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Chapter 4: Ho Ho Horrible

"Ughh I feel sick," Naruto groaned laying down on his back on the seat of a booth.

"This sucks," Sasuke said lying down on the seat across from Naruto.

They were still in McDonald's waiting for the other guys to finish eating. Their little eating contest seems to be backing up on them. They just laid there with their stomachache, occasionally letting out a groan of pain.

"I hate you Teme," Naruto grumbled, clutching the side of his stomach.

"Screw you dobe," Sasuke replied turning over to lie down his stomach instead of his back.

Neji, Shikamaru, and Kiba had finished eating and walked over to the two boys.

"Have you idiots learned not to eat so much in only a matter of minutes?" Neji said, smirking as he looked down at them.

"Shut up Neji," They said in unison.

"Aw, do our wittle boys have tummy aches," Kiba said bending over as though he were talking to kids.

"Shut up Kiba," they muttered, getting irritated.

Shikamaru opened his mouth to comment on the troublesomeness of the situation, but was interrupted by -

"Shut up Shikamaru!" The pair shouted.

"How troublesome, I didn't even say anything…yet."

"At any rate, chop chop sleeping beauties we gotta get back on the road," Kiba said clapping loudly in their ears so they'd get up.

"Don't wanna," Naruto said, clinging to his seat.

"Hn," was Sasuke's only response, his back still to them.

"Oh well, I'll just have to throw out that ramen in the car," Neji said sighing, turning himself towards the direction of the door so he can "throw out the ramen."

"RAMEN IN THE CAR?!?!?!" Naruto yelled and shot up from his seat and practically leaped to the door, which he hit because he forgot to pull it open. "Owwww," he said rubbing his head that he banged against the door.

"I guess no one wants that ramen," Neji said edging over to the door.

"RAMEN!" Naruto shouted as he flung the door open and ran out to the car.

"Hn. I could care less about ramen," Sasuke said smirking, turning over to lay on his back.

"Guess we'll just have to let all those fan girls know Sasuke is here, they can take care of him," Shikamaru said taking out his cell phone to spread the news.

Sasuke's eyes grew wide and he sat up instantly as if the seat had burned him, "NO MORE DAMN FANGIRS!" he shouted, running out of the door as Naruto had earlier.

"They're too easy," Kiba said smirking. The other guys nodded as they calmly walked out of the restaurant.

"Subway, how I love thee," Ino said, putting her drink down. The girls were pretty much finished eating and were now just lounging at their table in the midst of the crowded restaurant.

Sakura yawned, "I feel sleeeeepyyy."

"Me too," Tenten agreed.

"T-too bad w-we have to g-get back on t-the road," Hinata pointed out.

At that statement Ino quickly became alert, "Hinata's right! We have to go! What time is it?!"

Tenten took out her cell, "Hm it says that its 4:15."

"4:15 ALREADY NOOOOOO!!!!" Ino wailed.

"Ino stop being such a drama queen," Sakura said flicking Ino on the head.

"Forehead girl," Ino growled.

"Hey guys, let's get ready to go shall we?" Tenten interrupted before the two girls erupted.

"I'll t-throw this t-trash away," Hinata offered, hurriedly gathering all of the trash on the table.

The girls gathered their trash and through them away in the garbage. Before leaving they did their last minute primping which included looking in their compact mirror for 5 minutes checking their hair and applying lip gloss; a girl on the go has to look good at all times.

Officially done with their meal, the girls headed outside to the parking lot. "Guys, in a few more hours we'll be in Suna. I'm so excited." Tenten said bouncing as she walked.

"I can't wait to get on that beach!" Ino said excitedly.

"Same here, a beach means shopping!" Sakura said.

"S-shopping?" Hinata asked.

"Shopping for beach clothes of course," Sakura replied.

"O-oh. I h-hope they h-have Ramen s-stands."

The girls turned to look at Hinata…and they just kept looking.


"You don't care about Ramen stands, you just want to see a certain CUSTOMER of Ramen stands," Ino said.

Hinata went into tomato mode, "I d-don't know w-what you're t-talking about."

"WHATEVER!" the three girls shouted in unison.

They had made it to the small parking lot only to find…nothing?!

"Guys where did we park?" Tenten asked.

"Over there…" Sakura said pointing to some random direction…which didn't contain their car.

"Please tell me we walked into the wrong parking lot," Ino said looking around frantically, trying to find any trace of her car.

"M-maybe if we w-walk around f-for a bit we'll find it," Hinata suggested.

The girls began walking again, they checked each car and none of them looked familiar. They were starting to grow worried, for no sign of the car could be seen.

"I don't see it!!! WHAT DO WE DO?!" Ino yelled, finally having cracked.

"Ino, calm down!" Sakura said, trying to keep the blonde from having a nervous breakdown.


"Oh man, what to do now, what to do now…" Tenten said, getting scared.

"A-are we s-stuck here?" Hinata asked, saddened by the news of the missing car, but sadder still that she may not get to spend the summer with Naruto after all…

"GUYS! Get it together, if we start panicking now, we won't figure anything out," Sakura said taking control of the situation.

"First, let's call the police and report a missing car. Ino stop acting like a lunatic and call, since it's your car you'd describe it best. Next, we have to figure out how we're going to get back on the road…any suggestions?"


"Thanks, you guys are SO helpful," Sakura said sarcastically.

"M-maybe we s-should call t-the guys for h-help?" Hinata suggested.

"I guess we could -" Sakura was interrupted by an oncoming car whose radio was going full blast. The distinct sound of guitars can be heard, and it sounds like the song is When Did Your Heart Go Missing by Rooney. It just started and strangely enough, it seems that the people in the car were moving along with the music. They were bobbing their heads rhythmically and as they drew closer and closer the girls couldn't help but think those heads looked quite familiar…

DOOSH! The song had come to the part were a loud sound from the drums come and each of the guys turn their heads…at the same time. They were all wearing sunglasses and their hair swished with the music perfectly, like a shampoo commercial. Oddly enough it turned out the guys were…

"NEJI!!!!" Tenten yelled and ran to the car, happy to see her boyfriend.

Neji took off his dark sunglasses and looked over to his girlfriend, with a confused yet happy look. "What are you guys doing here?" he asked.

The rest of the girls, minus Ino who was wailing to the cops, had come up to the car. "We stopped to eat, what about you guys, what are you doing here?" Tenten asked.

"Same," Neji replied.

"Why are you guys just walking around?" Shikamaru asked.

"The c-car is m-missing," Hinata said looking crestfallen.

"What?! How could it be missing?!" Naruto yelled.

"We just walked out of Subway and we looked around everywhere, but we couldn't find it," Sakura said.

"Do you think someone stole it?" Sasuke asked, for once actually listening to the conversation at hand.

"We're not sure…but that's probably the case," Tenten said.

"What are you guys going to do now?" Kiba asked.

The girls put their pouty faces on and Tenten moved closer to the car, "Well…would it be okay if we just rode with you guys?" she asked looking into Neji's eyes with the most pitiful expression on her face.

"Of cour-" Neji began, but…

"NO! I refuse, we can't give up that easily to these guys!" Ino yelled, through with her phone call. She started stomping up to the car, clearly pissed, and this new ride arrangement wasn't helping her out at all.

"Ino pig, don't tell me you refuse just so you won't lose that pointless race of yours," Sakura said.

"It's NOT a stupid race, and geez I thought you guys were stronger than this!"

"What are you talking about?! It'd be stupid to just stay here, we'd have no way of leaving," Sakura argued.

"Ino stop acting like a kid, get over it," Tenten said.

"I'm not acting like a kid," Ino denied with a scowl, "I just don't like to lose."

"I-Ino, Sakura and T-Tenten are r-right, I t-think your b-being unreasonable," Hinata said, looking down at her hands where she twiddled her thumbs.

"Well you guys can go if you want, but I don't want to," Ino said with finality, turning away from her friends.

Sakura rolled her eyes, "suit yourself."

The other three girls went to decide the seating arrangements. Tenten would sit in the middle between Neji and Shikamaru up front, and in the back Sakura would sit on the far left with Sasuke sitting on the ground in front of her, Kiba in the middle next to Sakura, and Hinata on the far right with Naruto in front of her on the ground. It was pretty cramped, but Neji's car was spacious enough that Sasuke and Naruto still had some room on the floor. They were now all settled and Neji revved the engine.

Sakura rolled down her window and looked over at her best friend, "Ino, stop being so stubborn, are you coming or what?"

"No," Ino replied simply.

"That's it, Sakura would you get up please? I'd like to get out of the car," Kiba said, unbuckling his seat belt.

Sakura opened her door and got out, Kiba then left after her. He walked over to Ino and without saying a word, picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and carried her to the car.

Ino began screaming and struggling, "KIBA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING !?! PUT ME DOWN NOW!"

"No, I don't want to."

"I don't care, JUST PUT ME DOWN!"

"If I put you down, you won't come with us, and whether or not you want to come with us doesn't matter because you're going inside that car."

"And what makes you say that?"

Kiba reached the car and plopped Ino in the middle next to Hinata. "Well I guess it's too late for you to leave now," Kiba said as he sat down on the ground in front of Ino.

Ino glared at him, "I hate you."


"Is everyone done making a fool out of themselves?" Neji asked.

"Pretty much so," Naruto said.

With that, Neji put the car in drive and began driving out of the parking lot.

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