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Chapter 1

Life and Death

Drizzt's skin crawled and his gut wrenched as his wife, his dearest Cattie-Brie, pushed while enduring agonizing pain. She screamed loudly, and he gripped her hand tightly. She gasped for air and pushed, with Drizzt's encouragement. The Dwarven Housemothers informed them that the head could be seen, and Drizzt remembered that he had to breathe. Cattie-Brie moaned again, and pushed. Screams could be heard as the baby took its first breath, and with a few more agonizing pushes, the baby was out of its mother. The Housemothers cleaned the baby off, and it stopped crying. Cattie-Brie was sweating profusely, and one dwarf woman wiped her brow. They handed the baby to Drizzt, who stared into the baby's eyes.

Lavender. Just like his own.

"Name him," Cattie-Brie huffed. Drizzt looked at her, and then at the baby. What could he name his child? There were so many to choose from. And then it hit him.

"Zaknafein," Drizzt said, "After my father, the first person who ever loved me."

Cattie-Brie moaned again, and winced.

"Well, it feels like you're about to name a second child!" she said. The Dwarven women scrambled into position again, and Drizzt held her hand again. Drizzt didn't know what to do: Hold Cattie-Brie's hand or hold onto Zaknafein. He decided the best thing to do was to be there for his wife, and he left the room, and Bruenor and Regis pushed at each other to see the baby first. Regis conceded, and Bruenor held the baby. Tears rolled down his coal-colored eyes.

"Ye've made me the happiest dwarf in the world, elf!" he said, "Wha's his name?"

"Zaknafein," Drizzt told him.

"A fitting name, from what you've told us about your father," Regis said, fingering the tip of the baby's nose. Wulfgar looked over Bruenor's shoulder at the boy.

"Well, we're about to make you even happier, Bruenor. From the sounds of it, we're having twins," Drizzt said, and Bruenor stared at Drizzt.

"It's hard enough having you around! Now there's going to be three?" Bruenor said, and Drizzt nodded. Drizzt went back, and held his wife's hand for another four agonizing hours before a second lavender-eyed half-Drow was born. He looked just like his brother, eyes and everything.

"I named the last one," Drizzt offered, but Cattie-Brie shook her head.

"I'm in no shape to name me babe," she said, and Drizzt thought again. This name came far easier than the first one.

"Montolio. Welcome to the world, little Mooshie," Drizzt said, kissing Montolio on the forehead. He kissed Cattie-Brie's forehead, as well, but she was already asleep.

Forty-Five Years Later

He knew that this would happen. It was bound to happen, sooner or later. He knew he would lose Cattie-Brie well before he passed away. he had seen her grow old, but she always remained strong, up until two years ago, when her mind started to slip away, and she grew sickly. She was wrinkled, thin, and could never leave her bed, but Drizzt had always been there for her. He saw her death coming, but he never wanted to believe it. His tears were only matched by Bruenor's and his sons. One had lost his daughter, another had lost his wife, and two had lost their mother. And Regis, the only other remaining part of their group of friends-No, family of friends-wept, as well. First Wulfgar had passed away, and now Cattie-Brie. Drizzt never wanted to lose another friend.

Not after his father.

Not after Clacker.

Not after Mooshie.

Not after Wulfgar.

Not after Cattie-Brie.

The funeral ended, and the dwarves encased her in the stony tome, as they did with all of their members. The Dwarven priest said,

"Faerun has lost one of its best."

"Indeed it has," Regis muttered. They all stood there for a while, until the dwarves all left to weep in their homes. Except for Drizzt and his sons. His beloved sons, who had given him so much. He hugged them both, tears soaking into their clothes. Eventually, they all calmed down, and wiped their eyes.

"Our lives are still going," Drizzt said, "We mustn't dwell on this. Remember your mother in your hearts, and everything she gave, not just to you, but to everyone. And honor her with everything you do. With every animal or person you track, Zak, or every spell you cast, Mooshie, honor her. And everyone else we've ever lost in our lives. And every person we've gained."

"DROW!" they heard a voice scream, and they scrambled to find out what was happening. Zak drew his long sword and his short sword as Drizzt drew his scimitars. Mooshie cast a spell that created several images of himself and followed. They reached the mines, where they heard yelling and weapons being brandished. Drizzt saw two figures with his infravision. One was very short, and the other was, indeed, a Dark Elf.

"Please!" the Drow pleaded, "I must speak with Drizzt Do'Urden!"

"We'll not surrender Drizzt, ye blasted Drow!" a dwarf shouted. They obviously didn't speak the Drow language, and only understood Drizzt's name, "We've beaten yer blasted city once, we can do it again!"

"Then let you speak!" Drizzt shouted in Drow, and the dark elf looked towards him.

"Drizzt! It has been many years!" a familiar voice rang out in Svirfneblin.

"Seldig?" Drizzt asked, and the gnome nodded. Drizzt could see their motions from afar.

"Burrow-Warden Seldig," he corrected, "Although I've been akin to Belwar these last few years, following her around, making sure she doesn't get herself killed. All I needed was to see her eyes to know that she is your daughter."


"Father, what's going on?" Zaknafein asked.

"I haven't the faintest idea," Drizzt said, and he called the dwarves off from their taunting and threats. He took a whole fifteen minutes to reach them; it was a long path to where they were. He eventually reached them, and looked into the eyes of the Drow woman. Drizzt's breath escaped him: Lavender eyes.

"We have much to speak about," Drizzt said, and turned, leading them into Mithril Hall. He brought them to the great hall, where Bruenor had been summoned to, as well. Bruneor was still wiping away his tears, and when he did, more rolled down his gray beard.

"What's going on?" Bruenor asked, "Why's there another Drow in me hall?"

"Magga Cammara," Seldig said, "Mithril Hall! I never thought I'd see it! You must be Bruenor, the king! We've heard of you, even down there in Blidgenstone. Of course, you've been heard everywhere, with your raid on the Drow so many years ago! I am Burrow-Warden Seldig. I met Drizzt many years ago in my city when I was many years younger."

"It's good to meet ye," Bruenor said, "Although I haven't heard Drizzt speak of ye."

"I mentioned him as a 'Young Gnome'," Drizzt explained, "His name had actually escaped me these last years until I saw him again. I never though I would, eve again. How is Belwar?"

"Dead. But he went down fighting! Duergar attacked his mining expedition, and he killed no less than twenty before they snuck up behind him and placed a dagger in his collarbone. That was twenty years ago. He was very old then. Most of us are decrepit and old by that time."

"Sounds like Belwar to me," Drizzt said, and they all turned their attention to the Drow woman. She wore black robes and bore a Noble symbol Drizzt didn't recognize.

"Explain," Drizzt commanded, and she nodded.

"I am Phaeraste Melith, second daughter of House Melith. I am-was-a priestess of Lloth. And I am your daughter," she said. Drizzt nodded.

"That explains who you are," Drizzt said, "But I would like to know how a Lloth priestess comes by getting lavender eyes and coming to Mithril Hall with one of my Deep Gnome friends. And how do I know I can trust you? How do I know that you're not here to sacrifice me to gain favor? Or my sons? Or my friends?"

Phaeraste started chanting a spell that Drizzt recognized, and drew his swords, but nothing happened. No magical glow, no giant spider.

"I was a priestess of Lloth, but I was renounced. The Spider Queen will never accept me back. I have nothing except Seldig, and you as my sire. There is nothing for me in the Underdark. I have you up here on the surface."

"Start from the beginning. Your birth, I remember never laying a woman in Menzoberranzan."

"That's because you were never aware of it," she began, "Do you remember when Vierna first introduced you to the Driders?"

Drizzt nodded. He had rejected a priestess's demands for sex, and when Vierna heard of it, she brought him to a Drider settlement, which attacked him on sight. It was an unpleasant experience, especially after being sealed with them, and then his mother threatening to turn him into one.

"The reason your mother spared your life was because my mother was greatly insulted. Malice knew that it would be a great insult to you if they forced you into doing something against your will, although they never had the chance to break the news to you of my birth. They cast a spell on you one night, and I was conceived."

Drizzt realized that Seldig was translating everything into Dwarven for Bruenor, Zak, and Moosie. Mooshie thought it was rather humorous that his father had been raped, in a way, under those circumstances, but it was only shown in a hidden snicker.

"Had I known you were born, Phaeraste, I would have taken you with me, and you would have led a very different life," Drizzt said, and Phaeraste smiled.

"I suppose we have that opportunity now. I was never told of you. I knew of you and how you betrayed the Drow. Now I see that the Drow betrayed you. I was raised as any Drow female daughter of a Noble. Taught that I may one day become a Noble myself, and taught to become a Priestess. By the time I graduated, I was the second daughter of Melith. I was ambitious, and aimed for High Priestesshood. As all Drow Priestesses are. And then…I had a son. Due to unfortunate circumstances, he was to be sacrificed, but I couldn't bring myself to let it happen, and I hid him away. Then he was found, and I was wanted. I hadn't had the faintest idea on what to do, and I appeared before my mother, and begged for forgiveness. She arranged that I simply be forsaken and exiled. She told me of you, and that you had found refuge among the Svirfneblin, and I fled there. I encountered Seldig's mining expedition, and he recognized my features. He took me in, taught me to fight better, and taught me the Svirfneblin language. But then, one day, I decided that there was nothing for me in Blidgenstone. I tried fleeing alone, but Seldig came along with me. We found a cave that went to the surface, but it had been blocked. I could only think of the Menzoberranzan entrance to here, and we risked it. And we made it."

Drizzt rubbed his eye. He didn't know what to think. This could be a well-conceived plot to kill him. Either way, part of it could be true. He looked at her, and thought. He looked at Seldig, who finished translating, and the gnome looked up at Drizzt. Seldig looked no different than when he first met him, only older.

"I buried my wife today, Phaeraste. If you are my daughter, then these are your brothers, Zaknafein and Montolio. We will have you analyzed-Both of you-for trickery. I do not trust my dark kin under any circumstances. If you are Seldig, then I apologize now. Shelter, however, is up to Bruenor."

Bruneor looked at Phaeraste with a suspicious eye, and nodded.

"I expect you both to stay in yer rooms until ye are analyzed!" Bruenor said, "Meals will be delivered. Now, get out of me sight! I'm not done cryin'!"

As they left, they heard Bruenor burst into tears again, which made Drizzt and his sons want to cry along with him.

"Why is he so sad?" Phaeraste asked.

"My wife was his adopted daughter. She was a human, and she died last night in her sleep," Drizzt explained.

"I'm sorry for your loss," Seldig said.

"Until I know that you are who you say you are, I take no consolation in that," Drizzt informed them. A dwarf emerged from the hall, and led Phaeraste and Seldig away.

"I shall see you tomorrow, father!" she cried at them. Drizzt's mind told him that they were deceiving him. But something else told him that they were being truthful. And Drizzt often knew to trust the latter part of himself.