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The Fifth Chapter

Ponyboy POV

No...Soda cannot be going to Vietnam...he just can't! I know what happens in Vietnam...People DIE! Down the block from our house about a week ago, a mother recieved a folded-up American flag and a letter saying her son, Andrew J. Marcus, died bravely in combat.

If Soda absolutley had to go to war, I wanted desperatly not to get a letter like that. I'd die before Soda did!

I listened to the sounds of Soda's packing in our room.

He couldn't go to war! He just couldn't!

Darry POV

Pony's face was solemn. He wanted as much as I did for Soda to stay home. How could the Army do this to us? We'd lost mom, dad, Dally and Johnny, I didn't want to lose Soda, too! Pony was just as worried, if not more, as me. I don't know how he could just sit there and not burst into his room and stop Soda from packing.

I don't know how I could.

How could I let my little brother go to war?

He's only 18!

What if something happened?

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