This has nothing to do with the story. It's an afterward. Read at your leisure.

Phew! So my first chapter fanfiction's finally finished! I really didn't expect it to drag out for thirty chapters, and I thank you all the same (if not more) for reading it.

I originally wrote the first draft for Perfect Destruction in February of this year, but it was going to be extremely different, with fewer chapters, and go under the title "Just Like Mother" because the story was supposed to be a comparison between Sesshomaru and the affect his "colder" parent had on him. I handed the skeleton rough over to a friend…she said I made Sesshomaru's mother sound like the "wicked bitch of the west." So back to my keyboard I went.

At first, I didn't want to abandon my original ideas so I threw the printed draft into a desk drawer for several weeks and there it sat. It probably would still be there if Dad didn't holler for me to clean out "that black hole in the corner" back in May. As I grudgingly shuffled through markers, photos, manga, music sheets, and other forgotten dreams, I came across the rough. I won't say I immediately rekindled the dying embers – I just prodded them until they made sense or didn't.

Eventually, I kept the first three chapters (slightly skewing the ending of the first) and honed in on Sesshomaru's personal development. I eased up on Mother Dear, added characters I was surprised fit (Kai, Keiken, the kirin), and expanded on the roles of others (Akiko and Masun). Every so often I wondered if I was being too cruel to Sesshomaru (I really do like him), but somehow it clicked. The second chapter was meant to answer my own question about why Sesshomaru didn't come from a litter (like normal pups – yes, he's a demon, but still) and how he got that unique name. I know it wasn't uncommon to change your name later in life during that time period; however, I couldn't come up with anything fit for Sesshomaru.

Anyway, I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read and review this story, your encouragement has been appreciated more than you'll ever know. I also give big-time huggles to Rosemary and Mindy for posting chapters when I called in and couldn't get net access myself. Of course, I tip my hatless head to Jessica (Catilena 1890 on FanFic) who first read and honestly critiqued the rough. Thank you, Mother (who prefers that I call her "Mom") for reading every chapter I posted (you instilled my love for reading and writing in the first place). And last, but sure as heck not least, thank you, Papa for making me clean my room and sharing all your life experiences. I'm more than certain they constructed the backbone of Perfect Destruction because they've given me mine.