Barely an audible shadow as he strolled alongside the pond, Sesshomaru was waiting out the night until Rin and Jaken would awaken replenished in the morning.

He heard the air currents suddenly shift and dodged to the right.

Hsst! went the shuriken as it whizzed past his ear.

"You there! Demon!" A monk stepped out from the brush and began drawing a fan of sutra scrolls from his robe. "You and any of your kind are to evacuate this area immediately!"

Sesshomaru did not believe in heeding the requests of humans, such was beneath him, and kept walking.

"You had your warning, vile yokai!" The monk flung his scrolls outward, towards the demon, and started to chant. He didn't get past the first syllable.

Sesshomaru's light-whip snaked back to his talons. "Insect," he muttered, leaving the monk's still form in the grass, shredded slips absorbing spilled blood, and continued astride the pond's edge.

At least it was quick, he thought. They usually die the way they live – quickly.

Well of course the mortal died quickly, his killer was Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru literally meant Perfect Destruction. The demon flawlessly obliterated anything and anyone that happened to obstruct the path he tread. Naturally, in order to destroy perfectly one must feel nothing for that which he is to annihilate; emptiness, not empathy, was key.

One should reap for all there is worth. Since the world doesn't care what it hurls your way, you needn't worry about returning the favor. It was a lesson instilled early on in Sesshomaru.