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The First Chapter

Ponyboy POV

The bright, early morning sunlight shone through the lone window in me and Soda's room, dancing on the walls. I groaned and rolled over onto my other side, hoping to get a few more minutes of sleep. Soda was still asleep and I was pretty sure Darry was, too, because I heard no noise coming from his room or the kitchen, where he usually is in the mornings. I tried to go back to sleep, even though I hadn't finished my math homework last night.

You know, I thought. I better get it done now in case Darry wants to check it. I reluctantly hoisted myself out of bed and made my way to the living room to check what time it was from the clock on the mantle. It read just before 6:30.

I went back into my room and pulled my crumpled math homework from it's resting place in between the pages of my Science book. I hadn't thought to bring my math book home, but I wasn't gonna tell Darry that. He'd give me another lecture about using my head. They seemed to come more often these days, but I preferred them instead of the fights be and Darry tried desperately not to have as to not break our promise to Soda, which we mad about a month and a half ago.

I sat down at my desk, pencil in hand, and began to tackle the 15 problems I had left to do. It took me a little over 20 minutes to do, which was pretty good for me without Darry's help because math was my worst subject, and it always had been. Usually, my lowest grade was in math and Darry was always telling me I had to bring that grade up. I don't see why, the lowest grade I ever got in math was a C+, which isn't really bad.

By the time I was done my math homework, it was a little before seven AM. I went to get my shower and get dressed, hoping to finish before seven-oh-five, which is when Darry wakes up, so I could get a start on breakfast and not have to do the dishes for once. I hated doing dishes almost as much, if not more (if that's possible), then Soda. We usually had a ten minute long fight about who would wash and who would dry.

I stepped out of the shower, got dressed and headed to the kitchen to find Darry wasn't awake yet. The clock on the mantel read 7:10, so I guess Darry was running a little late today. I went to his room to wake him up. I hoped he wouldn't be too hyped up about being five minutes off schedule.

I knocked on Darry's door, but there was no answer. I went into his room and shook him awake. "What time is it?" He asked, groggily. "Only about 7:10." I answered. Darry shrugged and got out of bed. "Go wake Soda up and start breakfast." He commanded and I nodded.

I went into Soda's and my room to find him already awake. I made sure it wasn't a hallucination by tackling Soda onto our bed and went to cook breakfast; being careful not to burn the eggs like last time I tried to cook breakfast. Then I set the chocolate cake, chocolate milk and jelly out and set the table.

"Breakfast is up!" I yelled. Soda came bounding into the kitchen, showered and dressed, followed by Darry. Two-Bit and Steve arrived soon after. "I smell chocolate!" Two-Bit yelled. I always think that its strange that Soda and Steve are best friends when he and Two-Bit have almost the same sense of humor.

"Why is it that you're always wide awake?" Steve complained. "Sugar!" Two-Bit screamed. Steve groaned. "Aww, wassamatter, Stevie got a hangover?" Two-Bit said, brightly, in a mock-baby voice. Steve groaned again. "Aspirins are in the medicine cabinet." Darry said, nonchalantly. Steve headed off to the bathroom.

Two-Bit sat down and wolfed down a couple pieces of chocolate cake. "Okay! Up! Up! It's time for school and work!" Two-Bit exclaimed when he was finished. I went to my room, grabbed my backpack and went to meet Two-Bit in is car, not ready for another boring day at an educational punishment facility I begrudgingly called school.