Noel was sat cross legged on the couch of his apartment looking through old photo albums when Julian came in the front door. Julian put the takeout down on the coffee table.

"You get the plates out?" Julian asked, Noel didn't reply he was staring too intently at the photo album in his lap.

Julian crossed behind the couch, heading for the kitchen, peering over Noel's shoulder and looking at the photo album, looking at a picture of Noel as a kid of ten, holding his baby brother Mike in his arms.

"What are you looking at those for?" Julian asked, disappearing into the kitchen to fetch some plates.

"Not sure. I found it under the couch when I was putting the cushions back." Noel sighed wistfully as Julian came back into the living room with the plates and put them down on the table, looking at Noel and his glazed eyes.

"Oh god no." Ju said with sudden realisation.

"What?" Noel asked looking up at him like a cat caught in headlights.

"You're not getting maternal instincts are you?" Julian asked, eyeing him warily.

"What do you mean? I don't… I just liked when I could look out for Mike when he was a kid is all, doesn't mean I want a kid or anything. Not like we could or anything… well if we adopted we could but…"

"Stop right there before you end up going so fast the roller coaster has finished before I've had a chance to get on." Julian interrupted, dropping the tubs of takeout he was trying to empty onto a plate.

"Noel, we said we'd take this slow, and making, or having or adopting babies or whatever is most certainly not taking this slow." Julian said, putting his hands on his hips and glowering down at Noel who turned the photo album round to face Julian, pouting slightly.

"But look at the baby!" He cooed.

"You didn't find that under the couch did you?" Julian asked, his anger welling again.

"You dug it out from a box in one of the upstairs bedrooms didn't you?" Noel nodded, looking guilty.

"I knew you were up to something this morning." Julian declared triumphantly as Noel pulled himself from the couch, moving towards Julian and smiling coyly.

"But, look at the baby." Noel cooed again, shoving the photo album under Julian's nose as he snuggled into him. Julian looked down at the picture of Noel and Mike as kids.

"We are not adopting your brother!" Julian joked, kissing Noel on the top of the head.