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Connor Kennedy's POV

"Hey Jame" was all I could ever say to her... I wonder if she read what I wrote..

She just stared blankly at me... it was the most akward 30 seconds of my life, so, not sure of what to do... I went back to get more liver and onion pizza.

I sat down during my break and noticed a copy of 'Is Saves The World'... that was when it all started... I had everything planned, washing/waxing my brother's car, cleaning his iguana cage, and doing his disgusting laundry...


"You're taking Jamie Bartlet to the dance?... way to go squirt."

I felt my heart leap... so Austin Kennedy did have a soft side and technically he was going to the Deep Blue Sea Dance with Jamie Bartlet .. "well, it's a group date."

"You gotta start somewhere."


"I did start... everything was almost perfect until he came..." I mumbled to myself but someone overheard.

"Hey Connor." I looked up and saw Jamie looking at me with a small, shy smile... I didn't know if I was ready to talk to her yet, but she started as I was getting up from the table.

"I'm sorry." I wanted her to say that... I wasn't sure if I just imagined that.

"What?" I asked quietly, wanting to scream it... admittedly I was hurt.

"It was my fault..."she began

"I guess it was..." I said turning around and looked at her, she just stared at me, confused... Alright, I guess its now or never... talking to her. "Now that I've got your attention... I want to tell you that I... I ... I wanted to take you Jame... then you started changing into Is and everything felt different, but I still wanted to talk to you, maybe because nobody else did and you didn't deserve that.. I guess what I'm finally trying to say after years of being friends, and months of doing chores for my brother ... well I... I LIKE YOU JAMIE." I basically yelled, tears streaming down my face, but whatever... I didn't care, I had to get out, the whole restaurant heard and saw me breakdown... I didn't need to work anymore."

My whole walk home and all I thought of was... did I make a mistake? I walked in my house, threw my apron in the garbage, passed my parents with a quiet "goodnight"... I walked by my brother's room, trying to refrain from conversation because the last thing I needed now...

I sat down on my computer chair and looked at my screen saver: a collage of random pictures of Jamie, Lindsay, Harmony, and me... I looked out my window thinking of Jamie and if I hurt her feelings... that was the last thing I would ever want to do, no matter how angry I ever get...

I guess it was out of habit that my mind started writing poetry so I opened Word Pad and wrote...

I finally admitted how I feel to you

But to you I'm nobody... not real to you

It was the wrong choice of words ..I guess

I only wanted to be more, but now we're less.

A/N: well there you have it... shall I keep going and go for a happy ending??