A/N: after the Deep Blue Sea Dance, Connor's brother drove him away too soon for Jamie to even see him leave.

Jamie Bartlet sat on the curb, pulling her pink shawl around her freezing body. She hurt Connor; her only friend when the monster Is took over her world and the guy that really loved her... the guy whose poetry she fell for. "Why was I so stupid." she mumbled to herself while tears ran gently down her face.

"Is" replied Harmony and Lindsay, who was holding Jamie's winter coat. "Jame put this on so you don't freeze your butt off" she laughed. Jamie put it on quietly and put her hands in the pockets of her pea coat. Her left hand grazed a crumpled piece of paper. She pulled it out and saw 'Jamie B.' written on it in a familiar writing... but whose?

"Harmony, Linds? Did you write this?" she asked sniffing away the final tears. Lindsay and Harmony exchanged strange looks and simultaneously shook their heads.

"Oh just read it! Maybe it's a love letter!!" Harmony exclaimed.

But Jamie shook her head "It also might be leftover hate-mail for Is..." She sighed. "Whatever ...I'll read it"

Harmony and Lindsay smiled at each other and looked at Jamie as she read:


By the time you're reading this, I'm gone.. All month I've been dying to ask you to this dance but Marco Vega beat me to it and you chose him... as usual. It's not that I'm complaining, I'm no Marco, but he wasn't "a friend" I was... I am... I always have been just a friend to you.. but you've never been just that for me.


The way I've been feeling... it's my heart you've been stealing

Since I saw you look through the door

You've only ever been my friend

Though I've always wanted more...

You kids have fun...


The note was quickly tear-stained as was the top of Jamie's dress... "Oh... my... gosh...guys, how long has he felt like this?.. didyouknow?ohmygodwhydidntanyonesayanythingtomeandgivemeaclue?!Iamsostu-"

"JAMIE!!" Harmony and Lindsay laughed in unison. "You know Connor, Jame," Lindsay began,"... he was always there for you.. and he's liked you for like EVER!!!!! Hey, just call him... everything will be fine" Jamie looked away and tried to blink back the final tears..."later" was all she could manage. "come on guys, we've got to get to work for the closing rush." Awkward silence filled the truck and Jamie, who was so lost in her own thoughts, didn't even notice. But she snapped back to attention as soon as she walked in and saw him

"Hey Jame" was all he said and took an empty sea weed pizza tray back to the kitchens.

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