we just go now?" asked Neji, walking up behind Naruto.

"Well are you girls ready?" Naruto asked.

"YES!" they all shouted in unison. They then began shoving Naruto out of the way as they exited Ino's house.

"A-are you o-okay N-Naruto?" Hinata asked, watching Naruto trying to regain his balance despite his dizziness.

"I'm okay, let's go Hinat-AHHH !" Naruto flailed his arms everywhere as he crashed to the ground. He tripped…on his shoelace.

Hinata sighed. Does he always have to be so clumsy?

Everyone was now piled into the limo with their dates.

Ino and Kiba, who were arguing about who has better hair, were being barked at by Akamaru to shut up.

Naruto was telling Hinata about different kinds of Ramen. (Shocker isn't it?)

Tenten and Neji were off in there own world talking about God knows what. (They're just that close, no one else need understand)

And of course there was Sakura who was going on and on about how great it was that Sasuke decided to come to the dance with her, and all Sasuke said was "Hn."

Then there was…Shikamaru? (He was too lazy to get a date wasn't he sweatdrop)

"Hey Shikamaru, where's your date?" Ino asked, her and Kiba taking a break form arguing.

"I don't have one, I wasn't going to bother with this troublesome dance, but HE dragged me along," he said and pointed to Naruto.

"Whaaat? It's no fun being at home all by yourself," Naruto reasoned.

Everyone just sweatdropped . Typical Naruto, what were they gonna do with him?

They had finally made it to the Academy and could hear music blaring from outside. There was a big party going on inside for sure.

The whole crew made their way inside the Academy to find it packed with people from school and the village.

Over in the corner, you can see the music and sound equipment with the DJ's being….Tsunade and Jiraya? Wow that's going to be interesting. They're arguing already.

"I am NOT playing Fergalicious, I can't stand her!" Tsunade yelled.

"But I love that song!" Jiraya whined.

"Correction; you love HER and her skankyness," Tsunade said cocking an eyebrow.



It went on like that until Anko left her punch table duties and just put on Fall Out Boy's Dance Dance.

"I love this song! Let's go dance Hinata!" Naruto shouted over the music and dragged Hinata to the dance floor.

"Come on Sasuke Kun!" Sakura had him in a death grip just to keep him from running away as they got to the dance floor.

"Ino?" Kiba asked holding out a hand.

"Oh all right," She said taking it.

And of course Tenten and Neji were already off in their own world again dancing. They're just that close of a couple.

"So Neji, do you like this song?"


"Come on! I need more than that."

"Like I care about the song, as long as you're here I don't need music."

He then leaned in and kissed her, and of course they were having their own fun.

Now where's our beloved loner you ask?

This whole dance thing is so troublesome. I don't know why I even came. I think I'll just go outside and watch the stars or something.

Shikamaru exited unnoticed and laid down on the cold pavement, and stared up at the sky.

Even though having a girlfriend seems troublesome, I can't help but wonder what it feels like…

Meanwhile at the Subaku Hotel…

You'd think an heiress like me would have a bunch of guys at her feet right? Ha, wrong. They're all afraid of me. So what if I'm a bit tough, I'm a person too! Not that anyone cares. She sighed. The stars look beatiful tonight.

A blonde haired girl sat atop the roof of the hotel, looking up at the night sky. Her mind may be going crazy, but the sight was relaxing.

Back at the dance…

Everyone was taking a break from dancing, and the guys pushed some tables together. They were now just sitting together drinking punch and talking.

"So guys, what are you doing for the summer?" Ino asked.

"I'm going to Ichiraku everyday!" Naruto yelled proudly.

Ino sighed, "Whatever," she muttered.

"Guys, are we still gonna hang out over the summer?" Tenten asked looking at everyone.

"It wouldn't be the same if we didn't," Sakura answered.

"It'd be hella boring too," Kiba agreed.

"M-maybe we c-could all d-do something?" Hinata asked, nervously twiddling her thumbs.

Everyone looked at the shy, lavender eyed girl. Who would've thought she'd be the one to speak up.

"Hinata that's a great idea!" Naruto said enthusiastically.

"Hn. Even if we all did something, what would we do?" Neji piped up.

"I know."

Everyone turned to look where the voice came from. It was none other than Shikamaru. He came out from under the shadows and began talking.

"Why don't we all travel?"

Murmurs of excitement began to spread throughout the table.

"Well then Shikamaru, where did you have in mind?" Ino asked.


"Suna? Why Suna?" Kiba asked with a curious look.

"Because while I was outside I found this," Shikamaru said as he withdrew a piece of paper from his pocket.

It's a flyer about traveling to Suna this summer, it says here that there will be a big beach party at the Subaku Hotel.

"Ohmigod! THE Subaku Hotel? That's like one of the best hotels ever!" Sakura shrieked.

"Exactly, and Suna has a bunch of great beaches and I'm sure the city is nice."

"Well then, let's go to Suna!" Kiba yelled giving Naruto a high five.

"Wait a second, how exactly are we going to PAY for this?" the raven haired Uchiha finally spoke up.

"Sasuke you're such a party pooper you know that?" Naruto said glaring at him.

"Hn. Whatever you say, it's still true."

"Well, we can figure something out can't we?" Ino asked desperately.

"I'VE GOT IT!" cried Tenten jumping out of her chair.

Everyone stared at her as she continued to stand with her arm raised in triumph. "Oh um yeah," she said and said back down.

"Anyway, here's what I'm thinking why don't we just road trip it? I mean it's not as expensive as a plane and it could be fun."

"We're not all gonna fit in one car," Ino stated.

"Who said we all have to be in one car, we can split up in two groups and go."

"Well when you put it like that…" Sakura began.

"LET'S DO IT!" Shouted Naruto.

"I don't want to ride in the same car as him," Neji said.

"Well too bad, because if we're splitting up it'll have to be a group of girls and a group of guys," Ino said.

All the guys groaned at the thought of being stuck with Naruto while the girls giggled and were happy to have such a fun trip planned.

"So then when are we leaving?" Kiba asked.

"We should go tomorrow," Shikamaru said bluntly.

"Someone's eager to go," Neji said raising an eyebrow.

"Might as well leave early, what do we have to do here?"

"He has a point," Tenten agreed.

"N-now that s-school's over, w-why not?"

"Yosh! Then what time tomorrow guys?" Naruto asked, his eyes getting wide with excitement.

"We should go early, but we need time to pack, so around 10ish? It doesn't take long to get to Suna, if you factor in any possible setbacks and you stay on the highway then we should be able to get there in about 10 hours."

This just left everyone to stare at Shikamaru. Oh yeah 10 hours in a car sounds like fun, not.

"So we have to wake up that early and drive for that long?!" Ino yelled.

"Well we could always wake up later and drive into the night or would you care to supply us with airfare?" Shikamaru asked.

"It's really not that bad, we'll be there by eight." Kiba reasoned.

"Fine, but who's making the hotel reservations?" Ino asked.

"One person from each group should take care of that," Shikamaru said.

"I guess it's settled then, we're heading for Suna," Sasuke said.

Shikamaru inwardly smirked. Now maybe I can find that girl...The girl in the picture...

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